How to Buy Best Roof Racks for Jeep Renegades?

The best roof racks for Jeep Renegades include popular options like the Thule AeroBlade Edge, Yakima TimberLine, and Rhino-Rack Vortex SX. These racks offer durability, ease of installation, and compatibility with various accessories for outdoor enthusiasts.

Best Renegade Roof Rack Picks

The Jeep Renegade roof rack is a great way to convey the necessary equipment while traveling from one place to another. These racks are highly robust and long-lasting. Besides, they are protected against corrosion due to their capability to combat against unwanted ingredients. This is such a huge plus indeed.

Further, these roof racks for Jeep Renegades come with enough safety and security measurements. There are different types of mounting options available. Therefore, you can set up the rack as your sweet will without any hassle.

Since there are too many options available, most people doubt which one could be the most suitable for them. It’s a complicated question. However, our expert team did a lot of research to find the answer. After so many working hours, we conclude that BrightLines Aero Crossbars Roof Racks is the best option.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best roof racks for Jeep Renegades in today’s market. Let’s check –

How to Choose the Best Roof Racks for Jeep Renegade – Take a Look!

Now, the question is how to select the best roof rack for your expensive Jeep Renegade. We’re coming here with some solutions. Let’s take a look at how you’ll be able to choose the right one for you –

Manufacturing Elements

A significant percentage of roof racks for Jeep Renegades are constructed of stainless steel. Notwithstanding, some of the roof racks are made of aluminum. Steel is not a wrong product. However, aluminum is much more sophisticated. They’re lightweight and much more substantial than steel material.

Henceforth, racks are heavier products. Attaching them to the rooftop of the vehicle could make an unnecessary drag that could slow down the overall speed of the vehicle. As a result, the mileage cost will increase.

Since steel is a heavier element, it could negatively impact the speed of the Jeep Renegades along with the roof rack. Therefore, using a high-grade aluminum material is the best. They are aerodynamic designed products and can productively cut the costs of the gas price of the Renegades.

Think about the Specific Buyer

Before purchasing a product, it’s better to think about who you’re buying it. For instance, male people tend to carry sporting items on the rack. On the other hand, women like to convey household products. It’s good to know the hobbies or interests of the person who will use it.

The shopping task will be much more convenient for you if you learn the hobbies or interests of the person. Hence, there’s another path to clarify the shopping purpose by checking out the wish list of Amazon or seeing what’s trending in the current market.

By seeing it out, you’ll get explicit knowledge of which product you should go for. It narrows down the choice and gives a clear-cut idea.

Weight Limits

Usually, roof racks can take a load of 150-200 Pounds of weight. It’s a good amount of weight. You can load bulkier items in this range. Notwithstanding, some people still choose those racks that possess more weight. If you need more loading capacity, it will be the best decision to do a deep research.

But, one thing you should keep in mind. While buying a rack, don’t forget to purchase one that could exceed the highest capacity of the Jeep Renegade rack. Otherwise, things could backfire. There’s a possibility that your Jeep Renegades’ roof could be severely damaged.

So, please don’t underestimate this face and try to act according to it.

Check all the Things Along with the Price Tag

Don’t get intimate by the pricing of the roof rack. It will be disastrous. Hence, you better check out other essential things like – tax, shipping price, etc. Check out the total cost of a product.

For this reason, careful research is needed and you must do it to avoid any negative consequences. This is how you’ll be able to get the best deal in your budget.

Learn the Return Policy Correctly

The return policy is another significant matter when choosing a roof rack for Jeep Renegades. Firstly, you need to check out the store that could perfectly match your requirements. If it fails somehow, then you should check the return policy correctly.

Additionally, the return policy will assist you in getting the desired product. This is how you’ll ensure there won’t be any chance you won’t have to use a product you don’t want to. As a result, your money won’t be wasted indeed.


The last thing you should do is check out the warranty. There’s no confirmation that a product (regardless of its well-known brand) will provide service well for an extended period. Things could go an unexpected way at any time. Before buying a roof rack for your Jeep Renegades, you better check an extended warranty period.

Roof Rack Sizes for Jeep Renegades

There’s no doubt that Jeep Renegades are good-looking and highly sophisticated smaller-sized SUVs. Moreover, these SUVs possess a lot of gears. But, things could get out of hand when you’re traveling with many things and other people.

In such a case, a roof rack can assist you in overcoming the situation. The question arises: What sized roof racks should you choose for your Jeep Renegades? Well. Here, we want to give you some critical insights that could be helpful for you. Let’s check –

Roof’s Width

The Jeep Renegades’ roof’s width will give you a clear picture of how wide your rack will fit on the car’s rooftop. Pick up a scale and measure carefully to learn the exact estimation.

Automobile’s Height

It’s a crucial measurement. Sometimes, you could face a significant obstacle in the height-related matter. For instance, if the vehicle’s height is too high for your garage, it will be absolutely a nightmare to store it in that place. Contrariwise, setting up a rack over the car will only add up the problem.

In that case, you must avoid it. In order to eliminate it, scale the whole vehicle from top to bottom. After getting the correct measurement, note it down and use it while seeking the roof rack.

Loading Capability

We’ve already talked about this topic. Before purchasing a roof rack for Jeep Renegades, you need to check out the weight capacity it can handle. Most roof racks possess 150-200 pounds weight capability. On top of that, it is more than enough to contain bulkier products.

Nevertheless, you must do in-depth research if you still need a more capable rack. Just don’t purchase a rack which one’s weight could emulate the automobile’s.

Load Bar’s Type

There are two types of load bars available on the market. They are – crossbars and tracks. But, tracks aren’t that popular. A major percentage of roof rack manufacturing companies use crossbars as load bars.

Which Roof Rack Will be the Best and Serve Greatly?

Which Roof Rack Will be the Best and Serve Greatly

It’s a bit of a complicated question and there’s no direct answer. There are too many roof racks available in the market. Moreover, different people have different choices. They could select the rack according to their needs. So, it’s pretty impossible to make a quick judgment. However, we could give you some ideas regarding it.

Since there are a variety of roof racks available, you need to do in-depth research to find the best one. First, think thoroughly about which type of rack you need the most. Do you just want a typical rack that can hold the various products? Or do you need something extra that could provide more service?

After making a decision, you better look around shops to purchase the right one. Henceforth, let’s check online retail shops like Amazon and eBay. You could even pay a visit to stores like Walmart or AutoZone.

During the comparison, you should consider shipping cost, tax, and vat. When all the charges sum up, it could turn massive. So, keeping an eye on it could save you from embarrassment.

Furthermore, check out the reviews on Amazon or YouTube. Public reviews will help you clearly understand the product’s overall quality. Hence, you could get aware and get a fair idea of whether it will be a wise move to buy the roof rack or not for your costly Jeep Renegade.

In the end, check out the warranty card, accessories, and instruction guide. Try to install the rack by following the guide closely. Besides, you can take help from YouTube too. If you don’t have enough confidence, it will be good to take assistance from a professional.

How to Install the Roof Rack in the Jeep Renegades?

Many people feel hesitant when it comes to the matter of installing the roof rack on the Jeep Renegade. Installing the rack correctly is so necessary. Additionally, you’ll surely use it to move various bulkier items. So, if you make a mistake, it will be costly.

Here, we are giving you the proper procedure for installing the rack in the Jeep Renegades. Let’s check –

  • At first, take out the two plastic covers placed on both parts of the roof near the windshield’s downside. The clips attach them. All you need to do is disband it and set them aside.
  • Secondly, check out the four bolts that preserve the roof rack’s cross bars. You could use a usable socket to remove them.
  • Lastly, place the roof rack in the correct position of the automobile and fasten it in the holes instigated by the factory crossbars. Don’t make a loose connection. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay dearly. Hence, tighten it productively to secure the rack.
  • Now, it’s time to reap the benefits! Put your necessary products and enjoy the travel!

So, that’s it. Is it too hard? We don’t think so. But, if you’re a first-time, you could get help from a professional person. After all, it’s a sensitive task and a simple mistake could be costly.

Best Roof Racks for Jeep Renegades – FAQs

Are all the roof racks for Jeep Renegade universal?

If we answer directly, then we will say “no.” But, you can adjust the rack through raised rails. It could solve the problem.

Why is a roof rack for Jeep Renegades so costly?

The first thing is that SUVs are always expensive. We know that car-related products aren’t that cheap. Therefore, the same thing goes for a roof rack. A good quality rack is generally made of high-grade aluminum. They’re highly-priced elements.
So, when you’re about to buy a rack for Jeep Renegades, you should keep the price in your head.


When you’re purchasing a costly product like a roof rack, you must find a perfect balance between product quality and price. Since there are so many brands available, you should do a thorough research to find the best one. Besides, we can assure that our article could help you to get the best shopping experience.

So, do you have any questions regarding our article? You’re welcome to do so in the comment box!

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