How to Attach a Roof Box to a Car

Easy Car Roof Box Setup

To attach a roof box to a car, follow these steps: Easy Car Roof Box Setup We’ve experienced such a scenario more or less in our life – imagine you’re on a road trip with your friends and family. You’ve packed a lot of bags. What’s now? People inside the car can’t even move freely! So much disgusting isn’t it?! But, what’s the solution to this problem? The answer is roof box. A roof box …

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How and Where to Store a Roof Box?

Store Roof Boxes Right Expert Guide

To store a roof box properly, first, remove it from your vehicle. Clean and dry it thoroughly, then store it in a cool, dry place, ideally in a garage or shed, to protect it from the elements and maintain its longevity. Store Roof Boxes Right: Expert Guide Can anybody deny that roof cargo boxes are a superb add-on for a vehicle? We guess not! But, many users feel insecure when they are about to store …

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How to Avoid Roof Cargo Box Overhang?

Preventing Roof Cargo Overhang

Yes, a roof cargo box can overhang, but it’s important to avoid excessive overhang to ensure safety and aerodynamics. To prevent this, choose a cargo box size that fits your vehicle’s roof dimensions, evenly distribute the load, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation to minimize overhang. Preventing Roof Cargo Overhang It’s undeniable that roof cargo boxes are a super essential product for a vehicle. The main reason is that it can immensely help during …

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How To Find The Best Roof Racks for Ford Explorer

Top 10 Ford Explorer Roof Racks 2023

To find the top 10 roof racks for a Ford Explorer in 2023, conduct thorough research, consider customer reviews, and prioritize racks that are durable, easy to install, and fit your specific Explorer model. This will ensure you select the best options for your needs. Top 10 Ford Explorer Roof Racks 2023 Car lovers know about the Ford Explorer. They know how versatile and trustworthy this highly valued SUV is. Since it has a considerable …

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How Far Apart Should Roof Racks Be?

Perfect Roof Rack Gap Explained

The ideal spacing for roof racks depends on your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations, but a general guideline is to place them 24-36 inches apart to ensure proper weight distribution and stability while carrying cargo. Perfect Roof Rack Gap Explained If you’re looking forward to installing a roof rack on the vehicle, it’s necessary to check out the distance between the crossbars. Actually, you have to do it must. The reason is directly related to the roof …

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How to Tie Down Skis to Your Roof Rack?

Roof Rack Ski Tie-Down: Expert Tips

To securely tie down skis to your roof rack, follow these steps: Roof Rack Ski Tie-Down: Expert Tips Do you plan to travel with your family to the Alps or somewhere else? And, you’re in so much love with skiing? Very well. Skiing is one of the best recreational sports. But the problem is that many of us don’t know how to tie skis to the roof rack. It’s not a difficult task. But tying …

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How to Increase Your Roof Rack Capacity?

Boost Roof Rack Capacity Top Tips

To boost your roof rack capacity, consider upgrading to a higher weight-rated rack system, distributing weight evenly, and utilizing cargo boxes or bags for streamlined storage. Additionally, secure your load properly to ensure safety and aerodynamic efficiency. Boost Roof Rack Capacity: Top Tips We all know that a roof rack is a perfect solution to carry various gears. It can easily increase the storage capacity of a car. A roof rack is necessary for camping, …

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How to Open a Roof Rack without a Key? A Handy Guide (2023)

How to Open a Roof Rack without a Key

Owning a roof rack is such an advantage for a car owner. However, it brings such a huge problem if you somehow lose the rack key. Fortunately, losing the key doesn’t mean everything is over. You still have a chance to open the rack without the key. In this article, I’ll explain how to open a roof rack without a key. You can conveniently do it by applying some valuable methods. Anyway, let’s read out …

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How to Put Luggage on Car Roof Rack? Load Like a Pro

How to Put Luggage on Car Roof Rack Load

Are you seeking a fast and safe way to transport your luggage on a car roof rack? Very well. If this is your desire, I assure you you’ve come to the right place. Luggage is a perfect medium to pack your things sophisticatedly and free up space inside the vehicle. In this article, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of safely and efficiently loading your luggage on a roof rack. So, let’s check how …

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How to Transport a Bike without a Rack? 6 Effective Tips

How to Transport a Bike without a Rack

There’s no question that a bike rack is such a superb way to transfer a bike during a trip. It is very important, especially in long-distance travel. However, things aren’t that always rosy. It’s understandable you don’t have enough money to purchase a costly product like a roof rack. Or, perhaps you’re not a frequent traveler. So, what should you do in such cases? Do you have to endure a journey with your lovable bike? …

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