Are Roof Boxes Universal? Are Thule Roof Boxes Universal? (2023)

Roof boxes are not universally compatible due to variations in car roof designs, sizes, and attachment systems. It’s crucial to check specific compatibility guidelines from the roof box manufacturer for your vehicle model.

Also, Thule Roof Boxes are designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, but compatibility can vary based on factors like size and mounting system. It’s recommended to check Thule’s fit guide for specific details regarding your vehicle model.

Are All Roof Boxes Universal?

What’s the most sophisticated way to extract car storage space? Most people will surely say that it is none other than roof boxes. Hence, it is definitely the best choice for a big portion. It’s quite true too. The reason is it delivers safety, security, and weather-proof storage for all kinds of gear. But, the question is are roof boxes universal?

It’s indeed a tricky question. Yes, there are universal roof boxes are available on the market. But, they won’t be enough safe and secure. So, they could possess risk. Nevertheless, the Thule roof box isn’t universal. Will the Thule roof box fit any car? Hell, no! But, why? Well, we’ll find out!

Are Thule Roof Boxes Perfect for Any Car? Are Roof Boxes Universal?

Many people have a question in their mind – Is the premium Thule roof box is suited for any car in the world? The answer is “No”. They don’t manufacture roof boxes that could match all the cars. Besides, one universal Thule roof system is not made for all types of cars.

There are mainly four types of room boxes that exist. The different kind of vehicles has several fitment procedures.

1. Enhanced Roof Rails

The enhanced roof rails are generally blended on SUVs. Hence, the starting point of these rails incepts from the front to the back of the roof. The most elegant matter of that thing is that the manufacturing company will give you the facility to get fitted.

2. Sturdy Roof Rails

Nowadays, the sturdy roof rails are dominating. The reason is people feel more secure with it. Hence, modern estate cars mostly use such roof rails. In addition, there won’t be any gap between the roof and rail-like enhanced roof rails.

3. Roof Blocks for Vehicles With Fixed Points

By the way, what is the fixpoint? It is a place on the car roof specifically made for fastening a roof box. You’ll find four and another hideous type under a cap on the roof.

4. Roof Blocks Without Fixed Points

So, your car got no fixed points?! Hmm. In such a case, there will be a door pillar that works as the fixpoints. A doorpost can easily replace the fixpoints and be attachable to the roof boxes. Henceforth, the interior side of the door contains it. You need to adjust the clamps before closing the door.

The Reasons Thule Roof Boxes Aren’t Universal?

Thule Force XT

There are several reasons why the Thule roof box doesn’t fit every vehicle. The causes are –

Different Styles

These Thule roof boxes feature a wide variety of styles. For this reason, they can fill the various requirements of a variety of vehicles. It’s undeniable that diversified automobiles possess a different type of roof box attachment system.

So, it will be basically dangerous to produce universal roof boxes, especially for premium roof box manufacturers like Thule.

Different Factors

Why the Thule roof boxes aren’t universal? Ok. There are simply too many factors. Further, the model, roof size, roof box weight limits, etc. things are also behind the reason that a Thule roof box can’t be fully universal.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Roof Boxes

Are you seriously thinking to extract the space of your car’s backspace? Well. If this is the case, there’s no better thing than a roof box. It can immensely helpful in storing a wide variety of products. However, there’s practically no universal roof box available.

Are Roof Boxes Waterproof

As a result, you should take some factors into your consideration before buying a roof box. Now, we will try to provide you with some important insights to understand which roof box could be the most suitable for your vehicle. Let’s take a look –

1. Dimensions

It depends on how much storage you need. In whatever way, you can go for a rather long or short roof box. Longer boxes tend to adjust with the accessories like ski-boards, snowboards, etc.

Thule always offers better ski/snowboard-specific cargo boxes. Additionally, these boxes are long enough to fit any ski/board.

On the other hand, if you want to keep store jackets or gears in the box, it would be best to select a rooftop basket along with a cargo net.

2. Travel Length

The modern roof boxes are designed to open from only one side. Yes, it maintains the standard of the box. However, opening from both sides will give more flexibility. For instance, you’re on a ride on a busy road. If your roof box is opened from one side, it will be absolute harassment for you.

Further, you won’t be able to open it up from one side if any car or any other vehicle passes from that side. But, you won’t face such a hassle if you’re using a roof box that has the capability of opening from both sides.

Thule roof box comes with such an advantage. It has the facility of a dual-opening system.

3. Good-Looking

The top-quality cargo boxes generally look so elegant and eye-popping. On top of that, you’ll understand by yourself when you check the color or texture of the boxes. All the Thule’s models are ultra-modern and suave. Therefore, you will simply get attracted to them.

4. Load Capacity

Before purchasing a roof box, it will be a smart move to ensure the vehicle’s roof capability. Just a question – Will you choose a roof box that could break and make damage your car?! Hell, no! On top of that, everyone tries to find a roof box that could conveniently integrate with the vehicle.

Usually, most roof boxes can handle 100 pounds of load. Some roof boxes such as Thule can carry more than 100 pounds.

5. Price

Price is always been a significant thing when purchasing a roof box. The higher the price, the quality will be better. Since it is a high-end product, cheaper options aren’t recommended. Additionally, the cost of a Thule roof box could be around $200-$1000.

Their quality of them is literally unmatchable.



Is it possible to keep a Thule roof box all the time?

It doesn’t matter how expensive the roof box is, it will wear out eventually. So, you shouldn’t keep it in the vehicle when it is not in use.

What’s the holding capacity of a Thule box?

The load capacity of Thule roof boxes is usually 75kg/165lbs.


The Thule roof box is an aristocratic product. It could uplift the looks of your car while providing utter safety and security. Hence, it is the perfect mixture of design, style, and quality. This box also features a textured aero skin lid and an aerodynamic form for high durability.

However, one model of Thule box won’t type to any car in the world. It’s pretty much impossible to make. Yes, there are some brands that bring such boxes. But, you have to buy it knowing that they won’t bring quality. So, for maximum security and high-end quality, it’s better to purchase a box that will go with your vehicle.

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