VelociRAX vs. Lolo Bike Racks – Choosing the Perfect Bike Rack (2023)

VelociRAX and Lolo Bike Racks are both popular options for bike transportation, each with its own unique features. VelociRAX offers a sturdy hitch-mounted design suitable for various bike types, while Lolo Bike Racks emphasizes lightweight and compact options for easy storage. The choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

VelociRAX vs. Lolo Bike Racks

In the world of bike racks, two popular brands stand out: VelociRAX and Lolo. Both offer unique features and advantages, making it essential to understand their key differences before making a purchasing decision. VelociRAX is known for its robust construction, accommodating multiple bikes with ease, while Lolo focuses on lightweight design and versatility.

When it comes to durability, VelociRAX takes the lead with its sturdy build, ideal for heavy-duty use. On the other hand, Lolo shines in portability, making it a convenient choice for frequent travelers. Choosing between VelociRAX and Lolo depends on your specific needs, whether you prioritize strength or ease of transport. Consider factors such as bike capacity, weight limitations, and installation requirements to find the perfect bike rack for your adventures.

Do you want to take a couple of bike racks on a long-distance traveling? Then, you should pick a bike rack that can ideally take the fleet of bikes. There are two bike racks currently ruling the market. They are – Lolo bike racks and VelociRAX. But which one you should pick? If you ask me between these two options, I’ll go for VelociRAX.

However, Lolo bike racks are also superb. The truth is both are good in their own ways. In this article, I’ll discuss thoroughly about these two bike racks. So, keep reading until the last to learn which will be the best between VelociRAX vs. Lolo bike racks. Here we go –

Lolo Rack vs. VelociRAX – A Brief Comparison Between These Two Racks

Both Lolo Rack and Velocirax are hitch-mounted bike racks designed to transfer bikes conveniently. Both are incredibly secure to carry a fleet of bikes. But there are still differences between them.

Before discussing this thoroughly, we should check a comparison table between the Lolo Rack vs. Velocirax –

Product FeatureLolo RackVelociRAX
DesignHitch-mounted bike rackHitch-mounted bike rack
Capacity4 and 6 bikes3-7 bikes
MaterialAluminum base Tough bungee straps Angles hinge Red LED light barHigh-quality steel Anti-rattle wedge
WeightLightweight and compactHeavier and weighty
SecurityIntegrated locking mechanismThe locking mechanism varies by model
PriceAround $810-$930Around $699-$750

Note – This is a general comparison. Things can change according to the models and extra product specs.

Now, I’ll start an in-detail discussion on Lolo Racks vs. VelociRAX. Here we go –

Lolo Bike Racks

Lolo Bike Racks

Lolo Rack is a rider-owned and built company. It was formed in Oregon, Portland, USA. It can effortlessly convey mountains, roads, or kids’ bikes. Besides, it is a vertical-style bike rack and works perfectly with SUVs, vans, trucks, etc.

Here are the main features of Lolo Racks

Design Uniqueness

The Lolo Rack utilizes a wheel-mounted system. It securely holds the bikes by wheels. Hence, there’s no chance of any frame contact. The aluminum base can ensure that your bike will be safely positioned. Further, you’ll be able to switch between the four-style and the six in this rack.

All you need to include border cross bars and added hooks to get this advantage. Consequently, it has a red LED light system under the wheels. For this reason, you won’t face any problems while driving in the darkest night. The design is definitely out-worldly and unique, isn’t it?


These racks are coherent with all wheel sizes. You can conveniently transport even the smallest bikes in Lolo bike racks. Consequently, outdoor enthusiasts are incredibly fond of these bikes since they can convey a wide range of bikes, such as mountain and road bikes.

Loading Style

The loading and unloading of bikes are pretty effortless with Lolo racks. The wheel-mounted system provides a swift loading and unloading of the bike fleet. Besides, you don’t need any extra adjustments for these tasks.


Lolo racks are lightweight and flexible. The six-bike model is only 74 pounds. On the other hand, the 4-bike model is 60 pounds. This magnificent bike rack is capable of conveying around 250 lbs of racks.


I guess I’ve already answered in the previous section. Lolo racks are capable of holding 4 or 6 bikes.


The Lolo rack includes locking mechanisms that secure both the bike to the rack and the rack to the vehicle. So you can ensure that there won’t be any accident will happen.


The Lolo bike racks gonna cost you around $810-$930. It will depend on whether you will purchase 4 or 6 bike racks.

VelociRAX Bike Racks

VelociRAX Bike Racks

VelociRAX is also a hitch-mounted rack. It can conveniently carry up to 7 bikes without a problem. Additionally, it is a highly popular choice among cyclists due to its sturdy construction and simplicity. Let’s check some of its best features –

Sturdy Design

VelociRAX is made of high-quality and sturdy steel material. As a result, it can easily handle rough terrain and any type of adverse outdoor conditions. It also contains a highly advanced feature named anti-rattle wedge. This feature significantly helps in reducing vibration.


VelociRAX has standard baskets that suit wheels ranging from 25 to 29 inches and 3.1 inches wide. It can be effortlessly folded down. Besides, it also assists in storing the bikes conveniently and navigating perfectly, even in tight spaces.

Loading Style

The VelociRAX can accommodate multiple bikes simultaneously. Therefore, it is a good choice if you’re up to make a family outings. Since installation is a bit easier, you can quickly mount it to a car’s hitch receiver.


So, you’re looking forward to making a trip to the Alps with your wife, kids, cousins, and parents? Good! It’s assumable that you need a large number of bikes. In that case, you can use VelociRAX. It can carry around six bikes or more without a hassle.

Since it is foldable and can carry up to 7 bikes, it’s a good choice if you hang around with several people.


I’ve already told you that VelociRAX is heavier than its counterpart. Each bike slot can convey around 55 lbs.


To provide added security, VelociRAX offers a built-in cable lock to give the highest protection to your rack.


The price of the VelociRAX is around $699-$750. It will depend on what type of racks you want to purchase.

So, Which One Should You Pick Between VelociRAX vs. Lolo Rack?

So, which one should you pick between, Lolo Rack vs. VelociRAX? Both racks are suitable in their own ways. Lolo racks are lightweight, highly secured, stylishly designed, and compatible with all wheel sizes.

On the other side, VelociRAX is robust, capable of taking more bikes, highly sophisticated, and less priced. It’s a bit difficult to choose between one of them. But my pick is VelociRAX. I think it is more versatile, durable, and convenient for loading. Nevertheless, the ultimate choice is yours.

Read all their features thoroughly and decide which one could be perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


Where is the origin place of Lolo racks?

Lolo Racks is a rider-owned and built company. This company is located in Oregon, Portland, USA. Besides, it is owned by Joseph Oshman.

Where is VelociRAX made?

The products are manufactured in China. However, the head office is located in Utah, USA.

What is the installation process for VelociRAX and Lolo Bike Racks?

Both VelociRAX and Lolo Bike Racks require some level of installation. VelociRAX typically requires attaching the rack to a hitch receiver. Elsewhere, Lolo offers both hitch and roof mounting options. It requires assembly and securing the vehicle.

How secure are VelociRAX and Lolo Bike Racks?

Both brands prioritize bike security. They typically incorporate features such as locking mechanisms or integrated cable locks to help deter theft and keep the bikes securely in place during transportation.


Choosing the right bike between VelociRAX vs. Lolo racks is pretty much complicated. But I’ve tried my best to make things easier for you. Both the Lolo Rack and the VelociRAX offer unique features and benefits. You should evaluate thoroughly and determine which will be the best for you.

By carefully evaluating every option, you can select the best one for you. You’ve everything – the features, comparisons, and benefits. So, think thoroughly and choose the right one for you. Good luck!

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