How to Strap Snowboard to Roof Rack? Maximize Safety

How to Strap Snowboard to Roof Rack

Winter and snowy weather is the best time to ride a snowboard. This is a time when you’ll enjoy snowboarding with your friends and colleagues. It helps to freshen the mind and keep your body in shape. But the problem is most people don’t have any idea how to convey a snowboard on a snowy mountain. The best answer is definitely a roof rack. However, there’s another question arise in that case. Many people still …

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How to Measuring Roof Box Sizes Like a Pro? Quick & Accurate

How to Measure Roof Box Sizes

There are a few things to consider when measuring for a roof box. The first is the size of your vehicle. You’ll need to know the length, width, and height of your car in order to determine what size roof box will fit best. The next thing to consider is the amount of gear you’ll be carrying. A larger box will obviously be able to hold more, but it’s also important to think about how …

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How to Tie Lumber to a Roof Rack – 4 DYI Steps

how to tie lumber to roof rack

Attach lumber to a roof rack? Sound a bit awkward, right? But the truth is it’s not so awkward! Lumber is a helpful thing that can help for various reasons, such as roof building, sheds, build tents, etc. So, it’s clear to see there are many uses for it. As a result, people tend to carry it on top of their vehicle’s roof rack for various reasons. However, it’s risky if you don’t know the …

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How to Tie a Mattress to a Car Roof Rack? Steps and Guide

how to tie a mattress to a car roof rack

When we travel to a new place, we generally need a mattress for various reasons. This is why the transportation of a mattress is necessary. However, the problem is that most people don’t have any idea about how to tie a mattress to a car roof rack. I assure you that it’s not a daunting task. The whole procedure is relatively straightforward. Hence, you just need to follow these procedures correctly. A significant percentage of …

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How to Remove a Thule Roof Rack- Steps and Solutions

how to remove thule roof rack

Do you have a Thule roof rack and are you a bit tense about removing it? We all know that Thule is the leading roof rack brand in the world. However, some people get anxious about the removal process of a Thule roof rack. The truth is that the removal procedure for Thule roof racks isn’t as complicated as people think. It is pretty straightforward. Thule roof racks are convenient to install and remove. Nevertheless, …

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How to Install Roof Rack on a Car without Rails – Step-by-Step

how to install roof rack on car without rails

It’s no secret that most adventure seekers or sports lovers love to own a roof rack to carry their gear. Most of the time, conveying all the necessary equipment inside the car becomes too hard. Hence, a roof rack is a must. Most people think it’s impossible to install a roof rack on a car without rails. However, this is a wrong assumption. You can easily install it without the crossbars’ presence. It’s a straightforward …

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How to Store a Thule Roof Box in the Garage? Solution & Tips (2023)

How to Store a Thule Roof Box in the Garage

So, are you too tense because you still haven’t figured out how to store your Thule roof box in the garage? Hmm, it’s a genuine concern indeed! The traveling season is over and you need to store your big box. But, you’re out of ideas and in a problematic situation! Notwithstanding, it’s normal and happens to many people. Thule cargo boxes are generally bulk in size. Therefore, it’s too hard to store them. They require …

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How to Store a Cargo Box in the Garage? Guidelines of 2023

How to Store a Thule Roof Box in the Garage

Just think straight – what will you do when you don’t need the cargo box of your car? Perhaps, you will clean it. If this is the thing you do, you have to take the box to the garage. After taking it within your garage, it’s time to put the box on a flat surface, ground, or a table. Hence, you must know how to store a cargo box in the garage. A massive-sized and …

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How to Pack Your Thule Cargo Box for Traveling? (2023)

How to Pack Your Thule Cargo Box for Traveling

So, you’re planning to spend the upcoming weekend at Chicago beach? Good idea! The sunshine, surroundings, trees, etc., are really joyful to see and feel. Since you’re planning to spend a whole week with your family, you must carry many personal belongings in the car. Besides, if you’re a user of the Thule roof box, you’ve to know how to pack your Thule box for traveling purposes. It’s definitely not an easy task to fit …

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How to Install Thule Roof Cargo Box in Car? (2023)

How to Install Thule Roof Box in Car

When it is a matter of roof boxes, the name “Thule” always comes on top. Am I right or wrong?! Definitely right! Thule roof boxes are the perfect solution and great assistance for your traveling task. Since its inception, it has been ruling over the roof box market worldwide. Nevertheless, sometimes people struggle with how to install a Thule roof box in the car. If you’re a vivid traveler, outdoor sports enthusiast, or a passionate …

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