How to Increase Your Roof Rack Capacity?

To boost your roof rack capacity, consider upgrading to a higher weight-rated rack system, distributing weight evenly, and utilizing cargo boxes or bags for streamlined storage. Additionally, secure your load properly to ensure safety and aerodynamic efficiency.

Boost Roof Rack Capacity: Top Tips

We all know that a roof rack is a perfect solution to carry various gears. It can easily increase the storage capacity of a car. A roof rack is necessary for camping, traveling, transporting sporting equipment, etc. A roof rack is also a great tool to convey larger tools securely.

The highest capacity of a roof rack is 165 pounds. However, small-sized cars have lesser capacity. Only SUVs, Sedans, and other bigger-sized cars haul 165 pounds. But this is still not adequate for many travel lovers. As a result, they need to maximize the capacity of their racks.

So, how to increase your roof rack capacity? What ways can you follow? If I want to say directly, the most convenient way is to add extra crossbars within the manufacturer’s limits, build custom racks, etc.

Now, I want to show the procedure for increasing roof rack capacity in detail. Here we go –

How to Increase Your Roof Rack Capacity: Maximizing Your Cargo Hauling Potential

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Roof racks are a superb solution to increase the vehicle’s storage capacity. However, it is essential to note that there are limits to the amount of weight your roof rack can safely handle. So, what’s the way to increase the roof rack capacity?

Well, let’s check how to maximize the cargo-hauling potential –

  • Choose the Right Roof Rack

The first step in increasing your roof rack capacity is to choose the right roof rack for your vehicle. There are many different types of roof racks available. Consequently, they’ve their traits. Every rack comes with varying capacities of weight. Be sure to choose a rack rated to handle the weight of the items you will be carrying.

You can take assistance from a professional or consult a manufacturing company to choose the right roof rack for your vehicle.

  • Use Lightweight Cargo Boxes

Although cargo boxes can increase the vehicle’s storage capacity, they can also add massive weight to your vehicle. To maximize your roof rack’s capacity, opt for light cargo boxes. These boxes are generally made from materials like fiberglass or plastic.

Further, these materials are durable and can withstand the elements. Using these boxes will surely avoid any unnecessary pressure on the rack. Thus, the rack’s storage can be increased.

  • Add Extra Crossbars

If you add extra crossbars, it’ll productively increase the roof rack’s load-carrying capacity. Try to distribute the load equally on each crossbar. This is how the loading capacity of the rack will be enhanced to some range. Generally, crossbars fasten to the roof rails and are used as a mounting point.

Don’t have any roof rails on your vehicle? No issue. You can purchase top-notch roof racks, such as Thule or Yakima. These racks have crossbars that attach to the roof’s edge.

  • Purchase Roof Rack Tools

One of the most effective ways to expand the roof rack’s capacity is to purchase tools. Some gears like cargo boxes, baskets, or bags provide extra room to keep things. Therefore, you can keep your belongings safe and secure.

These accessories not only increase the capacity. They’re also highly efficient in keeping your products in safe mode.

  • Using Straps or Tie-Downs

You can adequately secure your cargo by using straps or tie-downs during transport. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for securing loads and distribute the weight evenly to maintain stability.

  • Pack the Things Strategically

When you pack your things, pack strategically. Arrange every product according to its shape, size, and weight. As a result, everything will be stable and things will go more smoothly. Moreover, keep heavier products closer to the car’s center to maintain balance and stability.

Try to make use of every inch of the roof rack. So, there won’t be any free space and space will be appropriately utilized.

  • Use Superior Roof Rack

This is one of the foremost considerations. If you want to increase the roof rack’s capacity, you must use a superior roof rack. For instance, try to use high-quality racks, such as Thule, Yakima, or RockyMounts. These are reliable and solid racks.

These racks will help you to utilize every inch of your rack’s space. Besides, they’ll give your items the utmost security.

  • Consider a Custom Roof Rack

A custom roof rack may be the best option for those with unique storage needs. These racks are designed to meet your specific requirements. Besides, they can often handle heavier loads conveniently. Yes, they could cost you more money.

Nevertheless, the extreme versatility and massive storage capacity make them a solid investment.

FAQ about Increasing Roof Rack Capacity

Q – How can I increase the capacity of a roof rack?

A – You can increase the capacity of your rack by using various paths, such as using extra crossbars, building a custom roof rack, purchasing a high-quality rack, utilizing the rack’s space properly, etc.

Q – Can I exceed the recommended weight limit of my roof rack?

A – Of course not. It will be a suicidal decision. It’s crucial to maintain the recommended weight limit of the manufacturing company. If you try to surpass the weight limit, it will be an incredibly foolish decision. Exceeding the limit can cause structural damage to the rack and vehicle, poor performance, less security, etc.

Q – How can I make my roof rack more secure?

A – You can use the roof rack highly secured by using straps, placing heavier items at the bottom and the lighter products on top, and not surpassing the weight recommendation from the manufacturing company. Further, when you drive with a rack, don’t drive too fast or don’t make maneuvers frequently. Follow these considerations and your rack will get adequate security.

Q – Are there any weight distribution guidelines when increasing roof rack capacity?

A – Its essential to distribute the weight evenly and place heavier items towards the roof rack’s center. As a result, the rack can successfully maintain balance and stability during a trip.

Final Speech

By following these tips, you can increase the roof rack capacity and safely transport everything you need on your next adventure. Whether you opt for a lightweight cargo box or invest in a load-assist system, choose a roof rack that can handle your load.

Besides, ensure that the items are appropriately secured.   With a bit of planning and preparation, you can maximize the storage potential of your vehicle and enjoy your next outdoor excursion to the fullest.

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