Roof Box Size Guide – What Size Roof Box Do I Need? (2022)

Roof Box Size Guide – What Size Roof Box Do I Need?

Are you planning for an outdoor adventure away from home? It’s a good idea! Having your pals, going to a forest, exploring nature and sunshine…uff! It’s indeed a satisfying time! But, the problem is you must take a lot of luggage. It’s somewhat disgusting, isn’t it?! But, with a roof box, you can easily skip this problem. Besides, you don’t need to take multiple vehicles to carry the luggage. These sleek boxes will add extra …

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Roof Box vs Roof Bag: Which One is Best for You?

Roof Cargo Box vs Roof Cargo Bag

If you want to increase your car’s storage space, you will need to choose the right one to avoid any problems during the trip. Various kinds of roof cargo carriers are available on the market. But you are looking for something like a cargo box or a cargo bag. Then our article will help you to make the right decision. Choosing between a roof cargo box and a roof cargo bag can be a little …

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How to Find Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier for Car? (2022)

Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

If you want to go on a trip very recently, you will need to make sure that you have enough storage space to carry all of your important things. People who want to go on a trip during their vacation or those who want to go on a camping trip usually like to use roof cargo boxes. These rooftop cargo boxes enable you to get your luggage and other items on the top of your …

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How to Choose the Best Roof Cargo Boxes? (2022)

Thule Force XT

Installing a roof cargo box on top of your car is a great way to increase the amount of storage space in your car. Having enough storage space for all of your items is very important when you are planning a trip. If you do not have enough storage space for your belongings, you might end up leaving your important gear or clothing behind or making everyone in the car feel cramped or uncomfortable. So …

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Should You Buy or Rent Rooftop Cargo Carrier? Rooftop Cargo Carrier Rental

Buy or Rent Rooftop Cargo

If you are going somewhere with a lot of cargo, a rooftop cargo carrier can help you to store all the cargo with ease. Rooftop cargo carriers are also suitable for any kind of vacation trip; you can even go fishing and camping with these. They are not so expensive, too, according to the features they are providing. Different kinds of rooftop cargo carriers are available out there, made out of different materials, and come …

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Are Roof Boxes Noisy When Driving?

Are Roof Boxes Noisy When Driving

Yes, roof boxes are noisy when driving. The wind noise is louder than with an empty car, and the box itself can rattle and vibrate. If you’re looking for a quiet ride, a roof box is probably not the best option. However, if you’re carrying light items and don’t mind a little extra noise, a roof box can be a great way to save space inside your car. Why is a Roof Rack Noisy? If …

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Roof Box Wall Mount – All You Need to Know

Roof Box Wall Mount

A roof box wall mount is a great way to keep your belongings safe and secure while you’re away from home. It’s perfect for storing things like suitcases, sports equipment, or even holiday decorations. The best part about a roof box wall mount is that it’s easy to install and use. A roof box is a great way to add extra storage space to your vehicle. But what if you don’t have a roof rack? …

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Quest Roof Box Review

Quest Roof Box Review

Looking for a roof box to help you transport your gear on your next road trip? Check out our Quest Roof Box review. This tough and durable roof box is perfect for hauling all your gear, whether it’s camping equipment, sports gear, or even extra luggage. With a spacious interior and plenty of tie-down points, the Quest Roof Box will make sure all your gear arrives safe and sound. If you’re in the market for …

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Do Roof Boxes Damage Your Car? How to Avoid (2022)

Do Roof Boxes Damage Your Car

This question circled in many car owners’ minds – do roof boxes damage the car? Shortly, yes! It can severely damage your car if you fail to install it correctly. Therefore, a severe accident might occur. The possibility of such an incident increases if you carry heavy items on the product. Heavy items on the box and you’re driving the car at the highest speed on a rainy day! It’s a potential scenario for an …

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How to Install a Roof Box to Car? Step by Step (2022)

How to Attach a Roof Box to Car

We’ve experienced such a scenario more or less in our life – imagine you’re on a road trip with your friends and family. You’ve packed a lot of bags. What’s now? People inside the car can’t even move freely! So much disgusting isn’t it?! But, what’s the solution to this problem? The answer is roof box. A roof box can save you from such a dilemma. Hence, it will work as an additional room in …

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