How and Where to Store a Roof Box?

To store a roof box properly, first, remove it from your vehicle. Clean and dry it thoroughly, then store it in a cool, dry place, ideally in a garage or shed, to protect it from the elements and maintain its longevity.

Store Roof Boxes Right: Expert Guide

Can anybody deny that roof cargo boxes are a superb add-on for a vehicle? We guess not! But, many users feel insecure when they are about to store the box. Additionally, the cargo box is a massive accessory. Storing it is quite a challenge. Besides, you can’t keep it just anywhere and roam around. Otherwise, it could be worn out or get stolen by thieves. So, the question is how and where to store a roof box.

Hmm. It’s a complicated matter. But, don’t worry, there are always solutions. We’ve developed some simple and sophisticated solutions for storing a roof box. We’ll discuss a guide to roof boxes – how and where to store a roof box. Keep reading to learn the ideas.

How to Store a Cargo Roof Box? Here’s the Solution

It’s a pretty energizing task to store a cargo roof box. Nevertheless, before going into the detailed discussion on how to store a cargo roof box, we’ve to know why we would do that. There are specific reasons.

Why Should You Store a Cargo Roof Box?

It isn’t brilliant to store a cargo roof box over the top of the car when you’re not using it. So, it’s the best solution to store the box. But, what’s the objective behind it do that? Ok, let’s check the ultimate reasons –

Box Can Get Damaged

When you’re not traveling, there’s no need to keep the box on the vehicle’s roof. Holding it over the car can deteriorate the box over time. During the summertime, it has to absorb a lot of sunlight. The overall condition of the box will indeed start to decline.

On the other hand, during the rainy season, heavy rain can pour into it. As a result, the structure and color can fade away. Furthermore, the carrier box can crack in extreme winter.

It Can Slowdown the Car Speed

The roof boxes can make a considerable drag. As a result, it can profoundly impact your car’s speed. The speed can get slow significantly. For this reason, larger fuel bills can come out! Removing it will increase the fuel efficiency of the car. So, it will be best not to use it without needing it.

It Can Disfigure the Vehicle

We’ve already been told that a carrier box is a massive product. It puts a high-level burden on the top of your car. Therefore, you should take it away when you don’t need it. The vehicle could be unstable when you drive a car with an empty box. Besides, the roof box can damage your car’s rooftop badly when you wash the car.

Finally, it will be good to remove the box whenever you don’t need it. Yes, an expensive cargo box might be durable and sturdy. But, taking sufficient measurements is always the best option. Keeping it in a sophisticated place is the safest thing to do.

How to Store a Cargo Box?

How to Store a Thule Roof Box in the Garage

Now, we’ve come to the point. How and where to store a roof box? Consequently, these boxes are bulky products. This is why you should keep them under a shed or in a garage where the heated sunlight won’t come. There are some superb solutions. Here we are recommending a few procedures that might be useful to you –

  • Keep it on the Floor

The best way is to keep the cargo box on the garage’s floor. But, keeping the box directly on the floor is a bad idea. Therefore, you should put some 4*2 wood to keep the product from touching the floor.

  • Mounting it to the Wall

Are you good at DIY jobs? Then, mounting the roof box to the wall can be easily done by you. For this reason, you must purchase roof box mounts, including pads. This is how you can keep the product fully protected.

  • Install a Storage Rack

This is undoubtedly a great solution. Placing a seasonal item like a cargo roof box will be convenient if you install an overhead garage storage rack. Henceforth, these types of racks are superb and highly effective.

  • Storage Lift System

The garage storage lift system is also proficient in freeing up space. Additionally, you won’t find any difficulties in setting it up. It will be close to the ceiling of the garage. Apart from the roof box, it can hold other products like kayaks, rafts, bikes, etc.

  • Storage Straps

These options are so reasonable in price. The storage straps hold the box tightly on the roof of the garage. They work well but are not so flexible.

  • Cover

So, you just put the roof box in the garage and that’s it! No! You must put a cover on the box to protect it from scratches, residues, dust, etc. Moreover, you can also use a dust sheet too. The sheet is also perfect for providing a shield to the carrier box.

Some Essential Tasks Before Storing a Roof Box

StoreYourBoard Cargo Box Ceiling Storage Hoist

You have to make some preparations before storing a roof box in the shed or garage. Let’s check –

  • Clear the Place

Firstly, clear the place if it is full of unnecessary things. Besides, you should select a larger-sized place to put the roof box. Moreover, it will be good to skip the crowded area to keep the box in a proper shape.

  • Prepare the Roof Box

Before storing the roof box, prepare it correctly. Wash and clean it inside and outside before taking it to the garage. Further, you can put some spray and grease on the locks and catches to keep them workable.

  • Take Away the Key

Please take away the key to the lock and keep it somewhere safe. If you put the key inside the lock for an extended period, they can get stuck and you could find it hard to unfasten them.

How and Where to Store a Roof Box? –FAQs

Is it possible to store the roof box vertically?

It’s possible but it’s risky. The reason is that the bottom side of the box can be damaged and various stains can be spotted because of the vertical placement.

Wrap Up

That’s all from us. We hope you’ve got adequate knowledge on how and where to store a roof box? Since it’s an expensive product, you can’t underestimate it. On top of that, you can also keep your car safe by keeping the box secured when you’re not using it. So, do you have any questions regarding this article? You’re welcome to ask it in the box below. Thanks for staying with us! Bye!

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