How to Store a Cargo Box in the Garage? Guidelines of 2022

Just think straight – what will you do when you don’t need the cargo box of your car? Perhaps, you will clean it. If this is the thing you do, you have to take the box to the garage. After taking it within your garage, it’s time to put the box on a flat surface, ground, or a table. Hence, you must know how to store a cargo box in the garage.

A massive-sized and empty roof box can make a complete mess in a garage. Moreover, a cargo box can take up too much space there. In such a case, you’ve to act wisely. There are various ways to store a cargo box in the garage sophisticatedly. Here, we’ll discuss its guidelines of it –

How to Store the Cargo Box in the Garage – Best Guidelines

Sometimes, the garage can be full of clutter and other things. It’s become too difficult to store a massive-sized cargo box in the garage. But, don’t worry. Other options could be helpful. Additionally, there are multiple ways you can keep the cargo box in the garage or store room when you don’t need it.

If you fail to keep the box correctly, it could be useless at some point or face severe damage. As a result, you must take stern steps to do that. Now, we’ll discuss some practical ways to store the rooftop cargo box in the store room. Let’s begin –

Roof Cargo Box Storage System

1. Wall Hanging

This system is applicable to small-sized cargo boxes. You can string it up from a wall that uses a wall hanger. Besides, the hangers must be attached securely to the walls. It should also be tested for hardness before you affix the rooftop box on them. The reason is if it’s not firm enough, there will always be a significant chance of an accident.

So, checking thoroughly before attaching the roof box is necessary.


  • Wall hangers are pretty effortless to install
  • This system saves a lot of space
  • It is perfect for small-sized box
  • There’s no chance of scratching since these hangers are designed to resist scratching.


  • You have to purchase extra brackets
  • You need to hire a professional to drill and affix the brackets. In addition, it’s a bit of a DIY task.

2. Ceiling Hanging

This system is mainly for bigger-sized cargo boxes. These boxes are generally destined to be lifted from the car’s roof. On the other hand, they can be attached to the ceiling through straps. Due to the straps, it will be easier to mount procedures when you have to use the cargo box in the car again.

Remember that ceiling hanging is such a convenient process as you just need to lower it on the rooftop of the car from the ceiling.


  • The storing process of the cargo box is so simple in this procedure
  • There’s no chance that the cargo box gets scratched since the hanger is protected
  • Take little capacity in the garage.


  • You have to take a professional’s assistance to affix the lifts to the ceiling
  • This procedure is best for those garages that contain high roofs.

3. Place the Cargo Box on the Floor

We will only suggest this procedure if the garage or store room is wide enough. However, if the garage is completely messed up, this method won’t work. Another thing is you shouldn’t directly lay the cargo box on the floor. Before laying, fill the ground with a mattress or wood.

Moreover, clear all the junks and residues from the ground before laying the cargo box on it.


  • No need to take help from experts
  • Quite an effortless method


  • Box can get scratched or damaged partially
  • Takes a lot of space in the garage

4. Insert a Garage Storage Rack

If you have a garage storage rack, you can keep the roof box in there. It is an efficient solution. These types of rack are usually placed over the head. For this reason, inserting a box in the garage becomes too comfortable.


  • The storage rack can save the total space in the garage
  • The rack should be neat and clean
  • Stable and sturdy


  • If the rack isn’t secured correctly, things could turn worse
  • The whole procedure is quite complicated

5. Set up a Storage Lift System

This is another highly efficient way to store a cargo box. You can conveniently set up a garage storage lift system to convey the box. Henceforth, the elements of this lifting method are cranks, gears, etc. 


  • Simple to install and run. No complications.
  • You can store various products like snowboards, skis, kayaks, etc.


  • If the rope isn’t long enough, you’ll face a problem down it.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cargo Box?

Rooftop cargo carriers are not only storage gadgets. It is much more than that. Additionally, if you don’t check carefully, some essential traits of them could change significantly. As a result, you need to consider a few things before purchasing a rooftop cargo box. Let’s check –


There are two types of cargo boxes available on the market. They are – soft and hard cargo boxes. Additionally, softboxes are made of the same elements used to build backpacks. Although you can attach them to the rack, but they can’t hold more oversized products like luggage.

So, you should go for a rigid box in order to get a vast space.

Size and Shape

Cargo boxes are made of different types of sizes and shapes. You’ll find smaller to larger-sized boxes on the market. Therefore, you can select according to your needs. Further, you should choose an aerodynamically designed box.

Vehicle’s Size

The vehicle’s size is also determined when selecting a cargo box. For instance, a small-sized Wagner can cop a smaller box while the box should be more significant in size in the case of SUVs or Sedans. It’s a very simple math.

Safety Issue

You should check out the safety and security before purchasing the box. Carefully see whether the carrier comes with a key and lock or not.

How to Store a Cargo Box in the Garage – FAQs


Can I leave my cargo box in the car?

Yes, you can. But, it will be best to store it in a storage room or garage. This is how you can keep its durability.

How big is a roof box?

A roof box is generally 1k pounds.

Final Words

It’s pretty much clear that a roof cargo box is a handy tool that could be an indispensable part of your journey. Since they’re costly products, it is better to keep them sophisticated. So, you should think about placing them in a store room to protect longevity.

So, which method are you going to apply for your box? Let us know! Thanks and best wishes from us!