Everything You Need to Know About Thule Roof Cargo Boxes

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So, you’re talking about roof cargo boxes but you don’t want to give any damn about Thule roof cargo boxes?! Really?! How dare you?! The truth is it’s pretty impossible to talk about roof boxes while skipping Thule. They are certainly the top-notch brand for roof boxes.

Besides, this Swedish company has been manufacturing roof boxes and other car-related accessories since 1948.

Thule is one of the most expensive brands. During its long journey, they’ve drawn immense popularity worldwide. Nevertheless, despite their vast achievement, people still doubt them. They fear the worthiness of Thule boxes!

This article will discuss everything you need to know about Thule roof cargo boxes. Let’s go –

Are Thule Roof Boxes Worth Your Penny?

Do you have an addiction to making long journeys frequently with your loved and close ones? Very well! So, it’s definite that you need a solid roof box. Hence, Thule is the best answer to it. Whether you talk about design, testing, safety, or any other measurement, there’s basically no comparison of Thule.

They are second to none. But, if you still doubt Thule roof cargo boxes, keep reading our article till the end! We are convinced that you’ll find the answer.

Types of Thule Roof Boxes

Approximately 19 types of Thule roof boxes are available on the market. However, they can be covered in five different formats. They are –

  • Vector
  • Motion XT
  • Force XT
  • Pulse
  • Sidekick

On the other hand, Thule roof boxes range from small to XX-Large size. You’ll find five types of sizes on the market. Moreover, roof cargo boxes are generally measured in cubic feet. For this reason, we’re giving you information about the different sizes Thule offers. Let’s check –

Small – 8 and 11 cubic feet.

Medium – 13 and 14 cubic feet.

Large – 16 cubic feet.

X-Large – 18 cubic feet.

XX-Large – 22 cubic feet.

Key Features of Thule Roof Boxes

Want to know what are the critical features of Thule roof boxes? Ok. Here are those –

  • Mounting Hardware

The mounting hardware is essential since they’re the decider of how your car will look with a roof box attached to it. Additionally, Thule roof boxes use spikes that can hold down the crossbars. It is like vice grips. These grips assist the boxes to be mounted in various styles and shapes of the bar.

Further, these grips are incredibly rigid. Since you’ll get the chance to mount in different forms, it will give you the luxury to mount most stylishly.

  • Locking Mechanism

You can open and close the Thule roof boxes from the rear or both sides. That’s a massive advantage. You will be able to close and open from any side you want.

  • Shape

Many people think the shape isn’t that important thing. But, it’s wrong. Nevertheless, when it comes to aesthetical nature, the shape is mainly an essential matter. The shapes of the Thule roof boxes are superior and aristocratic. Hence, you’ll feel the true aristocracy taste with the shapes of Thule carrier boxes.

Benefits of Thule Roof Boxes

Thule Roof Box Storage Lift

When we talk about the Thule roof boxes, we can’t count on their benefits. It’s no wonder that why it is the best in the business. Here are some core advantages of Thule carrier roof boxes –

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is such a fundamental matter of the Thule roof box. You can’t just leave it on the top side of the roof box and pick it up again when you wish! Further, you can remove it according to your wish if you want to keep another thing on the vehicle’s rooftop.

  • Added Storage

There’s a time when you could face an awkward situation due to a shortage of space in your car. For instance, you’re traveling with your whole family or friends. But, the car doesn’t have enough space to convey belongings. It will be utterly disgusting. Additionally, it’s a common scenario for small vehicles.

The Thule roof box has enough space and acts as a second trunk for the car. You don’t have to worry a bit about storage while driving it.

  • Aerodynamic

Aerodynamics has a massive role in the fuel efficiency of the car. If the roof carrier box is wind resistant, more power is required to keep up with the desired speed. To maintain it, more fuel is needed. On top of that, Thule boxes have a super sleek design that balances the car’s overall aerodynamics.

For this reason, more airflow can pass conveniently. That’s why Thule boxes are highly fuel-efficient.

  • Durability

People have curiosity about the durability of cargo boxes. Thule boxes are incredibly long-lasting. On top of that, they can stand against all kinds of weather. You can use these boxes for an extended period.

  • Secured

The security system of Thule boxes is superb in a word. Criminals and thieves almost have zero chance to steal something through it. Thule boxes have voted for “best-in-test” security measures.

  • Great Adventure!

What could be a fascinating adventure for you while on an outdoor journey? Biking, Kayaking, Fishing, etc., are a few examples! You can convey these things without having a problem with your Thule roof box.

Why are Thule Roof Boxes Highly Expensive?  

Yes, it’s undeniable that many cargo boxes are relatively cheaper than Thule’s. Hence, the question is, why Thule carrier boxes are so expensive? What’s the reason behind it? There are reasons!

  • Thule boxes are long-lasting
  • The security system is literally unbreakable
  • Super stylish and eye-popping
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Lots of space available on the box
  • Weather-resistance
  • Ease-of-use
  • Multi side entrances

Are Thule Boxes Waterproof?

When you’re traveling distant roads, rain or snow can usually happen at some point. Then what? You will surely want to keep your head trouble-free by thinking that your personal belongings are safe and secured. Nevertheless, you can feel untroubled if you’re using the Thule roof boxes.

These boxes are water-resistant. Further, they can withstand any harsh weather. But, they’re not guaranteed waterproof. Although Thule recommends its customers use plastic when wrapping things, they can still do a superb job keeping the belongings safe and protected.

Do Thule Boxes Come with a Warranty?

Thule Force XT

Each Thule roof box comes with a limited lifetime warranty. But, what does that mean? The limited warranty will only cover specific parts, minor defects, etc. On top of that, there won’t be any change if typical damage happens to your roof box.

Thule’s warranty is only applicable if they find out that the box gets damaged for specific reasons. In addition, they can refund your money to give you the chance to purchase another product.

Are Thule Roof Boxes Universal?

No, they’re not. Thule always builds high-quality products and they’re not obsessed with manufacturing universal roof cargo boxes. Besides, making universal boxes is impossible since different cars possess different structures. On the other hand, if you contact Thule’s authorized dealer, they can help you find the correct box.

Furthermore, you can also figure out the correct roof box if you visit Thule’s website and check out the boxes thoroughly.

Are Thule Roof Cargo Boxes Worth it? – FAQs

Can I fit my Thule roof box into a rental car?

Yes, you can. However, you must ensure that the car has side rails and crossbars. Some vehicles even possess roof racks too.

Are Thule roof boxes noisy?

Significantly less amount and it won’t damage your peace of mind for sure!

Final Words

We are at the end phase of our discussion. Further, we hope that our article will help you immensely to figure out how much outstanding Thule boxes are. The truth is Thule is undoubtedly the best of the best in roof box accessories. Hence, you won’t find any alternative to it. It is definitely the best product if you have the proper budget.

So, which Thule model will you buy for your car? Let us know in the comment box below.

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