V12 Engine Cars: Top 17 Cars That Have V12 Engine (2022)

V12 Engine Cars

V12 engines are making a strong comeback, it appears. For a long time, V12 engines were overlooked in most automobiles due to their size and the fact that they have many moving parts, which makes them more susceptible to wear and tear and eventual maintenance. However, this has changed. Even though V12s required a complicated exhaust system and were found to be much more expensive to create than other engines, automobile manufacturers were generally unenthusiastic …

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What is the Back Door of a Truck Called? Truck Bed Door Name

Truck Bed Door Name

The cargo bed is the formal term for the rear of a typical pickup truck. Outside of the vehicle’s cabin, there is dedicated storage space. What do you name the rear of a truck? While the bed is the most frequent item in a truck’s rear, some folks may also be referring to the bed cover or even the toolbox. It’s simply that the truck bed is the final resting place for all of these …

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The 6 Best Buick Encore Roof Cargo Carriers of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Buick Encore Roof Cargo Carrier

The Buick Encore is a luxury crossover subcompact SUV built by General Motors since 2012. The Buick Encore is a beautiful small luxury SUV with plenty of cargo space. It can hold up to 48 cu ft, but please invest in a well-made roof box if you plan on traveling often. The design of the Encore’s roof allows for most modern car boxes, but we have researched and chosen the design of the Encore’s roof …

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The 6 Best Dodge Journey Cargo Boxes of 2022 – Expert’s Guide

Dodge Journey Cargo Box

The Dodge Journey is a crossover SUV made and marketed by FCA’s Dodge brand from 2009. It has tons of room for passengers in the back, making it a great car for longer trips. However, no matter how you pack for the trip, it seems that anyone can become cramped when they carry all of their favorite belongings with them on the road. Instead of being frustrated when you are too tight in the car, …

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The 6 Best Jeep Patriot Roof Cargo Boxes of 2022 – Expert’s Guide

Jeep Patriot Roof Cargo Box

The Jeep Patriot is a crossover SUV introduced by the automobile company Jeep in 2006. Despite the many disadvantages of off-roading, Jeep cars are one of the few brands that can compete with this demanding task. In particular, the Jeep Patriot will offer you the luxury that comes with an SUV and be able to handle off-road conditions. However, There were only 23 cubic feet of trunk space behind the rear seats, which is not …

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The 6 Best Cadillac CTS Roof Boxes of 2022 – Expert’s Guide

Cadillac CTS Roof Box

The Cadillac CTS is an executive car manufactured and marketed by General Motors from 2003 across three generations. The Cadillac CTS is like most sedans. It has great specs for the outdoors. A spacious car is always nice, but you need more space. Even for somebody who is not a minimalist, there are some things you cannot do without. That is why getting a roof box for your car is important. So, we review the …

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The 6 Best Nissan Sentra Roof Boxes of 2022 – Expert’s Guide

Nissan Sentra Roof Box

The Nissan Sentra is a line of vehicles produced by Nissan since 1982. Adding a rooftop carrier to your Nissan Sentra can give you more room so that you can bring along even more suitcases, sleeping bags, and other items you believe are essential for the trip to be successful, whether you enjoy traveling by car or want to go camping. A decent Nissan Sentra roof box allows you to carry more within the vehicle, …

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The 7 Best Truck Caps (Camper Shell, Bed Topper, etc.)

Best Truck Caps

Many people find that truck tops and bed caps are excellent ways to store their belongings and save time during their commute. If you’re looking for anything specific, you’ll have to narrow down your options. We’ll take a look at some of the best truck toppers and bed caps on the market to help you select one that meets your needs. 1. A.R.E Overland Series A truck cap from the 4are Overland Series is a …

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The 4 Best Pickup Trucks That Get 30 MPG on the Highway

The 4 Best Pickup Trucks That Get 30 MPG On The Highway

If you’re looking to buy a high-powered 4-wheeler pickup truck, likely, gas mileage isn’t a factor in your decision-making process. While many pickup trucks can pull up to 7,500 pounds with a trailer, they can only get 30 miles per gallon on the highway when used for commuting. Despite this, you’ll need a diesel engine to get the highest EPA rating with towing capabilities. The good news here is that today’s truck manufacturers are also …

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The 6 Different Lines of Trucks with 8 Foot Beds (2022)

Trucks with 8 Foot Beds

Because a regular person will get more usage out of the bigger cab, but a smaller bed, an 8-foot truck bed is an uncommon sight. Longer bed pickups need a greater turn radius, and they’re too big for daily usage. However, if you truly need it, whether, for business or pleasure, you need to make sure you’re shopping for trucks with an 8-foot-long bed! To help you narrow down your search, here are all of …

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