How to Repair Roof Boxes in a Car? Step by Step (2023)

Owning a car is always a superior experience, isn’t it?! There’s no doubt about it! You’ll always feel an extra adventurous feeling by having a car. However, as they get older, things get change significantly. One of the changes can appear in the car’s roof boxes. Further, it can damage over time. But, you can fix it by yourself if you know some basic rules of the vehicle.

Car roof boxes are positioned on the roofs of the automotive and used for storage. Besides, they are exposed to the ingredients and residues. For this reason, their condition vandalizes with time. By following some moves, you can okay them quickly.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to repair roof boxes in the car – some easy steps. Let’s go –

Car Roof Box Repair – Some Simple Steps to fix it

What’s your take on repairing a car’s roof box? Is it too complicated a task?! Absolutely not! The equipment needed for repairing jobs is available in hardware stores. Therefore, you don’t have to take the extra burden on it. Now, let’s check out the procedures for fixing the roof box in the car –

Step 1 – Sand the Place

Find out the crack inside of the car’s roof box. Then, start sanding the whole place around it. But, which element should you use? Our recommendation is coarse-grit sandpaper. The fiberglass will adhere closely to this thing.

Step 2 – Cleanse the Place Properly

It is necessary to cleanse the whole place properly with clean water or alcohol. Otherwise, you can’t expect a strong bond with the roof box.

Step 3 – Heat the Thing!

It’s time to heat up! Allow the propane torch to get over the surface. When the flame can touch the surface, it will erode the area and remarkably enhance the overall adhesion. Therefore, the adhesive’s adhesion improves outstandingly and gets a special coating.

Step 4 – Mix the Epoxy

Now, it’s the mixing time of the epoxy. However, make sure that the percentage is exactly the package suggested. A small batch of epoxy is enough. Then, you have to mix it accordingly. Keep the mixed ingredient on a disposable paper plate.

Step 5 – Apply the Epoxy

Apply a small amount of epoxy to the sanded area of the roof box. After that, place some lightweight fiberglass fabric over the rift. Henceforth, it will be best if you can remove the air bubble from the fiberglass. This is how it can work properly.

Step 6 – Repeating the Procedure

Take another batch of fiberglass and repeat the whole procedure with epoxy one more time. After putting the fiberglass fabric in the wet adhesive, spread the entire thing with a spreader thoroughly. Nevertheless, don’t rush while doing it. Otherwise, things could go wrong.

On the other hand, if there are more layers, keep redoing the process.

Besides, take time to cure for around 10-12 hours. To finish it in a sophisticated way, you can consider painting.

Warning Message – While mixing the epoxy, better wear gloves in your hands. Epoxy can be dangerous to the skin and taking precautions is necessary.

Waterproof Cargo

How to Resist the Roof Box Leak in the Car?

There are various reasons that roof boxes can get leaked. To prevent it, you can take some practical measurements. Let’s check out –

  • Rust is the common enemy of a vehicle. The rust and corrosion can cause massive damage to the roof box in the car. Therefore, you should clean it regularly.
  • The roof area needs to be painted periodically. Yes, cleaning is essential. But, keep remember that just cleaning isn’t enough for your roadster’s roof box. As a result, polishing is a must. This is how a car’s roof box can get protection from rain, snow, extreme heat, and other natural threats.
  • Be careful when installing a roof box. Sometimes, the box fails to fit inside of the car correctly. For this reason, substantial damage can happen to the box. So, beware of this and establish the box accurately inside a vehicle.

Some Important Roof Box Safety Tips

A road trip is always enjoyable. But, being stuck in a car for hours with little room for movement can bring an unpleasant situation. That’s why loading up a roof box with belongings can help immensely. Nevertheless, adding a load to the top of the car could be risky.

Therefore, here’s something you have to know before making your entry into the road –


During making a plan on rooftop packing, it’s better to know the weight limit of the rooftop and vehicle. Do you have to pack a lot of belongings? Hmm. So, knowing the weight could ensure that you’re on a correct path. Remember that being overweight could lead to a severe accident.


A well-packed roof box generally increases the center of gravity of the car. For this reason, the vehicle can wobble at high speeds. As a result, there’s a big chance the load can fall into it and cause unimaginable problems while driving. So, a balance is needed.

Ensure that the box is well-balanced while it carries your properties.

Installing in the Box

Sometimes, cars come with a roof box. But, if the vehicle doesn’t come with it, you have to purchase and install the product. Moreover, you have to ensure that the box perfectly fits the car. Generally, the roof box comes with a connecting point. Besides, you can join this point with the car.

But, if the point can’t be attached to the car’s roof, it will cause a massive problematic situation. To skip such an unwanted condition, you can take advice from an auto professional.

How to Repair Roof Boxes in the Car? – FAQs

Can the roof box damage my car?

If you can set the box accurately as per the suggestion of the manufacturing company, you won’t face a problem and there’s no chance that the box could damage your car.

What is the best place for a roof box in a car?

Try to distribute the weight equally as possible you can. If you feel that the load is much heavier, you can keep some more oversized items in the backseat of your vehicle. On top of that, you have to ensure adequate airflow around the box. Therefore, the box should stay closer to the back of the car rather than in front.

Final Thoughts

So, this is our discussion on how to repair the roof boxes in the car – some easy steps. Although these formulas are pretty effective for repairing roof boxes, you can consult with a professional if enormous damage occurs. However, we think prevention is the best measurement when it comes to leaking.

Thank you for reading! Until next time, goodbye!

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