Roof Box Wall Mount – All You Need to Know

Roof Box Wall Mount

A roof box wall mount is a great way to keep your belongings safe and secure while you’re away from home. It’s perfect for storing things like suitcases, sports equipment, or even holiday decorations. The best part about a roof box wall mount is that it’s easy to install and use. A roof box is a great way to add extra storage space to your vehicle. But what if you don’t have a roof rack? …

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Quest Roof Box Review

Quest Roof Box Review

Looking for a roof box to help you transport your gear on your next road trip? Check out our Quest Roof Box review. This tough and durable roof box is perfect for hauling all your gear, whether it’s camping equipment, sports gear, or even extra luggage. With a spacious interior and plenty of tie-down points, the Quest Roof Box will make sure all your gear arrives safe and sound. If you’re in the market for …

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How to Install a Roof Box to Car? Step by Step (2023)

How to Attach a Roof Box to Car

We’ve experienced such a scenario more or less in our life – imagine you’re on a road trip with your friends and family. You’ve packed a lot of bags. What’s now? People inside the car can’t even move freely! So much disgusting isn’t it?! But, what’s the solution to this problem? The answer is roof box. A roof box can save you from such a dilemma. Hence, it will work as an additional room in …

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Can a Roof Box Overhang? Reasons and Solutions (2023)

Can a Roof Box Overhang

It’s undeniable that roof cargo boxes are a super essential product for a vehicle. The main reason is that it can immensely help during a trip. Besides, it can take a lot of stuff and make more space in the car. If you are a frequent traveler or like to arrange camping trips, a roof cargo box is indispensable. But, why a roof cargo overhang? This is complaining about this product. The criticism is emerging …

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Are Roof Boxes Safe? Are Roof Boxes Safe in High Winds? (2023)

Are Roof Boxes Safe

Do you have a habit of driving your car at the highest speed on the road? Then, it’s easy to guess that you’ll have a fear that your roof box might be flying off on the highway! Too much fear for personal belongings, right ya?! It’s simple. But, don’t be afraid! Hence, the car roof box manufacturing companies are giving the highest priority to safety issues. Now, it’s safe to use a car roof box. …

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How to Pack a Roof Box? 7 Tips for Packing Roof Box

How to Pack a Roof Box

You’re living in San Francisco or somewhere in the Caribbean. Then what?! You’ve got a wonderful life to enjoy where traveling is common! Thanks to the beautiful weather – road trips and camping during holidays occur at such places frequently. Besides, it doesn’t matter where you live. One problem is specific when making a trip and this is packing the car correctly!   Suppose you’re heading towards a place with your family or friends. You’ve …

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Why Are Roof Boxes So Expensive? (2023)

Why Are Roof Boxes So Expensive

You are talking about roof boxes but you’re skipping the Thule box? How dare you! Complete madness in the whole multiverse! There are so many roof boxes available on the market. But, Thule’s boxes are the most expensive. Nevertheless, other roof boxes are also high-priced. Many people wonder if roof boxes aren’t a necessary item for a car. But, why they’re so costly? Yes, there are some obvious reasons. Honestly, the specs are the determining …

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Can a Roof Box be Stolen? 8 Easy Ways to Keep it Safe (2023)

Can a Roof Box be Stolen

Just imagine that you’re walking on a sea beach holding the hands of your loved ones. After a while, you’re back to your car and see that the roof box has gone! How will you feel?! It will be painful and awkward for sure! Henceforth, the box has gone with other essential stuff. Absolutely horrible, isn’t it?! Besides, a roof box is a massive thing visible to the naked eye. So, it could be a …

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Are Roof Boxes Universal? Are Thule Roof Boxes Universal? (2023)

Are Roof Boxes Universal

What’s the most sophisticated way to extract car storage space? Most people will surely say that it is none other than roof boxes. Hence, it is definitely the best choice for a big portion. It’s quite true too. The reason is it delivers safety, security, and weather-proof storage for all kinds of gear. But, the question is are roof boxes universal? It’s indeed a tricky question. Yes, there are universal roof boxes are available on …

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How to Store Cargo Box in Garage? Store Roof Box in Garage (2023)

Thule Roof Box Storage Lift

Is there anything you do with the top box of your car when you aren’t using it? In some cases, you may need to clean it first. If this is the case, you may be forced to store it in a secure location within your garage. Please put it on the ground, a table, or any other flat surface that you have handy. A large empty vehicle roof box, on the other hand, will wreak …

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