The 4 Best Thule Snowboard Racks – Expert Guide (2023)

If you love skiing and snowboarding and want to ski with your own gear, you will surely need a good quality roof rack to carry all of your equipment correctly. Moreover, if you own a small/medium, it becomes more challenging without a roof rack to get enough room for your gear.

If you are in a hurry, then you can use the links below to buy the Best Thule Snowboard Racks for your car. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the products because we only recommend the best.
– Best for Load Capacity – Thule SnowPack Low Profile Carrier 
– Best for Extender Ski and Snowboard Carrier – Thule SnowPack Extender Carrier 
– Best Ski Racks for Bike Rack – Thule Tram 9033

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Nowadays, you can get roof racks that are made especially for skis. So finding roof racks to carry skis for a car has become so easy. A Thule ski rack for cars gives you quick, easy-to-use, and secure transportation for your skis. So, you have to choose the perfect roof rack that will be suitable for your car. Let’s find which roof racks will be best for you.

We are here with some of the best roof rack options to help you choose the roof rack for skis that will be suitable for you.

1. Thule Tram 9033 – Ski/Snowboard rack Adapter

Thule Tram 9033

If you are already using a roof rack to carry your bicycle and want to install another roof rack on your vehicle’s roof to carry your skis, then the Thule Tram ski and snowboard carrier adapter will be a better option for you.

It comes with built-in straps and cradles to mount it on your bike rack, and there is an included cushioned hinged arms that come with one-key locks. If you’re searching for a suitable ski rack for your SUV, but there is already a bike rack installed on the roof of your car, then you can take this.

The Thule Tram Ski and Snowboard Carrier Adapter can bear up to six pairs of skis and four snowboards at a time. It stores the skis and snowboards in an upright position so that you can get a good amount of storage. Moreover, it features an extra-large push-button system, which makes the carrier more comfortable to open and close. The steel-made design of this carrier is very durable and attractive. Also, the build quality is excellent, so that this rack adapter will last for a long time.

This ski adapter comes with a limited lifetime warranty. And it can hold 165 pounds so, with this massive amount of weight capacity, this rack will be handy for your SUV.

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2. Thule SnowPack Ski/Snowboard Rack

Thule SnowPack SkiSnowboard Rack

This rack to carry your skis and snowboards is also from Thule. It is very easy to install, and it comes with a lovely silver colour that makes the rack more attractive, and it can be matched with any vehicle. This ski and snowboard carrier can hold up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards. Moreover, an included advanced vertical spring system adjusts with your skis and snowboards’ size, making it much safe for your items.

Also, there is an extra-large push-button system in this carrier. So you will be able to use this very easily. Moreover, there is a natural release that makes it more convenient when you are opening it. The aluminum made design makes it very durable and sturdy and useable for a long time. There are also four one-key system built-in locks to secure the carrier.

The size of this carrier is 34.25″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and it is compatible with every type of crossbars. So the installation will be much easier. Moreover, the soft rubber arms of this carrier will not scratch the roof of your car or your crossbars.

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3. Thule SnowPack Extender Ski/Snowboard Rack

Thule SnowPack Ski Snowboard Rack

This ski and snowboard carrier can give you access to your skis and snowboards very easily. It can carry up to six pairs of skis and four snowboards at a time, and the release levers of this carrier can keep the arms 15” away from each other.

This ski carrier is made of aluminum. So it is very durable and sturdy. Moreover, it is very lightweight also. Its weight is only 11 pounds. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty & can keep your belongings safe, so you don’t have to worry about your items. The included oversized buttons make the opening and closing very easy for this carrier. 

You will be able to install this ski and snowboard carrier on most aftermarket crossbars without any tools. The build quality of this carrier is very high. The design of this carrier is very durable and long-lasting. So you will be able to use it for many years without worrying about anything.

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4. Thule Snowboard Extender Rack

Thule Snowboard Extender Rack

This rack from Thule is a little bit smaller than other Thule options on this list. But this Thule ski and snowboard carrier can hold up to four pairs of skis and two snowboards. Moreover, it is made of the same high-quality materials as the other carriers from the Thule. The silver-colored aluminum can keep your stuff safe from being scratched. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure you of the excellent quality of this carrier. It has an internal length of 19.5”.

This carrier is very easy to use. The installation process of this carrier is very easy and quick, and you will be able to do that without any tools. It can hold thicker skis and snowboards also. Moreover, it comes with a generous roof clearance. So if you want to transport skis with tall bindings, you will be able to do that without facing any problems.

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