Yakima Rocketbox Pro 12, 14, 16 Review by Expert (2023)

Suppose you have loads of material to put into the box of your hatchback car while moving for a vacation tour or any excursion. In that case, you can facilitate your trunk’s capacity by buying a great rooftop load box. It will give you an extra accommodation area and make it relaxed for the passengers to experience the journey. You can take extra equipment such as ski pairs or snowboards. Then you will have more available space to sit with ease.

Though you can discover a wide variation of cargo boxes for buy in the market but to find the most suitable one, you will have to view some specific information like standard and design of the box, the dimensions of the box, regularity to use, adaptability with your vehicle and fit to all kinds of streets and wind states. All those points depend on the terms of the individual user.

At first, you have to discover how much additional space is required and select a perfect size. Then it would be best if you found that your selected roof box is suitable for any roof bar, and it’s easy to install on that because most users found difficulty installing the box on their car top. Besides these, many useful facilities need to present on your chosen cargo box that will increase your comfort level more.

RocketBox Cargo Box by Yakima satisfies these specifications because it may be used comfortably on little cars. Its aerodynamic shape decreased the necessity of moving it with its front installing tools. It’s ideal for hatchbacks, SUVs, and other little vehicles. The quick-dial installing tools given it establishes adaptability with every type of tiny Car. It’s strengthened by a bounded lifetime guarantee to confirm its performance and lessen your uncertainty of shopping for it.

Yakima RocketBox provides various sizes for users to have proper space for their requirements. In this article, you will get valuable information on Yakima RocketBoxs different cargo boxes features and specifications.

Yakima Rocketbox Pro 12 Review

Yakima Rocketbox Pro 12

In the past four decades, Yakima spent their energy, knowledge, investment, time, and ideas on a series of roof boxes to assist people’s free life from complex to simple. Roof boxes are a huge part of Yakima’s worldwide business. Their RocketBox Pro series provides the best performance and many benefits for the tour lover and campers. As we stated before, RocketBox pro brings different cargo boxes of different sizes. RocketBox Pro 12 is one of the most popular of this segment. Basically, it is perfect for small cars and for the people who regularly travel with limited extra baggage or equipment.

It comes with 12 cubic feet volume, which is not so large for taking much equipment. It is only 30 pounds in weight, and it has a width of 36 inches and 16 inches of height. You can take up to 165 pounds of weight, but the size of the equipment needs to be small because of its very low volume. Except this RocketBox Pro 12 has a lot of benefits that will amaze you.


  • Compatibility: it’s fitted with the Whispbar racks that Yakima provide with round and square bars and racks of various companies, but you may need to buy a bar individually.
  • Opening on both sides: you’ll be able to reach your equipment thanks to its both sides opening easily. It’s supplied with a button to pop open this load box to use this feature more efficiently.
  • Same Key System lock: RocketBox Pro 12 Cargo Box gives a simple-to-manage built-in central locking system on the Same Key System concept known as SKS, which helps you store the items protected.
  • Aerodynamic design: The aerodynamic form of this Yakima cargo box enables it to induce connection to the bar on the highest of your Car to create the inside of your Car more well-off and larger.
  • Recycled material: About 80% of this roof cargo box is created from reprocessed ABS plastic. Its levered and hinged handles hold its cover opening on its side for packing things simply.
  • Simple assembly: You wouldn’t have to use any extra devices to construct this cargo box thanks to the Rapid-fire assembly utilized in the RocketBox Pro 12 roof box, producing it simple to assemble on the highest of your vehicle bar.
  • Adaptable design: The outlining of this black-colored Yakima RocketBox is most handy because it can suit into a broad crossbar expanded further as a small crossbar covered with equal facility because of its level base.
YAKIMA - RocketBox Pro Compact Rooftop Cargo Box for Smaller Cars, 12 (adds 12 cubic ft. of storage)
  • Aerodynamic design to reduce drag with forward mounting hardware for improved hatch clearance making it great for small vehicles
  • Perfect for smaller cars, hatchbacks and SUVs; Hauls gear for up to 2 campers
  • Quick-dial mounting hardware fits Yakima round, square, factory and most aerodynamic bars
  • Love it 'Till You Leave It Limited Lifetime Warranty

Yakima Rocketbox Pro 14 Review

Yakima Rocketbox Pro 14

This Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 is another best option for Yakima lovers. It never disappoints its users very often; users take its benefits for a long time. RocketBox Pro 14 is ideal for taking up equipment and baggage for a camping trip or long road travels. It has some unique features that provide traveling with ease and comfort. Extra loads during the time of travel for camping create some problem of limited space on the back seats. This Pro 14 can help you get rid of this irritating situation and offer you an enjoyable journey with friends and family.

Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 has a volume of 14 cubic feet and weighs only 38 pounds. The width of this box is 33 inches, and the height of 16 inches. You can take up to the maximum limit of weight capability of roof bars that is 165 pounds. One of the benefits of this roof box is its fit with Yakima Whispbar racks, square, round, and other most factory bars. However, Yakima doesn’t provide any bars with the cargo box. If your vehicle doesn’t have any integrated bars, you have to buy a suitable roof rack to install the box on it. Besides this, many more features can make you buy this roof box as your first cargo box.


  • Installing: It offers Rapid-fire assembly of the Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 roof box is easy, and no extra tools are required. You just have to ensure that you have placed the box centered on the roof rack.
  • Aerodynamic Design: It has a bit of a bulbous appearance that does not seem particularly streamlined, but it offers a smooth and shiny finish on its surface. Moreover, the Aerodynamic box attaches to your Yakima car-top rack that is not included, so your Car inside remains conveniently roomy.
  • Accessibility: Both side-opening facilities make it easier to access the interior of the box. You can open the box with a push-button and have the most benefit from this box.
  • Security: Simple handling central locking system, and it comes with pre-built Same Key System lock provides maximum security of your equipment inside your vehicle.
  • Construction: This box is built with 80% reused ABS plastic material. There is also a connected levered arm that helps the side opening cover for swift packing.
Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 Cubic Foot Rooftop Compact Cargo Carrier Box with Dual-Sided Opening and SKS...
  • Spacious 14 cubic feet of cargo space offered by this vehicle roof carrier box ensures that you can comfortably carry all your gear and essentials for your journey
  • Features a push button security to ensure your lid is secure to the base keeping all the gear safe while traveling with SKS locks included for added safety
  • Dual-sided opening design offers easy access to your gear from either side of your vehicle providing an extra level of convenience during your travels
  • Universal mounting hardware fits all Yakima SteamLine crossbars and factory or aerodynamic crossbars with a tool-free installation, making removal from the vehicle easy with no assembly required
  • Accommodates gear for up to 3 travelers, capable of holding snowboards and skis up to 170 centimeters; Dimensions measure 74 Inch in length, 33 Inch in wide, and 16 Inch in height
Yakima Rocketbox Pro

Yakima Rocketbox 16 Review

Yakima Rocketbox 16

Now it’s time to look at the Yakima RocketBox 16, which is the most popular roof box in this segment. The RocketBox 16 provides smooth, aerodynamic styling that reduces wind sound and helps to keep the beardown. The roof boxes are excellent thanks to attaching extra cabinet space to your vehicle and are ideal for light baggage like duffel bags.

The RocketBox chips are totally assembled and available for quick installation. You can open The RocketBox from the passenger side. Its locking feature is great, the Yakima SKS locking system. The SKS locks are interchangeable so that you’ll be able to suit all of your locks on all of your Yakima products. The lock on the RocketBox also stops the key from being discharged, except the box is secured accurately. This is often done to make sure that you are not accidentally locked the keys inside the box.

The straps on the RocketBox are spring-assisted to help make the cover more comfortable to open. Inside the box, you may see the controls for regulating the clasps beneath. The red color knob opens and closes the clamp, and the shorter black knob releases the clamp arrangement and lets it glide forward the path to provide various crossbar spreads.

It has more weight than other Yakima Rocket Box roof boxes. It’s weighing 57 pounds because it offers more space than others. Its space volume is 16 cubic feet, and it has a width of 27 inches and a height of 20 inches. You can take up to 165 pounds of weight on this box which is enough for a minimum of three or more people’s equipment.


  • Locking System: The RocketBox 16 offers a central locking system; it continues from Yakima’s classic segment.
  • Security: It provides great security with one lock, and three latch points help with greater security.
  • Installation: A unique hardware named Rapid-fire helps to install, and there are no extra tools required. U-bolts, mounting plates, and nuts are provided with the box.
  • Durability: The box is made with UV-resistant, high-impact ABS plastic elements. That’s why it offers a strong shell that protects the inner commodities from dangerous weather.
Yakima RocketBox 16 Rooftop Cargo Box
  • Rooftop cargo box with 16 cubic feet of storage space
  • Ideal for skis, paddles, snowboards, camping gear, and more
  • Fits on round, square, and most factory vehicle crossbars
  • Includes quick-installation hardware and SKS locks
  • Measures 92 x 16 x 26 inches (W x H x D); lifetime warranty


Yakima normally provides the average roof box for the tour lover to have some extra space. Yakima RocketBox provides the best roof boxes with an excellent look and gives an amazing experience on long journeys. You don’t have to bother about its design and performance. Many users considered it the best for its design and smooth surface.

There is only one negative side you can look for their durability in some models. But some models recover this problem and give service for many years. You can buy Yakima’s roof boxes at an affordable price which is lower than other roof boxes on the market. That’s why it is negotiable to have some little problem in durability. Overall, you must check out these load boxes, and we hope you won’t be dissatisfied.

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