How to Avoid Roof Cargo Box Overhang?

Yes, a roof cargo box can overhang, but it’s important to avoid excessive overhang to ensure safety and aerodynamics. To prevent this, choose a cargo box size that fits your vehicle’s roof dimensions, evenly distribute the load, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation to minimize overhang.

Preventing Roof Cargo Overhang

It’s undeniable that roof cargo boxes are a super essential product for a vehicle. The main reason is that it can immensely help during a trip. Besides, it can take a lot of stuff and make more space in the car. If you are a frequent traveler or like to arrange camping trips, a roof cargo box is indispensable. But, why a roof cargo overhang?

This is complaining about this product. The criticism is emerging more in recent times. But is it true? Yes! Nevertheless, a small amount of overhang is not alarming though. It’s vital to deliver proper storage space in it. Nonetheless, too much hanging is a negative sign.

Now, we’ll discuss can a roof cargo box overhang? How to avoid such a scenario? Let’s go –

Can a Roof Box Overhang? Reasons and Solutions

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Of course, a bit of overhang might happen, and it’s not a severe issue. But it doesn’t mean the cargo box can hanging too far off the backspace of the vehicle. You won’t be comfortable with such a scenario, will you? When packing the roof box, remember that it shouldn’t go out too far.

On the other side, you can take some preventive measures. Let’s check –

  • Before purchasing, check out the size. Ensure that it isn’t too big or small in terms of size.
  • Closely check whether it is overhanging or not. If a little bit of hanging is happening, it’s all right.
  • The last concern is that you must securely mount the box to the roof.

Now, check out some crucial matters on roof box overhanging. Take a look –

A Little Overhang is Ok

Tell us honestly – is the question “can a roof cargo box overhang” makes your head twisted?! Ow! Don’t worry! It’s not a matter of overthinking! Get relaxed! People who drive the car with a roof box regularly know that a bit of overhang is inevitable. It’s a pretty much a usual matter.

Notwithstanding, too much overhang is not a good thing. It can create drag and negatively impact the vehicle’s overall fuel capability. Further, it can develop issues on the stability of the car. A bit of an overhanging issue won’t bother you at all.

You must ensure that the box is correctly secured on the rooftop before entering the highway. The reason is you won’t definitely expect that the cargo roof box will be flying off the road when you’re driving the car at super speed!

All you need to do is act wisely to enjoy the advantages of safely roof-mounted storage.

Rear Overhang Must be Avoided

The front overhang is ok. But, the overhang situation on the rear side can cause problems. Even a bit of overhang in the backside is not a big deal. However, things could turn nasty if the overhang becomes too much. For this reason, car manufacturers always recommend that customers should fit cargo boxes on the front instead of the back.

On the other hand, it could also depend on the vehicle type. If you’re using a car with no rear hatch, you can expect a bit of overhang, and it’s no big deal. Nevertheless, you can take some steps to reduce the overhang situation significantly.

  • Before purchasing, buy a roof box that can perfectly fit your vehicle.
  • Check overhangs in the neighborhood before hitting the highway road. Don’t take the car on the main street if it is too much.
  • Ensure that it is mounted well to the rooftop of the vehicle.

How to Reduce the Overhang Situation

How Much Weight Can a Roof Box Hold

Most people don’t like the overhang situations in their vehicles. But, are there any steps or measurements that can be effective against it? Yes! Here, we’ll discuss some solutions you can apply to deal with this problem. Let’s check –

Car Type

Do you think all cars possess a rooftop? No! If you believe in that way, you’re absolutely wrong. There are still so many car models that are not manufactured to hold a roof cargo box. So, you should think about it before making a final move.

Right-Sized Racks and Boxes

The right-sized roof box will indeed matter to you. If you want to have a flexible trip by car, you should buy a perfect-sized roof box. Moreover, buy the box according to the size of your roof rack. If the rack is small and you purchase a larger box, it will increase the possibility of an accident.

Therefore, you must keep things within the limit when selecting a box. Further, don’t buy a far larger roof box than your vehicle. It will ultimately be suicidal. Hence, purchase the box according to the size of the car. Otherwise, you will surely regret it.


Do you want to reduce the drag to a minimal range? If yes, then you can reposition the cargo box. Consider not to place it too far back. Otherwise, the rear hatch can fall into a deep trouble. This is how you’ll get a fair chance to decrease the overhang on the front or backside of the vehicle.


This is another crucial thing for a roof cargo box. If your box isn’t stable enough, it can fall off during driving. So, there’s no point in ignoring it to avoid a colossal fiasco. Consequently, the right-sized box generally provides stability. But, if you buy a wider box, it could raise a problematic situation.

Nevertheless, you can purchase a widespread bar to bring stability. This is how everything will place in order. Before beginning the journey, you can run a test on whether the box is stable or not.

Can a Roof Cargo box Overhang? – FAQs

How much weight can a roof box carry?

Roof boxes have limitations. Different sizes can carry different types of weights. Notwithstanding, the usual limit is between 50 to 80 kg.

Can I keep the bigger box in the small-sized car?

You can. But, it will create a problems. For this reason, you can use a widespread bar. Avoiding purchasing a bigger box for a small-sized car will be the best task.


If you want a superb travel experience, you’ll need a roof cargo box. Can a roof cargo box overhang? Of course, it is! All you need to do is some intelligent task to avoid it. Buy a right-sized box and implement other factors we’ve discussed above. This is how you can make your journey more convenient. Happy traveling!

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