Are Roof Boxes Safe? Are Roof Boxes Safe in High Winds? (2022)

Are Roof Boxes Safe

Do you have a habit of driving your car at the highest speed on the road? Then, it’s easy to guess that you’ll have a fear that your roof box might be flying off on the highway! Too much fear for personal belongings, right ya?! It’s simple. But, don’t be afraid! Hence, the car roof box manufacturing companies are giving the highest priority to safety issues. Now, it’s safe to use a car roof box. …

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Are Thule Roof Boxes Worth It? Why Are Thule Boxes So Expensive?

Thule Motion XT L

So, you’re talking about roof cargo boxes but you don’t want to give any damn about Thule roof cargo boxes?! Really?! How dare you?! The truth is it’s pretty impossible to talk about roof boxes while skipping Thule. They are certainly the top-notch brand for roof boxes. Besides, this Swedish company has been manufacturing roof boxes and other car-related accessories since 1948. Thule is one of the most expensive brands. During its long journey, they’ve …

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The 10 Best Toyota RAV4 Roof Racks of 2022 – Buyer Guide

Toyota RAV4 Roof Rack

Developed by Toyota, the RAV4 is a small crossover utility vehicle (CUV). In 1994, it debuted in Japan and Europe as the first small crossover SUV. The Toyota RAV4 was the world’s best-selling SUV in 2019 and the fourth best-selling automobile for personal use. By this, it’s possible that you really want to reconnect with the natural world, in which case you’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate gear for the trip. You …

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The Best Subaru Outback Roof Racks of 2022 – Buyer Guide

Subaru Outback Roof Rack

Since its founding in 1984, the Subaru of America Foundation has worked to give back to the communities in which it does business and where its employees live and work. The Outback Subaru All-wheel drive is standard on the 2022 Outback, designed for general exploration and uncompromised safety. The best roof racks for Subaru Outback may be challenging to find, so we’ve ranked the best of the best. As a bonus, we’ll go through what …

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How to Pack a Roof Box? 7 Tips for Packing Roof Box Perfectly

How to Pack a Roof Box

You’re living in San Francisco or somewhere in the Caribbean. Then what?! You’ve got a wonderful life to enjoy where traveling is common! Thanks to the beautiful weather – road trips and camping during holidays occur at such places frequently. Besides, it doesn’t matter where you live. One problem is specific when making a trip and this is packing the car correctly!   Suppose you’re heading towards a place with your family or friends. You’ve …

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The 10 Best Toyota 4Runner Roof Racks of 2022 – Buyer Guide

Toyota 4Runner Roof Rack

Toyota City, Aichi, Japan, is home to Toyota Motor Corporation, a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer. On August 28, 1937, Kiichiro Toyoda formed and incorporated the company. Toyota is one of the world’s leading carmakers. If you like camping or road-tripping, you’ll need a Toyota 4Runner with a roof rack. Overlanding cars, such as the Toyota 4Runner, are among the most popular and cost-effective. Adding a roof rack increases the vehicle’s roof-carrying capacity, which is a …

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The 5 Best Tesla Model Y Roof Racks of 2022 – Buyer Guide

Tesla Model Y Roof Racks

Tesla is an electric vehicle manufacturer. In the realm of electric cars, they are the most well-known brand. Tesla is always at the top of the list for consumers looking to purchase an electric car. This is one of Tesla’s best-selling vehicles. The vehicle is a sedan. However, when this vehicle was initially released, it lacked a roof rack. So later on, T-slots are integrated into the aluminum crossbars of the roof rack, making it …

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The 5 Best Ford F150 Roof Racks of 2022 – Buyer Guide

Ford F150 Roof Rack

Roof racks might be challenging to come by. Choosing from a wide range of alternatives might be overwhelming. You shouldn’t just go out and purchase a Ford F150 roof rack. When shopping for the finest Ford F150 roof rack, there are a few things to consider. It’s essential to think about weight, style, and color. Another consideration is compatibility. If you’ve never used a roof rack before, knowing which one is the best for your …

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The 5 Best Mini Cooper Roof Racks of 2022 – Buyer Guide

Mini Cooper Roof Racks

The mini was first created in 1959. It was a small two-door car produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC). Now mini is produced by of the world’s most famous car manufacturers BMW. So mini cars also come with great engines and awesome features, that’s why they are famous all over the world. Mini Cooper cars are very small. So They do not provide that much storage space. However, a two-door mini can provide you …

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The 10 Best Ford Transit Roof Racks of 2022 – Buyer Guide

Ford Transit Roof Rack

A light commercial vehicle made by the Ford Motor Company since 1965 has been known as the Ford Transit. It is available in a variety of variants, including a big passenger van. Roof racks on the Ford Transit might be the ideal improvement. Our recommended roof racks are designed to carry large and heavy loads. They may be used to relax on a lawn chair and watch the sunset, or to take pictures. These racks …

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