How to Install Thule Roof Box in Car? Ultimate Guide (2022)

When it is a matter of roof boxes, the name “Thule” always comes on top. Am I right or wrong?! Definitely right! Thule roof boxes are the perfect solution and great assistance for your traveling task. Since its inception, it has been ruling over the roof box market worldwide. Nevertheless, sometimes people struggle with how to install a Thule roof box in the car.

If you’re a vivid traveler, outdoor sports enthusiast, or a passionate family member who needs additional luggage, the Thule roof box might be a perfect solution for you. Besides, it is safe, quick, and superb in each way. This article will discuss how to install a Thule roof box in the car. Let’s go down to find out –

How to Fit a Thule Roof Cargo Box – Instructions and Guidelines

Almost all car experts recommend not traveling with an empty roof box on the head of the car. It will make scratches on the rooftop of the vehicle as well as make a negative impact on the fuel efficiency. The result? Your car’s durability gets affected and the fuel consumption increases badly. As a result, your cost of fuel will also widen significantly.

With that said, purchasing a roof cargo box that is quite effortless to attach and remove is highly recommended. Since Thule is an expensive and high-end product, you should focus on buying the box that you can fix and remove without hassle.

Additionally, a roof rack is a much-needed tool if you want to install a Thule roof cargo box in your vehicle.

Yes, some vehicles automatically contain built-in roof racks. However, many cars don’t possess a roof rack at all. In such a case, you’ll need to purchase a roof rack by yourself from the market. Henceforth, those roof racks are primarily compatible with Thule since this is the leader in the roof box market.

Things You Should Notice Before Purchasing a Roof Rack

Before purchasing a roof rack for your beloved Thule roof box, you have to check out some essential things such as –

  • Before buying or installing the rack, ensure whether it is adjusted with the roof box or not. However, Thule is the leading brand in the roof box arena. Therefore, almost all the top roof rack companies manufacture a product that can accommodate Thule.
  • Before installing the rack, closely check whether the locks are working or not. It’s imperative.
  • Check whether the roof rack is strong enough to hold the roof box for an extended period.

Installing a Thule Roof Box in the Car

Installing a Thule Roof Box in the Car 4

We guess you’ve purchased a sophisticated and correct roof rack for the Thule roof box. It’s time to install the box in the vehicle. Our guidelines will make it easy for you to install the Thule roof box in the car. Therefore, let’s keep reading the instructions before installing the roof box. Here we go –

Step 1

Your roof box possesses two canals on the bottom side. You can easily use these canals to take the box onto the rack. Perhaps, you could take somebody’s help to do it. The main point is you’ve to do the task thoroughly so the box won’t face any problems.

Place the box in a way that it keeps enough distance from roof antennas. On the other side, it will stay adequate space from the rear so that you can still open the partition without a problem.

When you put the correct roof rack in the vehicle, it’s time the roof box must sit forward with each crater side-by-side.

Step 2

The Thule roof box manufacturing company usually provides four roof bar securing sections. They will surely fit into the box without a problem. Further, In order to slot the brackets into the right place, lift the roof box cover and find the slots.

There should be four slots installed in the four corners of the Thule box. Now, you’ve to steadily shove the bracket through the slots and grip each one anti-clockwise until you hear a signature click. It means that you’ve made it! You are successful in placing the Thule box in the correct position.

In addition, the bracket mustn’t catch the roof of the vehicle.

Step 3

Now, you’re ready to load the Thule cargo box. Before putting the belongings in the cargo, you must check its overall roof load capacity. Henceforth, you can check this on the user’s manual or the car’s manufacturer’s website. Don’t put too many things on the roof box. Yes, Thule is a highly advanced product.

However, you should be cautious before making it jammed with too many belongings.

Step 4

If you completely load the Thule roof box, you can now close the cover of the box. But, be careful that nothing can prevent the cover from closing entirely. Afterward, close the lid with the lock mechanism.

How to Remove the Thule Roof Box?

Removing the Thule roof box isn’t that difficult job indeed. All you need to do is follow some simple tricks. Firstly, unfasten the knobs inside the box until the clasp fully opens. Furthermore, those who possess U-shaped bolts and plates must unfasten the knobs and remove the bolts.

After that, you will be able to remove the Thule roof box from the rack. You can do the whole task in the case of a small-sized Thule box. But, it will be safe if you hire any professional regarding a larger box.

How to Install a Thule Roof Box? – FAQs

Can I open my Thule roof box without a key?

No, it’s not possible. You can’t unlock a Thule roof box without a key. All the Thule roof box generally comes with two or three keys. So, you should keep one key in your ring while keeping the other keys in a safe place.

How can I repair my Thule roof box?

Thule roof box is a highly advanced product. It doesn’t damage easily. Nevertheless, you can repair it at home with liquid rubber, epoxy, etc., in case of minor damage. On the other hand, if the product has been damaged hugely, take it to a plastic repair center. You can get Thule’s replacement parts quite conveniently available on the market.

What are Thule roof boxes made of?

Thule roof boxes are made of high-quality ABS material. These are high-end elements that shaped the box much sturdier.

Is it necessary to get a roof rack for Thule boxes?

Of course, it is. Without a roof rack, it’s not possible to fit a Thule roof box. Besides, the box will be more secured with a roof rack. So, a roof rack is necessary for sure.

Final Say – It’s time to use the Thule!

Thule boxes are made of high durability, are long-lasting, and are convenient to use. Moreover, there’s basically zero complication in installing a Thule roof box in the car. But, you’ve to check out the overall capacity of the box before purchasing. On the other hand, don’t forget about using it effortlessly.

So, what’s your opinion regarding our article? Do you think it fills your knowledge? If yes, then please let us know about your experience. By the way, thanks for reading the article! Stay blessed and happy installing!