Can Pickups Get 30MPG? Best Pickup Trucks Get 30 MPG (2023)

If you’re looking to buy a high-powered 4-wheeler pickup truck, likely, gas mileage isn’t a factor in your decision-making process. While many pickup trucks can pull up to 7,500 pounds with a trailer, they can only get 30 miles per gallon on the highway when used for commuting. Despite this, you’ll need a diesel engine to get the highest EPA rating with towing capabilities.

The good news here is that today’s truck manufacturers are also studying various ways to make their vehicles more environmentally friendly. If you don’t want to use diesel machinery, you’ll need a variety of gas-powered alternatives. Modern-day conveniences are offered on all of these trucks, as well. It’s hard to find a vehicle that’s both fuel-efficient and capable of heavy-duty work.

Is it possible to get 30mpg in a pickup truck? A 30mpg pickup truck is the GMC Sierra with Duramax Diesel, Ram 1500 with torque engine, and Chevy Silverado with Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM). The Ford Ranger, 2.3 Liter Ecoboost, is also available if you want a smaller vehicle.

Can Pickups Get 30MPG?

RAM 1500 (2023)


The Ram 1500 features a 12-inch screen and is believed to be bigger from the outside. It had been a long time coming for Ram (formerly Dodge Ram), which had its 3rd pickup truck on the market. Sales of its fourth-generation model rose by 2% in the year before 2010 to roughly 501,000. It’s 9 inches longer than the last generation of Rams, but the substantial use of steel decreases the weight by 225 pounds.

Torque, the 48-volt system that powers all V6 pickups, is present in all of them. This function is standard on V8, and eTorque is also available. Ram also has a thermal warming mechanism for the gearbox to improve fuel efficiency even in the cold months. Since the new UConnect infotainment system was released with a navigation system, the ram interior is available with a 12-inch center stack display.

GMC Sierra 2022

GMC Sierra

One of GMC’s most capable full-size pickups, the GMC Sierra 1500, boasts notable customization features like a superior cargo bed view, trailer length indication, and jackknife alarm. The best-in-class front row headroom and legroom are available in the crew cab, but the cargo bed space is the real star here.

Several vehicles can tow 11800 pounds, but only a handful can match the Duramax diesel’s 30 mpg on the highway towing capacity. The Sierra 1500 GMC is a 5-seater that can be had in six different trim levels. SLT Crew Cab Short Box 4WD is the most popular design. It starts at $52,495 with a V8 5.3L engine and Four Wheel Drive and goes up from there. Depending on driving conditions, the Sierra 1500 may get up to 14 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the interstate.

Chevrolet Silverado 2023

Chevrolet Silverado

This year’s Chevy Silverado has an extra 4 inches and 450 pounds lighter thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum and steel panels in some areas. This offers the Chevy an advantage against the F-150, which has an aluminum bed in weight. (Heavy items falling from a height damage steel much more quickly.)

GM’s Dynamic Fuel Management with variable cylinder shutdown is also introduced as part of the Silverado’s fuel-saving efforts. A six-cylinder inline diesel with a 10-speed automatic is one of the eight powertrain options available.

In addition, the engine is predicted to get 30 mpg. “It is also expected” is industry jargon for “what is conceivable” with the Chevy, but the company doesn’t want to be cited if the EPA numbers also go below 30.

Ford Ranger 2022

Ford Ranger

This year’s Ford Ranger comes standard with a 2.3L turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission.

A three-tiered trim hierarchy includes XL, XLT, Lariat models, and SuperCab models in two- and four-door body styles. There are FX4 packages (available on all trim levels) for off-roaders who want a few of the Raptor’s features, including four driving modes: normal, gravel/grass/snow, ruts/muds, and sand.

The EPA provides an estimated 22mpg in city driving and 26mpg on the interstate. Because 91% of purchasers of midsize trucks avoid cars with high maintenance expenses, the gap might potentially generate buyer discontent.



Why do diesel engines get better gas mileage?

Diesel fuel is more energy-dense than gasoline, yet most people are unaware of this fact. About 30% more energy is contained in a gallon of diesel than in a gallon of gasoline. Even though diesel engines are more efficient, they still have certain drawbacks, such as weight and odor.

Is 15 mpg good for a truck?

Trucks of the recent past would consider 15mpg acceptable, but this is no longer the case thanks to recent improvements in trucks. For the same type of vehicle that used to achieve 15mpg, today’s trucks should obtain above 20mpg.

Why don’t trucks get good gas mileage?

According to this report, there aren’t a lot of trucks that get decent gas mileage. This is because trucks are heavier, have poorer aerodynamics, and require more powerful engine components.


The Chevrolet (Silverado) and Ram (Ram 1500) full-size trucks, as well as the revitalized midsize pickup from Ford (F-150) (Ranger). With the new mix of engine and transmission, all may achieve 30 mpg fuel economy.

There are 300 SUVs, trucks, and vehicles in the United States, and the Ram and Silverado are among the top three sales. There is no need to explore further if you’re looking for a handy and competent pickup truck with good gas mileage! Pickup vehicles of this caliber will be on the market in 2023.

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