Velocirax vs. Alta rack – Which One You Should Pick?

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Velocirax vs. Alta Rack

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and love to go on adventures with your bikes, you must acquire a dependable and secure bike rack. There are so many bike racks available on the market. Among them, the two most popular options are – Velocirax and Alta Rack.

Both offer unique features and superior services. However, between Velocirax vs. Alta Rack – which one should you pick? It’s a pretty tricky question. Hence, you need to take some critical considerations before making a final move.

In this article, I’ll thoroughly discuss the critical differences between Velocirax and Alta Rack. Let’s start the discussion –

Velocirax Review

Velocirax Review

If you want to get the best way to transport your bikes, Velocirax might be the answer. With Velocirax, your car will look astonishing when rolling around on the street. The Velocirax can conveniently carry almost 7-8 bikes without a problem.

Two friends from Ontario and I have tested Velocirax a few times in this year. For instance, we have put various bikes, including Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 Step-Through Bike, Pace 500.2 Ebike on Velocirax rack.

It gave us an extraordinary feeling. The design, protection, and bike-carrying capability – everything is smooth and perfect.

Whether the array of the mountain, folding, hybrid, road bikes, or a mixture of them, the Velocirax rack passed all the tests successfully.

But there’s a condition for that. The weight of the bikes must be under 230 lbs. It is the highest weight capacity for a Velocirax rack. Consequently, the superb performance ofVelocirax rack just amazed us. The durability, performance, viability – everything is up to the mark.

Here’s an overall view ofVelocirax –

  VelociRAX Overall Review at a Glance  
  Ratings  Superior
  Price    $699 – $1000
Capacity3 – 7 bikes
Weight Capacity230 lbs

Alta Rack Review

Alta Rack Review

Alta Rack is a renowned rack manufacturing company that produces high-quality bike racks and accessories. These well-built bike racks have a wide range of adaptability and are designed to provide sophisticated bicycle transportation.

Alta is regarded as the jack of all trades in the bike arena. It can effectively hold any size and shape of the bike on any type of car with a Class III hitch, including large motor vehicles. 

I’ve also tested the Alta rack by putting a wide range of bikes on it while traveling to my cousin’s home in Montreal. My cousin is a vivid Alta rack user, which helped me so much to test the rack. The most crucial thing I found in the Alta rack is its unique features which are usually rare in other vertical racks.

For instance, it offers extreme versatility in its product range. They offer a variety of rack configurations to fit in with different types of bikes, including road, mountain, and electric bikes.

Further, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going to transport single or multiple racks; Alta racks supply various options, such as roof racks, hitch-mounted racks, and tray-style racks to suit different types of needs and vehicle types.

You’ll also get various gear, like a mobile floor stand, winter kit, gear hanger, etc., with it.

Overall, Alta racks are highly popular for their durable construction, user-friendly design, versatility, and safety.

  Alta Rack Overall Review at a Glance  
  Ratings  Exclusive
  Price    $850 – $1750
Capacity1 – 7 bikes
Weight Capacity350lbs

Differences Between VelociRAX vs. Alta Rack

There are lots of vertical bike racks available on the market. However, Velocirax and Alta’s racks are remarkably similar to vertical racks. On the other hand, both are extremely popular. Yes, there are vast similarities between them.

But there are also some significant differences. Let’s check out the difference between Velocirax and Alta Rack. Here we go –

Design and Construction of Velocirax

Design and Construction

Velocirax and Alta racks have differences in design and construction. Its roof-mounted design fulfills the space on the vehicle’s top. Contrariwise, the Alta Rack is a hitch-mounted rack that attaches to the vehicle’s rear. The Velocirax is made of lightweight aluminum.

It provides sheer strength and durability. Elsewhere, the Alta Rack is constructed with sturdy steel. Thus, it ensures stability and load capacity.

Load Capacity and Versatility

When it comes to load capacity, both racks have their advantages. Velocirax offers models with various conveying capabilities. It ranges from two to seven bikes. Hence, you can transport multiple bikes at once. Velocirax can carry different types of bikes with added security.

On the other hand, Alta Rack focuses on fitting two bikes with its standard configuration. However, Alta Rack offers modular add-ons that allow you to expand its capacity, making it more versatile in the long run. If you can extend the Alta rack ideally, you can easily convey 7 or 8 bikes.

Ease of Use and Installation of Velocirax

Ease of Use and Installation

Ease of use and installation is an essential factor to consider. Everyone wants that the bike rack should be user-friendly and easy to use. Velocirax is known for its simple installation process. Hence, it attaches securely to your vehicle’s roof rails. You won’t need more than five minutes to install it.

Additionally, loading and unloading bikes may require some lifting. But Velocirax provides an easy-to-use mechanism to secure your bikes in place.

Alta Rack, being a hitch-mounted rack, offers a hassle-free installation onto your vehicle’s hitch receiver. Loading bikes on the Alta Rack is generally more straightforward and more accessible since it is at waist height.

Safety and Security

If you’re a bike lover, it’s easy to surmise that you’ll try your best to protect your bikes. For a biker, the safety and security of the bike is the foremost thing.

Velocirax comes equipped with integrated locks to secure your bikes to the rack. For this reason, you can feel protected when taking the bike on the street.

Contrariwise, Alta Rack offers a locking hitch pin to prevent theft. Both Velocirax and Alta racks are capable of protecting your bikes from scratches and damage during the transition period. Velocirax uses rubber-coated cradles and straps to safeguard the bikes.

On the other hand, Alta Rack utilizes adjustable padded arms to secure and safeguard your bikes.


Before deciding on a bike rack, consider the compatibility with your vehicle. Velocirax requires a vehicle with existing roof rails or crossbars for installation. If your vehicle does not have them, you may need to purchase extra gear.

Elsewhere, Alta Rack depends on a hitch receiver. It is more common in vehicles. Hence, you must make sure that your vehicle has the perfect hitch size and weight capacity to harbor the Alta Rack.

Bike Spacing of Velocirax

Bike Spacing

The Alta rack’s tire baskets can effortlessly move the left or right part without too much effort. As a result, they can easily adjust the spacing between bikes. It’s undoubtedly one of the best features of a bike rack.

Nevertheless, when we make a test between the Alta-6 and the Velocirax 6, we found that loading the bikes is pretty effortless in Velocirax due to extra spacing than its counterpart.

Why Should You Choose Velocirax?

Why Should You Choose Velocirax

There are some obvious reasons to pick the Velocirax bike rack –

Bike Capacity

The Velocirax can convey up to 7 bikes. But Alta’s standard version can carry around 2 bikes. You must upgrade the fine line to fit more bikes into Alta racks. It is a bit costly.

Damper System

The damper system can systematically lower the rack when it is full of capacity.

Bike Protection

Velociraax racks usually have various security features, including adjustable straps, padded cradles, or anti-sway mechanisms. As a result, these racks can successfully resist bikes from colliding or falling off during transport.


Velocirax racks are well-known for their lightweight and highly robust construction. They are made of aluminum material. For this reason, they’re incredibly durable and long-lasting. They’re protected from corrosion, rust, and other residues.

Compact and Foldable Design

Most Velocirax models are designed to be compact and foldable when not in use. Therefore, you can store it in the garage or trunk effortlessly since it doesn’t take up much space.

Optional Light Bar

Velocirax’s light bar provides adequate visibility to your car when the rack is fully loaded. So the driver won’t feel a hassle at all.


It’s one of the foremost considerations to use a Velocirax rack. They’re much more affordable in terms of price than their counterpart. For instance, my Velocirax 6 cost me $849. On the other hand, Alta rack 6’s price is around $1,185.

It was another reason for me to go for Velocirax. There’s a sheer price difference.

Why Should You Choose Alta Rack?

Why Should You Choose Alta Rack

Now, please check why you should go after the Alta rack. Here we go –

Vertical Clearance

The Alta Rack offers three height settings for its top crossbar. Hence, it allows for adjustments of up to 6 inches. This flexibility eliminates the need for an adapter when using the rack on high-hitch vehicles.

In comparison, the Velocirax requires an optional adapter to lower the rack by 4 inches in such cases.

Innovative Design

Alta racks are designed with innovative features to enhance functionality and ease of use. These may include quick-release mechanisms, tool-free installation, adjustable cradles, anti-sway technology, or integrated locks for extra security.

These features make loading and unloading bikes more convenient and provide peace of mind during traveling to the destination.

Versatility and Compatibility

Alta Racks offers various models compatible with different vehicle types, including sedans, SUVs, trucks, and RVs. They also provide various mounting options, such as hitch-mounted or roof-mounted racks. Henceforth, it allows you to choose the option that best suits your vehicle and biking purpose.

Good Height Weight

The highest height weight capacity of the Alta rack is 350 lbs. It’s a great capacity. For this reason, you can keep the e-bikes without a problem.

Multiple Options

Alta offers various rack models to fit a variety of bike sizes and quantities. If you want to carry single, double, or several bikes, you can easily do it by meeting some exact requirements in Alta racks.

Superior Product

Alta is a highly sophisticated brand and its reputation is worldwide. The whole product is made in the USA. It’s one of the biggest reasons it is so costly.


What are the main differences between Velocirax and Alta rack?

Yes, both Velocirax and Alta racks offer bike-carrying facilities. But still, there are some differences between them. The specific differences mainly depend on the models you compare.
In addition, it’s essential to evaluate factors such as the rack’s compatibility with your vehicle, weight capacity, ease of use, security features, and overall quality.

Which one should I pick, Velocirax or Alta rack?

Which one do you want to pick? It depends on you. Your personal choices, budget, and requirements will speak for you. Additionally, before selecting a model, make a comparison between specific models. See what types of service you want. Then, consider your budget. After calculating such things, make a proper decision.

Final Speech

Selecting the right one between Velocirax vs. Alta rack depends on you. If you want a lightweight, durable, easy-to-use, and affordable option like me, you can go after the Velocirax rack.

Elsewhere, if you want a more robust, visual aesthetic, and a versatile hitch-mounted rack that offers expandability, the Alta rack is the best option for you.

I’ve given you almost all the necessary info regarding both racks to make it easier. Now, it’s up to you which one you will prefer. The ball is in your court. You can comment in the box below if you still need to know something.

Thanks for reading!

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