Can You Use A Tonneau Cover With A Backrack?

Yes, you can use a tonneau cover with a Backrack. Many tonneau covers are designed to be compatible with truck accessories like Backracks, ensuring you can enjoy both added cargo security and the utility of a Backrack on your truck bed.

Tonneau Cover with Backrack Tips & Tricks

Tonneau covers and backracks are extremely popular among truck owners, particularly pickup trucks. Many truck owners love to turn their trucks into fully functional work vehicles, and they often need to carry various tools and equipment in the truck bed. Additionally, they may need to transport cargo inside the bed.

The question is, how can they do it? The best way is to use a tonneau cover. However, many truck owners wonder if they can simultaneously use a tonneau cover and backrack.

The answer is yes, it is possible, but it’s essential to understand that not all tonneau covers are compatible with all backracks. Most covers are designed to work with specific backracks, while some are universal.

In this article, I will discuss this topic thoroughly. Keep reading to learn more.

Can You Use A Tonneau Cover With A Backrack?

Most truck owners who want to use the truck extensively for work use a tonneau cover and a backrack. But is it possible? Well, I’ve already answered this question. But how do you attach a bike rack to a tonneau cover?

In this case, you can use an adapter. An adapter can make a connection on both gears without a hassle. Let’s check some of the best Tonneau cover brands you can use with a backrack –

Tonneau CoverTruck Rack
Gator Truck Bed Tonneau CoverYakima OverHaul HD Tonneau Set
MaxMate Soft RollUp Truck Bed Tonneau CoverStark Universal Truck Rack
Tonno Pro Truck Bed Tonneau CoverApex UPUT-RACK-V2 Universal Steel Over-Cab Truck Rack
TruXedo Truxport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau CoverHauler II Universal Heavy Duty Aluminum Truck Rack

Before purchasing a tonneau cover and a backrack, you must research to ensure they are compatible. Additionally, you should consider the type of tonneau cover you want to use along with the type of backrack.

Generally, there are two types of backracks: hard and soft. Hardcovers are made of sturdy materials like aluminum and hard steel, while soft covers are made of canvas and vinyl. Hard covers are typically more expensive but provide added protection for your cargo.

There are different types of backracks are also available on the market. Some backracks are designed to be compatible with tonneau covers, while others are not.

When choosing a backrack, it’s crucial to consider its weight capacity, durability, and user-friendliness. If you plan to fit a backrack with a tonneau cover, you’ll need to purchase a perfect adapter to connect the two perfectly.

Overall, a tonneau cover helps to keep cargo safe and secure, mainly when used with a compatible backrack.

Installation Process of Back Rack Tonneau Cover Adaptor

The installation process of a Back Rack Tonneau Cover Adaptor will vary depending on your truck’s specific model and make. Different models have different specs. But I can provide general guidelines on how to install it. Let’s read to know more clearly.

Assemble the Back Rack Tonneau Cover Adaptor

Depending on your model, you may need to assemble the adaptor first. Follow the instructions provided by the adaptor manufacturing company thoroughly. It will help you to do the job in the correct way.

Clean the Truck Bed

Before installing the adaptor, clean the truck bed thoroughly. This will help to remove any dirt or debris that could get in the way of the installation. Use a mild detergent and water to clean the bed. After that, let it dry completely.

Install the Brackets

Install the brackets that came with the adaptor onto the truck bed’s side rails. Use the bolts and nuts provided to attach the brackets securely. Then, ensure the brackets are aligned and leveled.

Install the Adaptor

Now that you’ve installed the brackets, it’s time to fasten the adaptor to the brackets. Use the bolts and nuts provided to attach the adaptor to the brackets securely. In addition, ensure the adaptor is centered and leveled.

Install the Tonneau Cover

After completing the installation procedure of the adaptor, install the tonneau cover onto it. Since different tonneau covers have different requirements, you need to follow the instructions provided by the cover manufacturer. Check what equipment you need to fasten it.

You may need to attach it to the adaptor using clamps, snaps, or other fasteners.

Test the Installation

Once everything is installed, test the tonneau cover to ensure it opens and closes smoothly. Further, you should make any necessary adjustments to the installation to ensure that the tonneau cover is secure and properly aligned.

Enjoy Your New Tonneau Cover

Once everything is installed correctly, it’s time to enjoy the advantages of the tonneau cover. Remember that different tonneau cover models may have specific maintenance requirements. As a result, you must check the installation process given by the manufacturing company.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Tonneau Cover with a BackRack

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Tonneau Cover with a BackRack

Generally, many truck owners follow this rule – they install a bike rack and fasten an extra tonneau cover for added security. Therefore, checking various criteria for tonneau covers before purchasing one is wise.

Let’s look at what things you should consider before making a move. Here we go:


Before buying a tonneau cover, make sure it is compatible with your specific Back Rack model. Not all tonneau covers are designed to work with all types of Back Racks. Therefore, it’s crucial to check compatibility before making a purchase.


Tonneau covers come in a variety of materials, including vinyl, canvas, and aluminum. Consider the fabric that will work best for your needs. Also, take into account factors such as durability, weather resistance, and appearance.


Some tonneau covers are easier to install than others. For this reason, consider whether you are comfortable with the installation process or prefer a cover that a professional can install. Also, think about how easy it is to remove the cover when accessing your truck bed.


If security is a concern, consider a tonneau cover with a locking mechanism to keep your cargo safe and secure. Some covers may also have additional security features, such as reinforced hinges or tamper-proof fasteners.

If you’re carrying something sensitive or expensive, I recommend using a cover with added security measures. It’ll provide you peace of mind.


The appropriate size of the cover depends on the truck you’re using. Not all truck beds have the same size. Hence, the car’s brand, model number, and estimation of the truck rail will help you select the right tonneau cover that fits most Back Racks.


Since the product quality is always highly dependable on its budget, the price is a massive criterion when choosing a tonneau cover. Of course, you must act according to your budget. However, it will be wise to purchase a high-quality one even if it costs more.

Easy to use

You must look for a cover that is easy to use, removable, and viable.

So, these are the things you must keep in mind before purchasing a tonneau cover with a bike rack. These criteria will help you achieve the perfect product you need.

What is a Tonneau Cover?

A tonneau cover is a large bedsheet used in a pickup truck. They can be hard or soft, depending on the driver’s preference. Additionally, these covers can cover the bed from the back of the cab to the tailgate. Truck owners use these covers to safeguard the bed from harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, these covers are also helpful against potential thieves and increase the car’s aerodynamics.

How Many Types of Tonneau Covers Are Available?

Well, there are mainly three types of tonneau covers available on the market: folding, roll-up, and retractable tonneau covers. Folding and retractable covers are made of hard or soft elements. On the other hand, roll-up covers are made of soft vinyl materials.

How to Do Tonneau Covers Work?

How to Do Tonneau Covers Work

Tonneau covers are usually made of aluminum or hard steel. Besides, heavy-duty vinyl, fiberglass, canvas, etc., can also be used. As previously mentioned, three types of tonneau covers are available, and here’s how they work.

Roll-up covers are the most popular among truck owners. They’re made of vinyl or canvas material and can be secured with a latch or locking mechanism. The installation procedure for these covers is also convenient.

Folding covers are similar to roll-up covers. However, they’re made of sturdier materials (e.g., aluminum) than the roll-up covers. Consequently, they fold in sections, and truck owners can access the cargo bed using these covers.

The next one is retractable covers. They’re the most expensive of the three and are made of fiberglass, hard steel, or aluminum. Moreover, they’re hinged at the front side of the cargo bed.

Can I Use a Truck Rack with a Tonneau Cover?

Yes, it’s possible to use a truck rack with a tonneau cover. However, it depends on the tonneau cover and truck rack type. If the cover matches the truck rack, you can use it comfortably.

Can I Sit on a Tonneau Cover?

You can’t sit on most tonneau covers. However, it’s best to avoid sitting on the cover. Sitting and standing on tonneau covers can significantly damage their efficiency. Hence, you should avoid such a practice since they’re not made for sitting or standing.

How Much Weight Can a Tonneau Cover Hold?

Actually, tonneau covers aren’t made to carry weight. Besides, their loading capacity is also limited. Nevertheless, the tonneau covers generally can bear around 1800 pounds on top. It is important to note that these gears are made to safeguard the truck bed’s cargo. They’re not made to hold extra weight.

Are Tonneau Covers Waterproof?

The truth is no tonneau covers are waterproof. Yes, they’re made to withstand water. The manufacturing companies claim these covers are waterproof. But water can surely harm their effectiveness since no cover is entirely waterproof. I hope my answer will make you understand.

What’s the Cost of a Tonneau Cover?

There’s no clear-cut answer to it. It will fully depend on your product choice and taste. Since various types of covers are available on the market, prices also vary. Nevertheless, the soft covers will cost around $120 to $500.

Elsewhere, the hard ones may vary from around $400 to $2200. Since hardcovers are more robust and durable, it is understandable that they will cost more money than their counterparts.

What might happen if Tonneau Covers and Backracks are not installed correctly?

First of all, it will be extremely risky in every sense. If I want to be more specific, it will hamper security along with more gas usage, rough engine start, etc.

How Can I Clean My Tonneau Covers?

You don’t need to spend extra money to do that. You can easily clean the tonneau covers by using your hands. Yes, handwashing is the best way to clean it. Use a water jet along with mild soap to wash the cover. After that, soak it in the sun until it dries completely.

Final Speech

So, can you use a tonneau cover with a backrack? – I hope you have found the answer pretty clearly. Is there anything I’ve missed out? I think not. But if you still need to know anything, please ask me in the box below.

Finally, I suggest you use a tonneau cover with a backrack, but ensure they’re compatible.

Moreover, you must consider the type of tonneau cover and backrack you want to use, along with the functionality of using both gears together. In order to find a suitable combination of cover and backrack for your pickup, you should do some serious analysis. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share it with your loved ones if you find it useful.

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