Roof Box Size Guide – What Size Roof Box Do I Need? (2023)

When selecting a roof box size, consider the storage space you require for your items. Choose a roof box that accommodates your belongings comfortably while fitting within your vehicle’s roof capacity.

What Size Roof Box Do I Need?

Are you planning for an outdoor adventure away from home? It’s a good idea! Having your pals, going to a forest, exploring nature and sunshine…uff! It’s indeed a satisfying time! But, the problem is you must take a lot of luggage. It’s somewhat disgusting, isn’t it?!

But, with a roof box, you can easily skip this problem. Besides, you don’t need to take multiple vehicles to carry the luggage. These sleek boxes will add extra fun to the journey. There are various sizes available. But, which one will suit your car? Roof box size guide – what size roof box will be perfect for me? Here’s our answer. Take a look, please –

How to Select a Right Size Roof Box for Me?

Firstly, you have to make up your mind about which type of roof box you want? There are two types of roof boxes available on the market. They are – plastic and fiberglass. Yes, plastic ones are relatively reasonable in price. However, they can’t withstand cold temperatures.

Fiberglass is comparatively sturdier than plastic carriers. They can combat any temperature and are highly durable. Our recommendation is you should go for fiberglass. Although it will cost more, it will be long-lasting and superior in quality.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the correct size rooftop box –

Storage Situation

People who visit various places use cargo boxes to carry things like skis, ski boots, sleeping pads, camping gear, rafts, etc. Nevertheless, these types of equipment are used to carry other items too. Before packing your necessary stuff, please put some important matters into your mind.

  • Lightweight Items – Cargo boxes are the best solution to carry lightweight products. So, if you want to shift flimsy things like tents, sleeping bags, ski pools, etc., you can take those in the box without a second thought.
  • Long-Sized Products – It’s pretty simple to understand that long-sized products need longer cargo boxes. The reason is shorter box won’t work with long items. Hence, if you want to use long products in the short-range box, things could backfire severely.
  • Heavy Products – It’s better to put heavier products inside the vehicle. Don’t overpressure the cargo box. As a result, it could break or be badly damaged. Yes, roof box manufacturing companies will assure you that the boxes can carry more than 150 pounds. But, it won’t be wiser to keep the exact amount of weight in the box.


The three measurements – height, width, length, etc., can unite the overall gear capacity. We’ve widely discussed what type of products you can store in the box at the above part of the roof box size guide. Now, you have to take a closer look at the dimensions of the boxes.

This is how you can select the perfect box for you.

  • Length – Usually, the cargo boxes are made 6 cm long. This is more than the perfect size. Besides, if you want to carry long products like skis or snowboards, you can take them without a hassle. On the other hand, if you plan to carry regular belongings, then a 5-inch cargo box is more than enough.
  • Width – Do you want to put various items in your box? A wider cargo box can convey many more things than a narrower one. But, there’s a problem too. The wider roof box won’t give you the chance of any spaces for something like a kayak rack. So, you must sacrifice these things to stick with a wider box.

    In such a case, you must purchase a narrower cargo box if long items are crucial for you.
  • Height – The more increasing altitude, it will enhance the capacity undoubtedly. However, taller boxes could raise problems. For instance, you won’t be able to go to various places with those gigantic cargo boxes. Therefore, it’s noteworthy that you need to check out how much height a roof box can add and the overall limit where you’ll have to pay a visit.
  • Gear Capacity – The length, width, and height – these three things unite to equal the overall gear capacity of a cargo box. Usually, knowing the exact number of feet, inches, or liters isn’t possible to remember. Nevertheless, the gear capacity spec is critical regarding the number of products various boxes can hold.

If you want to earn a sample idea of how much space you can use based on the number of people, check out the chart below. However, it can change according to the size of the car, personal belonging amount, etc.

At least, you will have a chance to imagine a situation that could be extremely helpful.

People’s Amount2346-8
Gear Capacity12 cubic ft/340 liters15 cubic feet/456 liters18 cubic feet/515 liters21/22 cubic feet/650 liters

Fitment in Vehicle

Are you making the final decision regarding the purchase of a cargo box? Wait! Firstly, check the hatch clearance and think about how the box will give the overall avatar to your car.

Hence, take an appropriate measurement of where the cargo box will fit. So, you’ll have the perfect authorization to open the hatchback or the SUV will completely open.

  • Move the front crossbar in the forepart of the vehicle.
  • Now, put the back crossbar about 25 inches from the front crossbar. This is how a perfect standing will be shaped.

Roof Box Size Guide – The Overall Looks of the Box

What Size Roof Box Do I Need

People often think about how the box will change the incarnation of their beloved ride. Consequently, it’s pretty understandable. By the way, there are some crucial things to notice to get a sophisticated idea concerning it.

  • Size – The massive vehicles like SUVs and trucks are usually adjustable with longer roof boxes. On the contrary, small cars such as Sedan, Prado, etc., are ideal for smaller ones.
  • Colors – Black is the most used color in the roof box arena. In addition, people also like to buy white or blue boxes too.
  • Finish – Some boxes are super shiny, while some possess a tough coating and matte finish. Choose which one fascinates you the most.

Some Important Cargo Roof Box Tips

Here is some conclusive matter concerning the cargo roof box. Let’s see –

Secured the Box

Before starting the journey, check whether the fastener points are connected to the roof rack.

Storing the Box

Don’t keep your box in a hot or humid place. Henceforth, please keep it in a cold place. The extreme temperature of the sun can damage its durability.

Distributing Weight

You should distribute the weight evenly across the roof box. Don’t overweight one place. Hence, it will be risky.

Keep Essential Items Nearby

Keep your ultimate products nearby. So, you don’t have to stop the car frequently. The over-opening and shutting off the box can negatively influence its body.

Final Words

This article’s principal purpose was to give you a perfect insight into the size of a roof box. Consequently, we think that this roof box size guide has already helped you immensely to get the proper view regarding the size of this equipment. You’ll find different types of roof boxes on the market – thin or wide, small or long.

Which one do you need? It’s up to you. Think thoroughly and decide before purchasing. Thank you for staying with us and let us know which one you will buy!

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