Thule Force XT L Review by Expert (2023)

Thule Force XT is one of the most renowned roof boxes in the market. It provides a variety of sizes and fulfills all the desires of using a roof box. Its roof boxes will be helpful for the person who regularly travel from one place to another and spends a lot of time on the road. It offers special storage to the user to take all the necessary equipment for travel.

A roof box is one kind of container where people can keep their useful materials and attach the box to the top of the vehicles. Using a roof box will give you quite a few benefits like extra storage, enhanced interior comfort, protection of all the equipment from bad weather, and extra security for all the baggage or equipment.

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Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box, Large
  • A versatile roof-mounted cargo box for everyday use
  • Provides 16 cubic feet of additional packing space
  • Designed to fit a wide range a vehciles with maximum space efficiency
  • Quick-mount system "clicks" when roof box is secure and properly mounted
  • Dual-side opening for easy access to all areas of the box, from either side of the vehicle
  • Full trunk access with no roof box contact
  • Fits 5-7 pairs of skis / 3-5 snowboards (up to 175 cm)
  • External dimensions: 74.75 x 33 x 18 inches
  • Internal Dimenions: 70 x 28.75 x 16.25 inches
  • Load capacity: 165 lbs; Product Weight: 41 lbs

As for storage, if you intend to go on a long journey with your friends or family, you won’t have that much space in the car to put all the baggage in the car. If you, do it, you will not comfortably sit in the car due to the limited space. A roof box will solve this problem and give you extra space to put your baggage into that and the ability to sit with ease and enjoy the journey.

Now, most roof boxes are made with strong ABS plastic or fiberglass substances. That’s why there will be protection from any bad weather and no option to reach any water to the baggage. Additionally, every roof box has a unique security system. It makes it hard for thieves and criminals to get to your baggage and take any of your valuable things.

All these benefits will help you to have an enjoyable and comfortable journey. You have the freedom to take things as much as you can on tour.

After reading all these benefits, now you will think about which roof box you should buy for your vehicle. There is indeed a lot of brands of roof box you can check out. There are quite a few roof box brands in the market, and all of them offer you a variety of sizes. But you have to choose carefully based on your requirements.

In this article, we will give you some useful information about reputed roof box brand variants. If you search for any roof box in the market, you must hear about the Thule Force roof box. It has a lot of happy users who have been using it for so many years. Thule Force has been providing the best roof boxes in the market since 1942, and from that time to now, it still has the same reputation in the market.

Thule Force XT offers a variety of sizes like sport, L, XL, and XXL. The reason behind it is to give the user all types of roof boxes to use according to their requirements. Another reason for that is to match with different sizes of cars. Today, we will discuss the second smallest variant of the Thule Force XT roof box, the L variant. You will know about the special specification and features of the Thule Force XT L roof box.


Thule Force XT

This Thule Force XT L roof box is normally for small and medium-size vehicles. If you are going on a journey with your three or four family members or friends, it would be the best fit for you. It has a volume of 16 cubic feet, a bit larger than the smallest of these Thule Force XT segment roof boxes.

Though it is sixteen cubic feet in volume, it has the capability to contain a large number of materials. Its inner dimensions are quite sufficient to carry about three to four bags easily. It can take about 165 pounds of weight in its container. If you are going on a trip and decide to take skis or snowboards with you, you can take about three to five snowboards. And for the skis, you have the option to take up to five to seven pairs according to their lengths. The highest length of ski you can take is 175 cm.

Its inner space is quite big; the height of this small roof box is 16.25 inches, the length is 70 inches, and the width is 28.75 inches. Though it has a big space, its weight is only 41 pounds. You can easily install it by yourself or taking the help of an extra person.

Its installation process is easy, and there are enough options of roof racks to install the roof box. The Wingbar Evo, the AeroBlade, the SquareBar EVO, the ProBar Evo, and the Xsporter Pro are the options of roof bars to install the roof box. There are some roof bars; you may need to use extra adapters to install the box on top of them.


Thule Force XT
Thule Force XT L

Easy Install

Installing a roof box to a vehicle is the toughest and most annoying work to do if the box doesn’t have any easy way to do it. If you choose the Thule Force XT roof box for your vehicle, you will feel blessed because it has a faster installation system known as the PowerClick system.

It has a built-in torque indicator notify you by clicking if it’s installed properly. It also ensures quick and safe installation.

Additionally, you don’t have to think about the roof bars to install the box. It supports almost all the factory bars and other regular roof bars.

Both Side Access

You can easily access your accessories using the facility of dual-side opening. It doesn’t matter if you are the driver or not; you can open the box from both sides of the vehicle.


Thule Motion XT L 3

This awesome roof box will give the best security for your materials. You can’t even pull the keys from the lock without locking the box properly. That’s why it is impossible to forget to close the box and started the journey.

Moreover, it has a beautiful LockKnob that is used to reduce the damage to the Thule Comfort Key. It is also very easy to open and close.


This roof box is architecture, and the design is beautiful to watch on the road. It can mix with the car easily and become a part of the car. Though it has only a single black color option, it fits with any vehicle doesn’t matter the color of the vehicle.


Thule Force XT is very popular in the area of the roof box. As a variant of this well-known roof box brand, Thule Force XT L offers many amazing facilities. However, it is not the largest of the roof box. But it is perfect for the regular use of medium size vehicles and a full family trip.

At last, it’s about price, and this roof box has a higher price than other roof boxes in the market. But if you want a roof box with a better facility, the price will not be a matter of consideration.

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