Hope you’re thinking to purchase a roof box, but you’ve probably got lots of questions. How do you clean it? Where will you store it? Which Roof is most suitable for your golf clubs?

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What is the best roof box?

It depends on your requirements. How much storage do you need? What’s your budget? What vehicle do you have?
We’ve several buyers guides to help you choose the best roof box for you.

Do suitcases fit in roof boxes?

Yes, you can fit suitcases in your roof box. Depend on your cases’ size, so make sure you get a roof box that’s large enough for your needs. Naturally, it’s easier to get soft bags into a roof box rather than hard suitcases.

Should I buy a roof box, or is it better to rent one?

It depends on several personal factors, including how usually you think you’ll use a roof box and if you’ve got a place to store your roof box when you’re not using it.

How to clean a roof box?

You can easily clean your roof box using warm soapy water and a towel. You can also protect the roof box by using a product like Polytrol to defend from sun fading.

Should I buy a roof bag or a roof box?

Roof boxes are more useful because they are sturdy and easy to load. However, they can be inconvenient to store. Roof bags are more affordable, & they don’t take up much room when they’re not needed.

Can I fit a roof box to a rental car?

You’ll need to check with your rental company. Some companies allow to do it, and others will provide a roof box with the car on demand.

How long does it take to fit a roof box?

Naturally, it’s pretty quick once you’ve fitted the roof box once. Most boxes come, including an easy system that clips the box in place quickly & comfortably. The first time to fit your box, maybe you need a lit bit more time to adjust the fittings.

Can a roof box overhang?

A little overhang is acceptable as long it doesn’t interfere with the way to your trunk or block your view when you are driving.

Can I go through a car wash with a roof box?

No! We do not recommend it. This is likely to cause harm to your car.

Can I drive with an empty roof box?

Yes, however, if you’re not going to be using your roof box for an extended period, you should remove it and put it into storage as it could hurt your fuel consumption and create extra noise.

Does a roof box need to be centered?

Your roof box doesn’t have to be installed in the center of your roof bars. For example, if you also have a bike rack, you may want to place them side-by-side.

Do roof boxes have any light?

No, they don’t, which can make preparing them in the dark quite tricky.

What’s the best roof box for suitcases?

It depends on your suitcases’ size, but you’ll want something like the Thule Motion XT or the Yakima Skybox if they are huge.

Can I install a roof box on a panoramic roof?

Yes, usually it’s ok to attach a roof box to a car with a panoramic roof; however, it’s always most satisfying to check the guides of the company of your vehicle.

Can I leave my roof box in my car?

You can, but it is not ideal as it will hurt your fuel waste. Ideally, you need to remove your box and store it if you’re not using it.

How fast can I drive with a roof box?

Most roof boxes are ok up to the speed limit, and most will manage 70mph. The maximum speed most companies state is 90mph, but check the user guide before placing your foot down too far. Other factors will also affect the top speed.

What is the best roof box for golf clubs?

Any roof box that’s large enough to hold your clubs should be fine. One of our favorites for golfers is the Thule Force box.

What’s the giant roof box?

With 22cu ft of storage, the biggest and best is the Thule Motion XT XL. Another right box that can take a similar amount is The Yakima Skybox.

Does the bike rack damage my car?

No, it shouldn’t. If fitted perfectly and carefully when you attach or remove the bikes from your car, It should be fine.

Are roof boxes worth it?

Yes, if you’re going to use it more than several times a year. Buying in the right quality roof box will make traveling with your stuff so much easier and free up trunk space for different things, like pets.

Can I use a roof box and bike rack at the same time?

Yes, if you have enough roof space to fit both to your vehicle safely.

Do roof boxes increase fuel consumption?

Yes, they do. However, you can reduce the impact roof box has on your MPG by choosing a box designed with aerodynamics as an advantage.

What can I put in a roof box?

Pretty much anything! Roof boxes are excellent for camping supplies, suitcases, fishing gear, skis, snowboards and loads more.

How much weight can a roof box take?

Some roof boxes like the Thule Motion can hold up to 165lbs if you choose the most extensive version. You also need to check the load limit of your car, which you’ll get from the company of your vehicle.

Are roof boxes waterproof?

Most of the roof boxes will keep your stuff dry. But, they are not entirely waterproof. You need to sure that you don’t end up with wet gear and double-check when you make your purchase that you pick one that states it’s waterproof credentials.

Isn’t my car need roof Bars for a roof box?

Usually, yes! Naturally, the most reliable bet is to go for the ones the company of your vehicle makes. Alternatively, you can pick some that match the roof box if they’re available for your car. If you don’t want roof bars, some roof cargo bags don’t require them.

Does it cost more to take a roof box on a ferry?

Naturally, it doesn’t. However, most ferries will have a maximum restriction. We recommend you ask your ferry company for clarification on their complete policy on roof boxes.

Are roof boxes secure?

Hardshell roof boxes are usually more secure than the soft cargo bar varieties as they have an integrated locking method. However, we wouldn’t suggest leaving anything too valuable in a roof box for too long.

Are roof boxes noisy?

When driving at high speeds, A roof box will create a bit of extra wind noise.

When I’m not using my roof box, How can I store it?

There are many options when it comes to storing your roof box, including using a storage system to lift your box above your car in your garage.