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Nowadays, using a roof cargo box to increase a car’s storage space is the most famous way. Many manufacturers make different kinds of roof cargo boxes. And you can get those in different shapes and sizes and colors. So choosing the perfect roof box for you can be a little challenging.

If you have a little idea about roof boxes and are looking for the right roof cargo box, you must have heard about the Yakima SkyBox 18. Yakima SkyBox 18 is one of the most famous roof box options available on the market, and it is famous for some reason. Do you want to know what those are?

If you are interested in the Yakima SkyBox 18 and you want to know more about it. Then our article could be beneficial for you. Because in this article, you will find every detail about this roof cargo box, including why people like this roof box and how much you will be able to carry with it.

Yakima SkyBox 18 Overview

Before we go to find all the details about the Yakima SkyBox Pro 18, let’s have a look at the details of this roof cargo box:

  • The Yakima SkyBox 18 comes with 18 cubic feet (509 liters) of storage space.
  • The size dimensions of this box are 92″(l) x 16″(h) x 36″(w).
  • It weighs 23.59kg or 52lb. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Moreover, this box is very easy to install, and the installation process does not require any tool.

What makes the Yakima Skybox 18 so special?

Yakima Skybox 18 Pro

The Yakima Skybox 18 is an excellent and very famous roof cargo box. It can handle your stuff so well. Moreover, it can carry skis also. So in winter, if you want to ski with your skis, you don’t have to worry about enough storage space.

Yakima Skybox 18 comes with 18 cubic feet of storage space. So you will be able to carry eight pairs of skis and four snowboards with this roof box without having any problem.

In the warmer seasons, you can use it for family camping trips. You will be able to carry all of the camping equipment with this roof box. Moreover, you will be able to carry fishing rods also. So if you want, you can also go on fishing with this roof cargo box. And if you are not using it, you will be able to remove it from the roof of your car within a minute.

Ski boxes are small, they are harder to mount on the roof of your vehicle, and they do not secure your skis perfectly. Moreover, they make noise when you are driving. And the installation process is not so easy. So it is better to buy a roof cargo box instead of a ski box.

The Yakima Skybox 18 is bigger. So it comes with more storage space, and it is easier to mount. When you are driving with this roof box, it does not make so much noise—this roof box is designed aerodynamically so that the design can help you reduce fuel economy.

The design of the Yakima Skybox 18 is very attractive and sturdy. It comes with the “Endo-Skel lid technology” from Yakima. Because of this technology, it remains so quiet when you are driving with this box installed.

yakima skybox

This technology is very useful and effective. It makes the box three times stronger than previous Yakima roof cargo boxes. Also, it makes the opening and closing of this box very easy.

The width of this roof box is three feet. It comes with a dual-sided opening that makes it easier to get access to this box. And it happens because of the double-wishbone hinges on both sides of the roof box.

These wishbone hinges are loaded with springs that make it easier to get the lid’s grip in wet and cold conditions. You won’t face any difficulty opening the box, even if you are wearing gloves in winter.


A ski box generally takes several hours to get installed on the roof of your car. But with the modern rooftop cargo boxes, it only takes a few minutes to install them.

With the tool-free quick install mount of the Yakima Skybox 18, the installation process has become easier. What you have to do to install this roof box is:

  1. Carefully place your Skybox 18 on your roof rack. It will be better if you have another pair of hands to help you.
  2. Adjust the mounting hardware on the box so that the spacing fits your roof rack
  3. Release the box’s mounting hardware clamps
  4. Make minor adjustments to the pressure to optimize contact between your box and the roof rack.
  5. Pull down the levers.

This Installation will take nearly three minutes, and no extra tool is required. You will need just a pair of helping hands to mount it (at step 1) because this roof cargo box from Yakima weighs 52 pounds.

You can install the skybox on different kinds of factory crossbar car racks. If you have installed it once on the roof of your car, the fittings stay in place, so the second time when you go to install it on your roof rack, the installation takes less time than before.


Yakima SkyBox Pro 18

The design of the Yakima Skybox 18 does not make any problem in opening the door of the rear trunk of your car. It allows you to get full access to the trunk without being worried about damaging your car or the box.

Moreover, the Onyx version of the Yakima Skybox 18 comes with a UV and scuff-resistant finish. Because of this UV protection, this box’s shiny black exterior won’t get damaged by UV rays.

Social Responsibility

Yakima is producing a petroleum-based product, but they are also thinking about their carbon offset and recycling efforts. Moreover, they make their roof cargo boxes from recycled ABS plastic that is recycled up to 80%. They use ABS instead of fiberglass because ABS is lighter and cheaper than fiberglass. ABS is very strong, though.

The weight of a roof box is a very important point to consider. Because, with a lighter roof box, you will be able to carry more stuff without getting your roof box overweighted.


With this box’s locking system, there is no chance of forgetting your key inside the box. After closing the box, you have to engage all three latches so that the handle can flip to the closed position. After these, you will be able to remove the key.

Useful Info

Yakima SkyBox 18 comes with a lifetime warranty. It is available in four different sizes. They are 12, 16, 18, and 21 cubic feet in size. Moreover, it is available in four different color combinations matte black, polished titanium, shiny silver, and onyx.

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This roof box from Yakima comes with a sleek design. It also comes with a massive amount of storage space. A few days ago, Yakima boxes had a couple of reports of the key breaking off in the lock, but this one was very strong. This roof box is very good at handling delicate items such as soft luggage, sports gear, tents, and sleeping bags. Overall, this is a great roof box, and we recommend it for your next trip.

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Last Update : 2024-03-26

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