How to Pack Your Thule Cargo Box for Traveling? (2022)

So, you’re planning to spend the upcoming weekend at Chicago beach? Good idea! The sunshine, surroundings, trees, etc., are really joyful to see and feel. Since you’re planning to spend a whole week with your family, you must carry many personal belongings in the car. Besides, if you’re a user of the Thule roof box, you’ve to know how to pack your Thule box for traveling purposes.

It’s definitely not an easy task to fit all the stuff in a small sedan car. So, you need to take an intelligent approach. Since Thule is a high-end product, it will be a convenient task to fill all the belongings in it. However, you still have to do some processing to make everything smooth.

This article will discuss how to pack your Thule roof box. Let’s check –

Tips for Packing the Thule Roof Box

Are you thinking of purchasing a Thule roof box or have you already bought one? Fantastic! After obtaining the product, your main task is to learn how to pack it carefully. This is how you can enjoy a trouble-free vacation. But, the question is, what does that mean to know how to pack a roof box carrier?

Knowing how to pack the roof box carrier means understanding where things will get fit and appropriately oriented. You can’t have a hassle-free vacation if you fail to gather proper knowledge.

Nevertheless, there are so many different tips you can follow to pack the Thule box in the correct way. Moreover, Thule is a highly advanced carrier box. So, you have to use it properly to get the best benefit. You can effortlessly enlarge your space in the box if you follow some clever tactics.

Do you know when people usually make the biggest mistake while packing a roof box? They overload it. As a result, you must estimate the overall weight limit before loading your staff.

You can know the carrier’s weight limit from the manual given by the Thule. So, we don’t think you’ve to work your brain or do anything to know it. Henceforth, when you learn the overall weight limit, it will be easy for you to load the box carrier effectively.

Now, let’s check the following tips to understand how to pack the Thule cargo box efficiently. Here we go –

How to Install Thule Roof Box in Car
How to Pack Your Thule Cargo Box for Traveling? (2022)

Understand the Weight Limits

All roof boxes have their limits. Thule is no different and it also has its maximum weight capacity. Generally, all the Thule roof boxes’ weight ranges from 45 to 75kg. Apart from knowing the roof box’s weight limit, you should see the capacity of the car and roof bars.

But what’s the reason behind it? Well, sometimes they could be less than the capacity of the roof box. In whatever way, you should remember the total weight capacity of the car while filling the roof box. However, you should also keep in mind the bar’s weight too. That will be helpful.

Pack the Bulky Products at First

A car’s trunk has vast capability and a massive amount of space. Therefore, you should fill the trunk space with your bulkiest items. Further, the rooftop isn’t that strong like the trunk. So, it’s clear that putting the heaviest things on the rooftop instead of the trunk will be a foolish task. 

Since Thule is a high-end product, you shouldn’t risk its lifespan or anything by putting high pressure on it. So, be careful on that.

Spread the Weight Equally

After this point, we’ll officially stop to talk about weight! But, you should be alert to that! Because you need to know that point! The main point is to spread the weight equally in the roof box. Although the Thule roof box is sturdy and sophisticated enough, it could also lead to a problem.

For instance, the uneven distribution of weight could make a noisy ride. As a result, your traveling won’t be complicated and disgusting. It will be best if you keep the tangible item in the center and the other items on the side of the box.

Try to manage everything smartly. For example – keep half things on one side and the other half on another side.

Keep the Sports Gadgets on Top

Are you a sports lover or like to play sports regularly? Then, the Thule roof box could be perfect for you. Hence, most Thule boxes are designed explicitly with such a purpose. Sports amenities like skis, snowboards, etc., are adjusted in the Thule cargo box in a genuine way.

Putting sports equipment on top means they won’t stand against anybody inside the car. This is a considerable advantage indeed.

Keep the Suitcase Upward

Most of us think that suitcases stay at the last part of our boots. But, it’s wrong if you own a Thule roof box. Almost all the Thule boxes are specifically designed in a suitable way where you will feel that these boxes are made for suitcases.

The trunk will be free if you keep the suitcase on top of the box. As a result, you can effortlessly keep the rest of the stuff in there.

Make the Full Use of Holders

Thule roof boxes have separate holders, straps, and hooks. This is how you will be able to secure the items efficiently. On top of that, these straps and holders effectively enhance the box’s space.

Protect the Locking System

It’s crucial to protect your locking system competently. Otherwise, things could turn terrible. Besides, there’s a chance of flying the items inside the box rather than the box itself. It will surely be pathetic, isn’t it? So, you should pay heed to the box very carefully.

On the other hand, you should ensure that the locking elements are in a safe place. Always stay alert on these items before starting the journey. Hence, you should make sure that the belongings are resolutely locked up before leaving for travel.

Pack Things in Plastic

A superior roof box like Thule usually doesn’t face problems in rainy or snowy weather. They can effectively protect the belongings inside of them. Nevertheless, taking different measurements is always a good thing. For this reason, you can wrap some specific or sensitive items with plastic.

Get Help from Somebody

Thule roof boxes are sturdy and weighty. It’s hard to load it from a standing place on the ground to get the best output. So, what should you do? In such a scenario, it will be best to get help from somebody. The helper will stand on the ground in order to hand over the products and luggage.

On the other side, you will be standing on the backseat floor and organizing everything in a sophisticated way. Quite a team up! Isn’t it?!

How to Pack Thule Roof Boxes – Pros and Cons of Thule Cargo Box

Thule Sidekick

Just like everything else, Thule boxes have some advantages and disadvantages –


  • Thule boxes are broader and shorter. You can conveniently keep your sporting equipment such as skis, snowboards, tents, yoga mats, etc.
  • It is smooth and hassle-free to use.
  • These boxes provide a massive space to keep various products.
  • It is highly durable, long-lasting, and can keep a healthy status for a long time.
  • If you’re a sports lover, Thule is for you!
  • Many Thule boxes provide a lifetime warranty.


  • Thule boxes block the sunroof
  • It makes a more enormous impact on the gas mileage of the vehicle. As a result, the budget could get skyrocket
  • It is expensive and sometimes complicated to handle.

A Few Essential Points to Remember before Traveling with a Thule Roof Box

We are guessing that you’ve watched the “The Hangover” film the night before traveling and you’re inspired! It’s time to get ready, set, and go! Since you’ve loaded all the belongings in the Thule box efficiently, it’s safe to say that you’re more than ready to hit the highway.

Nevertheless, you still need to remember some vital points before traveling with the Thule roof box. Let’s see those points quickly –

Know the Vehicle’s Height

Once you set the roof box on the top of the vehicle, it will be challenging for you to get access to all the places. So, you should act smarter when you’re about to enter the garage, parking lot, or carports. Since Thule roof boxes are mostly taller, you could even face fines for that.

Hence, you have to be careful to avoid damaging your car. Otherwise, things could get gruesome for you.

Check the Weather Condition before Starting Journey

If you forget to pack your belongings in plastic, you could change your mind after smelling an adverse weather condition. Additionally, if you see the sign of a heavy storm or snowfall, it will be the best decision to move back and stay home rather than making an outing with the Thule box.

Although Thule is a highly expensive and superb product, there’s no need to make a bet.

Remember the Speed Limit

If we talk about the legal point of view, there’s no added speed limit from any government. However, a roof box can drag your car. For this reason, when you upward the speed limit, the drag could increase with speed. At one point, the speed limit could reach beyond the recommended by the government.

So, you should pay attention to this fact and don’t embarrass yourself by dragging yourself into the worst condition. Furthermore, a vehicle’s response to side wind is highly sensitive. Fuel consumption and cost also increase due to it. Remember these things before hitting the road with a roof box attached to the top of the car.

Check out the Overall Car Condition

Before hitting the street with a Thule rooftop cargo carrier, check out the car’s overall condition carefully. Thule is a sturdy box. So, the vehicle must be in tip-top shape to carry it. In addition, please don’t ignore the fact and remember it.

How to Pack the Thule Cargo Box – FAQs


How much weight does my Thule cargo box capable of carrying?

The capability of carrying the weight of your Thule box mostly depends on the maximum roof load of the car. Besides, the road capacity of the Thule roof box is around 45KG to 75KG. You should pack bulkier and lighter products when you are going to pack the box with your personal belongings.

Is it possible to use the Thule roof cargo box in my electric car?

Well, it mainly depends on the electric car itself. Some electric vehicles possess the space for rooftop carriers. On the other side, some cars don’t. You can use rear cargo carriers to solve this problem.

Final Words – The Last Ride!

Want to pay a visit to the sea or mountain hill? It’s up to you! But, ensure that the journey will be a beautiful and memorable one. To make it happen, a Thule box is necessary. As it is a superb and high-end rooftop cargo carrier, it could make your journey flexible by containing personal belongings.

Let’s enjoy the journey with Thule and share your experience with us. Have a fun and happy journey! Bye!