What Are Roof Boxes Used For? (2023)

Roof boxes are primarily used for expanding a vehicle’s storage capacity, providing a secure and weather-resistant solution for carrying extra luggage, sports equipment, or other items on the roof of a car. These boxes are commonly used during road trips, vacations, and outdoor activities to free up interior space and enhance travel convenience.

What Are Roof Boxes Used For?

If you need enough storage space to store all your items securely so that your family can sit comfortably inside your car while you are going on a trip, you can consider buying a roof cargo box. A cargo box can provide you with a lot of storage space.

You can find and install a compatible roof cargo box on top of your car. These boxes will provide you with enough storage space to store your belongings while also providing water security and protection to all the items inside the cargo carrier. You can easily find a cargo carrier with the shape and design you really need. And these cargo carriers can easily accommodate anything, including any sports gear, without any problem.

While packing the cargo carrier, you have to be careful because if you overload the cargo carrier, your cargo carrier can get damaged. If you use a roof cargo box, you will be able to check the rear-view mirror without any problem while driving, and you will be able to keep any important items in the trunk of your car so that you can access them while on the way.

You will not be able to rearrange your cargo at every stoppage. So you have to decide which things are important to you and keep them in the trunk so that you do not face any problems in accessing them while you are on the trip.

What Are Roof Boxes Used For?

Roof boxes used for Carrying:

  • Camping Equipment
  • Fishing Gear
  • Suitcases and Bags
  • Skis & Snowboards
  • Golf Clubs and Equipment
  • And much more…

Size and Shape

At first, you have to consider the shape and size of the cargo box. If you have a bigger family or you have a lot of items to carry, then you should buy a bigger roof box so that you can store all your items in it without any problem. But if you just need a little bit more storage space, then you should go for a short roof box. Short cargo boxes will cost you less than a bigger one.

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An average-sized roof cargo box comes with 300 to 450 liters of storage space. This amount is great for carrying items of two people. If you need more storage space, you can find larger roof boxes with 500 liters of storage space. These cargo boxes are suitable for larger vehicles.

With a short roof cargo box, you will be able to pack things for a weekend at the cabin or for carrying golf equipment, but if you want to carry something big as a set of skis or snowboard, then you will need to buy a longer roof box. If you are a cycling lover and you want to carry a mountain bike or two on the roof, you may still be able to install a long, lean roof box that only takes up a part of the roof space.

After determining what shape and size will be the best for your requirements, you will have lots of alternatives regarding the structure and aerodynamics.


Most maximum hard roof cargo boxes are made out of either sturdy plastic or fiberglass, and some of them even have metal reinforcements. You can choose the color of the cargo box whether you would like a glossy or matte finish. The only concern other than the individual decision is that cargo boxes with a glossy finish are a little bit easier to clean.

You won’t have to do much to save the color of a roof box because most of them are made to be resistant to little scratches and protect from damaging UV rays.

Roof cargo boxes require a roof rack to get installed on top of your car. There is a roof box style out there that will fit nearly every type of roof rack.


You might be concerned about the security of your items inside the cargo carrier. So you might ask, are car roof boxes secure from theft?

Roof Box Security

You will be happy to know that roof cargo boxes usually come with a locking mechanism. Some of them come with a padlock system, and others come with a built-in lock with a key or combination so that you can lock the cargo box when you are done with packing, and no one without the right key will be able to open the cargo box.

Moreover, it is not easy to steal the whole roof box from the roof of your car. The cargo box will stay attached to the roof rack of your car. Some roof boxes use U-shaped bolts to get attached to the roof of your car, and the screws that secure the box are usually located inside the box. So there is nothing to worry about.

Some roof boxes come with power click mounts which are actually built-in gripper claws that attach to the bars of your roof rack. In whatever way you want to secure the roof box, it will be locked to your vehicle; that’s why it will be very difficult to remove by anyone without having access.


Roof cargo boxes are designed to provide convenience. When you are planning for a trip, you have to think about the storage space. Most roof boxes are very easy and quick to install. And you will be able to load and unload things easily.

Roof boxes that provide both side openings are very easy to load and unload. If your cargo carrier is locked and secured correctly, you do not have to worry about anything getting damaged. Your items will remain safe inside the cargo carrier while you are driving through any extreme weather.

Aerodynamic roof cargo boxes are great for reducing drag and noise so that you can get more gas mileage. Waterproof roof boxes will keep all your items safe and dry inside them.

Roof Box or Roof Bag


If you often go on a trip with or without your family, buying a roof cargo box will really be a great investment for you. They usually come with a durable design, and they can last for many years if you carefully use them. If you are worried about your limited budget, you will easily find roof boxes available in every budget.

The price of the roof box is depended on the build quality of the roof cargo box. The better the quality is, the more price it will cost. Less durable oof boxes are not that bad also, but you might face vibration and road noise.

If you want to buy a roof cargo box, you will be able to get the smallest sizes for around £120, and the price will increase according to the size and the build quality. You will need to pay £800 or more for larger boxes with premium design and construction. Moreover, if your vehicle does not already have a roof rack installed, then you will need to buy one.

After reading till here, you might feel confident to start shopping for the best roof cargo box for you. At first, you have to determine the shape and size of the box. For that, you have to consider the size of your car and what type of things you want to carry with the cargo box.

Some useful features rise to the top as favorites of car roof cargo carriers users. The aerodynamic designs work great to give you good gas mileage and less drag and noise. Cargo carriers with Power click mounts are usually great for designs, and they are very quick and easy to install.

Most people like the dual access panels in place of the single-hinged or rear-loading cargo boxes because those are very easy to load and unload. These cargo boxes provide you with enough storage space for all your cargo and will make road trips more comfortable.

Whether you are looking for a cargo carrier to carry your skis while winter or you are a marathon road tripper, You will always be able to find a solution for yourself.

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