How to Store a Thule Roof Box in the Garage? Solution & Tips (2022)

So, are you too tense because you still haven’t figured out how to store your Thule roof box in the garage? Hmm, it’s a genuine concern indeed! The traveling season is over and you need to store your big box. But, you’re out of ideas and in a problematic situation! Notwithstanding, it’s normal and happens to many people.

Thule cargo boxes are generally bulk in size. Therefore, it’s too hard to store them. They require a lot of space in a garage. However, you can follow some tricks such as hanging them into the wall, slinging them from the ceiling, etc.

So, it’s more or less certain that there are various ways to store these massive boxes without a huge-sized space. We’ll share some essential solutions to keep the Thule roof box safe and secured. Let’s begin –

How to Store a Thule Cargo Box? Updated for 2022

Thule is undoubtedly one of the world’s top-notch roof box producing companies. They’ve manufactured so many high-quality cargo box series over the years. Further, they’re highly expensive. So, keeping these boxes safe and protected is necessary.

Why is it Necessary to Store Thule Roof Boxes?

It is essential to store the Thule roof boxes when you’re not using them on the car. There are several reasons behind it –

The Roof Box might be Vandalized

When you’re not using the cargo roof box, there’s no point in keeping it on the rooftop of your vehicle. Otherwise, it could lose its lifespan and slowly lose its originality. Besides, adverse weather conditions could also harm the product.

For instance, the roof box might get heated during scorching weather conditions and lose its durability over time. On the other side, it could break or crack in snowy weather. So, you can clearly see how weather can negatively affect the roof box’s overall condition. This is why keeping roof boxes in a safe place is the best when they are not in use.

Can Negatively Affect the MPG

When you keep the cargo box over the car’s roof, it creates unnecessary drag and weight. As a result, your car might slow down when you drive it. This also draws higher fuel bills. Since fuel efficiency decreases and costs you more money due to lower miles-per-gallon, it will be a good thing to remove the Thule roof box from the car.

Cargo Box might Degrade Your Vehicle

A Thule roof box is a heavy and massive product. If you consistently keep it over the car’s head, it might put considerable strain on it. As a result, the car’s performance could degrade day by day. So, putting a heavier Thule box over the car is definitely not a good idea. It’s super harmful to the vehicle.

Keeping it in the garage is the best possible option when you’re not using it.

Some Essential Things to Take Into Consideration Before Storing a Thule Cargo Box

Roof Cargo Box Storage System

Before storing the Thule cargo box, you’ve to consider some factors. Let’s check them out –

1. Sunshine

Remember Eric Clapton’s song “Sunshine on my Shoulder“! It’s a good song that resembles the sweetness of sunshine. However, too much sunshine isn’t always a good thing. For instance, your high-end Thule roof box can deteriorate badly due to the unfiltered sunshine.

The extreme UV ray can slowly damage the box’s outer sector and eventually disfigure it. Therefore, it will be an intelligent move for you if you keep the Thule box away from the direct sunshine. But, there’s no chance of skipping it; you should apply a sophisticated sun-protective spray all over the box.

That spray works as a sunscreen that protects the face from extreme sunlight!

2. Cold Temperature

Yes, the cold or snowy temperature is not as adverse as sunlight. However, it can still significantly damage your beloved Thule box. The consistent freezing and frosting can make a hole in the box. Besides, if such an occurrence happens, you’ll have to spend big bucks on repairing it.

3. Moisture Condition

Too much moisture is never a good thing for a Thule roof box. It can degrade after a time being due to the heavy moisture conditions. As a result, you should keep them in a cool and windy place.

4. Storing at a Small Space

It will be best to avoid congested places to store the Thule roof box. Since Thule is a high-end product, keeping it in a bulky place is good. Hence, storing in a small space can negatively impact it.

5. Reachable

You must ensure that you can reach the box and bring it out conveniently whenever you want. Don’t put the box in a complicated space. Otherwise, a part of the box can be damaged.

Arrangements before Storing the Thule Roof Box into the Garage

Thule Roof Box Storage Lift

Are you getting ready to store the Thule roof box in your garage? Wait a bit, please! You have to do some crucial tasks before storing the box. Before storing the Thule cargo roof box into the garage, let’s check some arrangements or preparations. Here we go –

Clean the Thule roof box

The first thing you have to do is to clean the Thule roof box. If any dust, residue, or other unnecessary ingredients cover the box, remove them with a clean cloth. After cleaning with a cloth, spray the box with a cleaner.

Clean it thoroughly on both inside and outside. But, try to avoid chemical solvents. They can damage the plastic. Since Thule is a state-of-the-art product, it will be tough to find its plastic replacement. After cleaning, wipe down the product with a soft and dry cloth.

Moreover, empty the whole box before storing it in the garage.

Clear a Perfect Place in the Garage

Before placing the Thule roof box in the garage, you’ve to clean the place if it is packed up with various junks. Another thing is don’t put the box in a gathering place. Instead, place it in an ideal space where there’s no chance it will get damaged.

Select a Suitable Place to Lay it

Do you want to lay the Thule roof box on the floor? Then, you need to find a suitable place to put it. But, don’t lay it on the concrete floor. Otherwise, the bottom part of the box could be damaged. At least place some soft sheets or mats before placing the Thule roof box on the floor.

Moreover, we recommend you not lean the box against a wall or anything. Otherwise, it could be damaged permanently. So beware before laying the box on the floor.

Mount it to the Wall

If you’re good at DIY work, mount the Thule box to the wall. You can also take assistance from a DIY professional if you lack confidence. Further, if you aren’t willing to go for a mount, you can buy some hooks and attach them to the wall to hold the roof box.

Cover the Cargo Box

The next thing you can do is to cover the Thule roof box carefully. Ensure that no parts will be visible. This is how you can protect it from scratches, residues, and dust. Henceforth, your product will be in excellent condition due to the cover. We recommend you purchase a waterproof cover for a Thule roof box.

Yes, it will cost more money. But, it will provide the best service unambiguously. Moreover, Thule is an expensive product and it’s good to cover it with a high-priced product instead of a cheaper one.

Take Away the Key

Don’t leave the key to the Thule roof box inside the roof box. Besides, take away the key and keep it in a secure place. Otherwise, the key can get stuck in the lock mechanism.

How to Store a Thule Roof Box in the Garage?

StoreYourBoard Cargo Box Ceiling Storage Hoist

There are obvious ways to store the Thule cargo box in the garage. Here are some tips and recommendations from us. Let’s check them out –

Place it on the Ground

The most suitable way to keep the box is by laying it on the floor. But, in the end, it’s a high-end Thule roof box. You can’t just place it on the floor. Besides, you must ensure that the floor is large enough. Moreover, don’t lay the box on a concrete floor.

Another thing is don’t place the Thule roof box directly on the floor. The reason is you won’t like to mount hardware to stay on the ground. Therefore, putting a few 4*2 blocks of wood in order to keep up the cargo box from touching the floor will be good.

Mounted Flat to a Partition

So, you don’t want to keep your beloved Thule roof box on the floor? Well, no issues! There’s another way to keep it. Hence, you can install the box on the wall mount. On top of that, the installation procedure is not that hard. If you’re a DIY person or take assistance from DIY professionals, you can do it quite effortlessly.

Here we are providing you with some convenient steps that could be helpful to you in installing the Thule box –

  • Firstly, find the place in the wall or partition where you want to keep the box.
  • Then, closely estimate the ceiling and wall’s center where the Thule box will be situated.
  • The next thing you’ve to do is drill and set up two hooks on the wall.
  • Now, purchase an electrical conduit pipe from the nearest hardware shop. After purchasing, scale and cut down about the same width as the box’s bottom side.
  • Clasp down the mounting clips slowly from the inside part of the Thule box.
  • After that, install the pipe over the clips
  • Now, lift the cargo box and mount it on the hooks. You’re done.

Further, it’s not a difficult task and is simple to do. If you can’t do it, bring a professional DIY person who can do it. The fascinating thing about this system is it’s a multifunctional thing. Hence, you can use it to mount other products like bicycles, kayaks, boats, and many other outdoor products.

Installing the Garage Storage Rack

You can store the Thule roof box in the overhead garage storage rack. Hence, it’s a great solution. If your garage doesn’t possess adequate storage, you can apply this way. Additionally, this is an effective and fantastic method. You can use this ceiling space in your garage very effortlessly.

Apart from the roof box, you can also use this garage storage rack to keep various seasonal items like kayaks, ski-board, rafts, etc.

Install a Lift System

If you seek to utilize a shorter space in the garage, you can go for a garage storage lift system. There’s no complication in installing it. Besides, it keeps the whole carrier closer to the ceiling. It is a very efficient procedure to place a high-tech Thule roof box. In addition, you don’t have to worry about any damage or anything.

One of the most sophisticated lifts garage storage systems is –

Thule MultiLift Storage System
625 Reviews
Thule MultiLift Storage System
  • Storage solution for rooftop cargo boxes, kayaks, surfboards , and more
  • Mounts directly to ceiling
  • Built in winch helps lift loads up to 220 lbs/ 100 kg easily
  • Easily raise and lower cargo by turning the crank handle
  • Can be lowered up to 78 inches and raises up to 6 inches from the ceiling

How to Store a Thule Roof Box? – FAQs


What should I check when selecting a box lift?

You’ll find varieties of box lifts on the market. But, you have to check a few things before selecting a perfect one. For instance, you should check how much weight it can carry, the overall quality of the cranks, sturdiness, and price.

How can I install a Thule Multi-lift?

The Thule multi-lift installation procedure isn’t so hard. Here we are saying in short – the 6 screws hold the central element in place. Then, 2 screws each for the 4 wheels.
Further, you circle the rope over the wheels and through the center directly, tie it, put the stack between the 2 rope circles, and then wrench it up to the ceiling.

How heavy is a Thule roof box?

Thule roof boxes are around 20 to 25 kg. It also includes the roof bars.

Wrapping Up – Here’s the end story of it!

Thule is one of the top-class roof box manufacturing companies. Since it is an advanced product, you can’t show negligence on it. Furthermore, you should remove the roof box when it’s not in use. For this reason, you must keep the Thule box aside when you’re not traveling anywhere.

Unpacking the thing and keeping it in a safe place can stretch the longevity and durability of the product. So, we hope our methods will be helpful to you. Let’s practice one of the procedures and let us know how it goes! Bye!

Last Update : 2022-11-30