How to Strap Snowboard to Roof Rack? Maximize Safety

Winter and snowy weather is the best time to ride a snowboard. This is a time when you’ll enjoy snowboarding with your friends and colleagues. It helps to freshen the mind and keep your body in shape. But the problem is most people don’t have any idea how to convey a snowboard on a snowy mountain.

The best answer is definitely a roof rack. However, there’s another question arise in that case. Many people still have questions – how to strap snowboard to roof rack. No need to get worried! I’ll give you a step-by-step solution for strapping a snowboard to a roof rack so that you can ensure a tension-free trip.

How to Attach Snowboard to a Roof Rack?

How to Attach Snowboard to a Roof Rack

Are you a newbie who isn’t so familiar with strapping tasks? No issue. I’ve got you covered. Let’s read it thoroughly to know about it –

Step 1 – Select the Right Rack

Have you already set up a roof rack on the top of your vehicle? Ok, then. There’s no need to stick to this step. But if you don’t, I will tell you that you must choose the right roof rack. Hence, you should choose a strong, durable, and high-quality roof rack.

Step 2 – Prepare the Board

Ensure that the snowboard is neat and clean and no debris or residues are in it. Preparing the board is necessary since it will provide extra safeguards during traveling.

Step 3 – Place and Padding the Rack

Place the snowboard on the roof rack with the bindings facing up. Align it parallel to the vehicle, centered on the rack. Further, you should consider adding foam pads on the rack. It will provide the board extra protection and stability.

Step 4 – Securing the Snowboard

If you already installed the rack on your car, you should move to the following process. It’s time to secure it. Additionally, you need to load the board. To do it, you should place the board on the carrier. Then, put the tail end at the forward line.

As a result, the board’s wind resistance capability increases and the wind can’t cause problems while you’re driving in the street.

If you plan to put multiple snowboards on the rack, keep at least 1-inch space between them. After that, secure them with a strap or rope. The snowboard must be stable. Otherwise, things can go wrong.

Step 5 – Create Tension

Pull the straps tight to create tension and ensure a secure fit. This helps prevent the snowboard from shifting or moving while driving.

Step 6 – Secure Loose Ends

Carefully tie up the loose ends of a strap or a rope. Hence, you can reduce noises and prevent them from attaching to other items during the journey.

Step 7 – Check Clearance

Ensure that the snowboard does not hamper your view through the windshield while you’re driving on the street. Moreover, you need to ensure that it will abide by the height restriction posed by the government. It’s sensitive since a simple mistake can be costly.

Step 8 – Test the Setup

Before hitting the road, carefully inspect the strapped snowboard setup to ensure it is secure and stable. Give it a gentle shake to verify that it remains in place.

Things to Avoid While Strapping the Snowboard

Strapping the Snowboard

Before strapping the snowboard, you must avoid a few things. So the strapping task will be smooth and convenient. Here are those –

Incorrect Fastening

Ensure that bindings are correctly fastened to the snowboard perfectly. Check it for several times. Loose fastening will cause instability. Moreover, it can also be the reason for fatal accidents.

Don’t Overtighten

Don’t overtighten the straps. There’s a big chance the rack, board, and even the items inside can be fatally damaged due to overtightening. Yes, it should be tightened perfectly to hold the board in a proper position. But too much tightening isn’t recommended.

Twisted or Crossed Straps

When fastening the straps on your bindings, make sure that they are straight and not twisted or crossed over each other. Twisted or crossed straps can create pressure points and discomfort. Besides, it can badly affect your overall riding experience.

Putting the Board Upside Down

This practice can be deadly. Don’t put the board upside down on the rack. Your rack can ultimately damage such a practice.

Skipping Double-Check

It’s another vital fact. Skipping double-checking the rack is entirely a foolish task. Check the straps thoroughly and ensure they’re tight enough. Double-check every single thing before hitting on the road. As a result, you can skip any adverse incident.

Essential Tips Regarding Snowboard Transportation

Transporting the snowboard is necessary to safeguard it from damage. If you plan to go to an icy mountain and want to take your snowboard, you must be careful. So, the board will be intact and in good shape. It also ensures your own safety.

Here I’m giving you some safety tips regarding snowboard transportation –

  • Firstly, invest in a high-quality snowboard bag. A superior bag can successfully safeguard your highly expensive snowboard from any kind of adverse weather conditions. Moreover, your board will be protected from scratches or residues. You can go for DAKINE High Roller Snowboard Bag for this reason. It’s a superb board because it is flexible, high-security, and easy to pack.
  • Before putting the snowboard in a bag, secure them tightly to prevent them from moving or causing any damage to the snowboard.
  • Wrap the snowboard in a protective cover. So, it will keep fresh until you unload it.
  • Do your best to handle the board properly while loading and unloading it. Do the whole task steadily. Further, don’t drag the board through the ground. Contrariwise, try to avoid hitting it against any hard surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

What things do I need to strap the snowboard?

Before strapping the snowboard, you need materials to do the task correctly. For this reason, you can use bungee cords or straps to protect the snowboard from scratches.

How can I know the snowboard is securely attached to the rack?

You can ensure that the snowboard is adequately tight and in a safe position.

How to strap the snowboard to the roof rack?

Using at least two straps or bungee cords is recommended to secure your snowboard to the roof rack.

Should I use a lock to secure my snowboard?

It’s a great idea. It can deter theft from taking the board. You can undoubtedly follow this idea.

Final Say

Try to follow the specific instructions provided with your roof rack and straps. By securely strapping your snowboard to the roof rack, you can transport it safely to your destination. Besides, you can effectively minimize the risk of damaging the snowboard. On the other hand, you don’t have to compromise road safety.

Do you have any questions regarding how to strap snowboard to roof rack? If yes, you can do it in the box below. Thanks for reading.

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