Why Are Roof Boxes So Expensive? In-Depth Look (2023)

You are talking about roof boxes but you’re skipping the Thule box? How dare you! Complete madness in the whole multiverse! There are so many roof boxes available on the market. But, Thule’s boxes are the most expensive. Nevertheless, other roof boxes are also high-priced.

Many people wonder if roof boxes aren’t a necessary item for a car. But, why they’re so costly? Yes, there are some obvious reasons. Honestly, the specs are the determining factor for a roof box. Besides, other factors like materials, engineering, features, etc., also impact designing the price.

So, are you wondering why roof boxes are so expensive? Take an in-depth look at our article –

Why Are Roof Boxes So Expensive?

Do you have a plan to go on a long road trip? Thule is always the best option. However, other boxes are also good. Most roof boxes are expensive. But, we can’t make a judgment on it! If you have ideas about Thule’s roof boxes, you’ll know that the price range varies.

For most high-class roof boxes, including Thule, the range could be between $300 to $1500. Now, we’ll discuss why roof boxes are so expensive. Let’s take a look –

1. Materials

The design of a roof box is crucial. On top of that, manufacturing companies spend lots of money on the high-quality components of the boxes. For higher durability, the roof boxes should be stiff and sturdy. Otherwise, they could deteriorate soon.

Still, wonder why roof boxes are so expensive. Now, pull your ears to listen to the name of the elements that build a roof box. The principal ingredients are aluminum and steel. Yes, they are! This is why the price of roof boxes is so costly. Henceforth, these modifications are not easy and that’s the main reason behind the sky-rocket cost of a roof box.

2. Durability

Its high durability is another element that keeps a roof box’s sky-rocket price. We all know that materials such as steel or light aluminum are long-lasting. Besides, most roof boxes, including Thule, provide a comprehensive warranty. Some roof boxes even offer lifetime guarantees.

3. Aerodynamics

It’s no secret that the roof boxes are exposed to heavy wind. Therefore, a concrete aerodynamic design is needed to stand against wind pressure. Otherwise, there’s a big possibility wind could push in the box and insert added weight into it.

As a result, things could go wrong entirely. But, when you’re using a special roof box, it won’t be affected by wind or any other natural elements. For this reason, the aerodynamics of a box is so essential. And, this is one of the best reasons the price of a roof box is sky-high.

4. Weight Management

The contact points of the car should equally be distributed. There will be no highly loaded area or blank space. Each part should carry equal weight. Otherwise, the roof side of the vehicle could get vandalized. So, to avoid any substantial damage, you’ve to distribute weight evenly.

5. Ability to Access

You can access the roof boxes from both sides. It would help if you opened the box on a highway road. Additionally, you will have to decide where you should open it to avoid any severe accident. This is a significant advantage and one of the reasons why roof boxes are so valuable.

6. Customer Service

Most roof box manufacturing companies provide superb customer service. Significantly, the customer service of Thule is undoubtedly outstanding. Apart from it, other companies are very good at it. Hence, this dramatically impacts the pricing of a roof box.

7. Lighting

Roof boxes come with interior lighting on them. As a result, you won’t face any hassle while exploring it in the deep dark. The Interior lighting system influences the overall price of this product.

8. Warranty

Most top-notch roof box companies supply long-term warranties. That’s another reason behind its high value.

Benefits of Using a Roof Box

Roof Box or Roof Bag

There are various benefits of roof boxes. Want to know about these? Let’s check them below –

Safety Issue

If you’re worried about your personal belongings’ safety and security issues, then purchase a hard-shelled roof box. They are equipped with a superior locking mechanism. As a result, your accessories will be unharmed and stay intact. There will be no tension about theft. So, you can roam around anywhere without being tense.

Perfect for Sporting Tasks

Most sports lovers use roof boxes due to it. If you check the box carefully, you could see that roof boxes are labeled with hard-shelled boxes that show how many skis or snowboards it can behold. Furthermore, they can also carry fishing equipment, baseball bats, golf clubs, etc.

This is unambiguously a great matter of joy for regular sportspeople. They can take this sporting equipment without causing harm to their vehicles as well as those kits.

Provides Extra Space

Everyone tries to get an added space in the vehicle and roof boxes are the answer. This is astonishing as you can distribute the overall weight evenly. So, there will be no more pressure on the car’s trunk.

Protects Car’s Interior Design

If your car doesn’t have a roof box, it’s pretty much clear that you’ll have to carry larger appliances into the vehicle. Therefore, your car’s interior can get poorly damaged. But, with the roof box, you can easily avoid such a situation and keep the interior parts of the vehicle safe.



Is it possible to fit a suitcase in the roof box?

Yes, it’s possible. But, you have to consider the size of the box too. If it is long and has enough space, then there will be no problem.

Do the looks of the box matter?

If you love aristocracy, it will matter. The roof box’s good looks will enhance the car’s overall avatar.

Wrap Up

So, after a lengthy discussion, we can surmise that you’ve earned adequate information on why roof boxes are so expensive. Now, it’s up to you whether you’ll go for it or not. Before purchasing one, consider what roof box can match your budget and demand.

But, don’t go for a cheaper one. Buy an excellent box at a reasonable price. It will serve for many years and you’ll definitely be happy!

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