Thule Motion XT Alpine Roof Box Review by Expert (2023)

If you are traveling or planning to go on an excursion with your family members or friends to a long distance, then the most important thing to look at is how you will take the necessary elements of the tourists.

Normally we take all the elements in luggage or large bags and put that into the vehicle’s back. But the irritating situation occurs when the space in the car is not sufficient for all the materials. When you place all the bags inside the car, you couldn’t sit with ease, and the trip will become displeasing.

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier
  • Optimized design for best space efficiency, aerodynamics, and vehicle fit. Easy to mount thanks to the extra wide PowerClick quick-mount system.
  • The integrated torque indicator clicks when it's properly mounted, ensuring fast and secure fitting. Fits AeroBlade and SquareBar
  • Easy to open and close in all conditions due to grip-friendly outer handles and supporting lid lifters.Ideal for snowboards and skis up to 70.8 inches
  • SlideLock system with separate locking and opening functions, automatically locks the lid in place and indicates when the box is closed securely.
  • Full trunk access with minimal risk of contact with the cargo box, thanks to its forward position on the vehicle roof.

Now, To solve this space problem, there are roof boxes in the market. It provides extra room for the tourist to sit properly by taking all the extra loads inside it. You have to set the box at the top of your vehicle. That’s why it doesn’t create a problem for sitting space for the tourist. Inside a roof box, you can load all kinds of essential elements to go for a trip or camping, like snowboards, skis, sports materials, or large clothes baggage.

It’s not a difficult task to find a cargo box for your vehicle, but the problem is there are lots of roof boxes on the market. That’s why choosing a perfect for your vehicle according to your budget, and the necessary extra space is a difficult job to do. You have to check all the roof box features and specs like shape, durability, load capacity, and compatibility with roof bars.

Thule is one of the most popular roof box manufacturers in the market. Since 1942 they are producing amazing cargo boxes, and gradually they are increasing the roof box features. Their cargo boxes are easy to use, and they have a lot of segments of roof boxes based on different unique features, sizes, shapes, and color variants.

Thule provides uncommon facilities and technologies to the user for installing the box and transporting all the materials securely. Thule stays in the market for a century because its features can compete with other cargo box providers. They bring several kinds of cargo boxes to the market with different sizes, colors, and features.

Thule Motion XT Alpine is a quite popular roof box in the market. This roof box is suitable for people who have to transport a medium range of equipment. Other roof boxes that the Thule Motion XT segment has are perfect for more baggage carrying.

It is an option for the user to choose from various sizes based on their necessity. You can check the Motion XT Alpine roof box to carry your extra baggage if you face a medium space problem. You will find many specs and facilities by the box; you have to know these specs and select this box if it satisfies your desire. In this article, you will briefly know all the features of Thule Motion XT Alpine.


Thule Motion XT Alpine

Thule Motion XT Alpine offers a volume of 16 cubic feet, which is enough to carry three to four members of materials. You can install this box on small, average, or any large vehicle because its outer dimension is not that big.

The box has a width of 37.5 inches, a height of 13.25 inches, and 91.50 inches in length. If you want to carry camping materials or sports materials, you can take a maximum of seven pairs of skis and also three to five snowboards based on their sizes. You couldn’t take larger than 84.64 inches of skis pairs. Thule Motion XT Alpine is not so heavy; it is only 55 pounds. In this small and light cargo box, you can take up to 165 pounds of weight.


Thule Motion XT

1. PowerClick Installing System

The installation system of this roof box is quite simple and less time-consuming. Its PowerClick mounting feature offers you to complete the installation only in five minutes. To use different bars, you have freedom because it is compatible with different shapes of roof bars like round, square, aero, elliptical, and other factory bars.

To install the box on the top of your vehicle, you just need to put the roof box on the center of your roof bars and then open the dial to bind the bands around the bars.

2. SlideLock System

There is no need to worry about the security issues of the Thule Motion XT Alpine because it has an efficient lock system named SlideLock. It is integrated into both sides of the cover. You can assure your closing of the cover with the integrated indicator on the locks. Moreover, the key wouldn’t be detached without close the box properly, and this feature prevents you from driving the vehicle without closing the box.

One-Key-System is available in this box, with that you can use the same key on the other Thule products.

3. Durability

Thule produces this box with recycled long-lasting ABS plastic material, making the box light in weight and giving it a strong and impact-resistant surface.

4. Dual side opening

Thule Motion XT L 2

You can access your materials easily in Thule Motion XT Alpine with the help of the Dual-side opening cover facility. It helps you open and close the box from both sides of the cover and makes it easier to gain access to the equipment.

There is an integrated handle that you can grip easily, and it helps you open and closes the box simply with a bare hand. Then a smooth cord is provided; with that, you can easily close the door by just pulling the cover. You can also open and close the cover smoothly using the cover lifter of the box.

5. Hatch Access

This amazing roof box design helps the user get access to the materials with minimum contact with the cargo box. The forward position of the box on top of the vehicle makes it easier to access.

6. Equipment Tie-down Points

In Thule Motion XT Alpine, your equipment will stay in the proper position while running the vehicle at high speed. Because inside the box, there is an option to bind up all the equipment. To tie up the materials, you just need to loop the cords into the integrated points and tightened the binding by pulling the cords a few times.

Thule Motion XT L

7. Stylish

The roof box is suited to every car, doesn’t matter the color of the vehicle. It creates a great color combination with the vehicle’s color and its glossy black appearance. The cover has a gel-coated finishing that decreases harm to cuts and Ultra Violate radiation.


Thule Motion XT Alpine appears a little smaller than other Thule Motion XT roof boxes though it can take sufficient loads for family members of three to four people. Its features are amazing and are worthy of high pricing. First of all, it’s easy to use, long-lasting, and kept secure all the elements in the box. You’ll acknowledge its value only after mounting this excellent roof box on the roof of your vehicle.

There is nothing to hesitate to buy this roof box. You can carry all your important elements easily and have a memorable journey. Users’ experience reports show that they are fully satisfied with the service this box has given them. That’s why it is highly recommended to get this special cargo box.

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