Which One You Should Pick for Outdoor Adventure Between Rhino Rack and Thule?

The choice between Rhino Rack and Thule largely depends on your specific needs and preferences for outdoor adventures. Rhino Rack is known for its affordability and durability, making it a great option for budget-conscious adventurers. On the other hand, Thule offers a wider range of premium features and accessories, making it a top choice for those seeking maximum versatility and convenience, even though it may come at a higher price point.

Choosing Rhino Rack or Thule for Adventure

If you’re a travel freak who loves to go on outdoor adventures more frequently, then a roof rack is one of your most important gear for you. Most travelers consider having a roof rack on their vehicle’s top. Since a roof rack can expand the space of a vehicle, it is one of the most popular accessories worldwide.

Roof racks provide a secure way to convey various household and sporting equipment. There are so many roof rack brands available. Rhino Rack and Thule are two of the most popular brands among them. Many people wonder which one they should pick between Rhino Rack vs. Thule?

Honestly, there’s no clear-cut answer to this question. Both racks have their own pros and cons. In this article, we will compare Rhino-Rack and Thule to help you to make a concrete decision to choose the right one.

Difference Between Rhino Rack vs. Thule Rack – Let’s Pick the Right One

Difference Between Rhino Rack vs. Thule Rack – Lets Pick the Right One

Before starting the in-detail discussion, we should know about Rhino Rack and Thule Rack.

Rhino Rack

Rhino Rack is an Australian-based roof rack producer. It has been manufacturing car products for nearly three decades. During this long period, they’ve produced a different range of products that are perfect for various vehicles.

Due to its sturdiness and long-lastingness, it is immensely popular among car lovers.

If you’re a visitor of rugged terrains who needs a stable and secure connection, you can pick Rhino Rack without thinking. Furthermore, Rhino Rack offers a massive selection of gear, such as bike carriers, kayak mounts, etc. Therefore, you can easily tailor the roof rack system to your requirements.

Rhino Rack can hold around 330 pounds. Moreover, the crossbars of Rhino Rack are made of aluminum material. They’re coated to stand against heavy corrosion. For this reason, they can easily withstand rust and everything stay intact for a long time.


Thule is probably the most well-known roof rack producing company. It’s a brand from Sweden that achieved wide recognition due to its innovative design and high-quality products. Most of their products have received superb reviews from critics and fans.

They always use high-quality features and ultra-modern technology in their products. As a result, they’re practically different from other brands. Thule roof racks can usually hold up to 70 pounds. As a reminder for new users – the car’s roof weight limit limits Thule’s capacity.

Due to integrated locks, using the Thule’s crossbars is pretty convenient. The aerodynamic capability of Thule is simply outstanding. Elsewhere, the brand keeps focusing on sustainable production. They always try to avoid polluting nature.

Rhino Rack vs. Thule: Which Is The Perfect Bike Rack For Your Car?

Thule and Rhino are both the leading roof rack brands in the world. They always produce fantastic and top-class racks. For this reason, people sometimes face a dilemma about which to choose. Let’s take a look at the comparison table to learn the thorough difference between these giant brands –

Difference TopicThuleRhino Rack
Price Begins From$43.48$145.43
Available GearsNoneNone
StylesHitch Mount, Truck Bed, Roof Rack MountRoof Rack Mount

Now, we’ll see the difference between them in detail. Here are the features that will help you to decide which one to choose from both companies –


It’s widely known that Thule racks are eye-catching and ultra-modern. These racks generally possess three elements. They are – a fitting kit, load bars, and feet. The fitting kit is customized to meet the car’s roof design specs. During the replacement of the car, the fitting kit is the only element you should change.

Thule roof racks embark on the crossbars design. It is available in two colors – black and silver.

Elsewhere, Rhino racks are also crossbar-designed products. However, they mostly fit with cars with a flash-mounted rail system. One thing is Rhino racks don’t come with an adjustment kit. But fastening it to the car isn’t that challenging task indeed.

Now, the vital question can raise – which one a user should pick?

It’s a good question. I want to say that both are good in terms of the performance. Notwithstanding, Thule is more stylish and sophisticated.


Since both are high-end products, it’s easy to guess that they are incredibly durable. Thule racks are made of aluminum crossbars. As a result, it can provide long-lasting performance and rust can’t get attached to it. The square bars of these racks are also made of high-class steel coated by superior plastic elements.

On the other side, Rhino roof racks are also made of aluminum. For this reason, they can withstand corrosion pretty successfully.

In a word, I can assure you that you don’t have to think about durability when you’re about to purchase them.

Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity

Both Thule and Rhino racks are made from aluminum material. Therefore, both of them are heavy-duty products. Since Thule Racks are ISO certified, it’s effortless to guess that you can convey a decent amount of products in it.

On the other hand, Rhino Racks use vortex crossbars. They’re solid and one of the strongest in the rack industry. Its carrying capacity is just astonishing.

Both racks are heavy-duty and super strong. However, you can choose Rhino racks if you want to carry a massive amount of items.


Thule provides an extensive range of load-carrying options. Thus, it can conveniently fit a variety of gear. Rhino Racks offers comprehensive equipment to tailor the roof rack system for different reasons.

Ease of Use  

Thule roof racks are well-known for fast installation. You can install it without a hassle. On the other side, Rhino-racks offer an extensive amount of gear. It is also perfect for newbies.

Rhino racks’ installation process is quite simple and it has user-friendly environments.

In short, the installation procedure of both racks are simple. You won’t find any difficulties while installing and using them.


Not all cars have the same roof types. Therefore, they demand to fasten a particular kind of roof rack. Some of the best examples of roof racks are bare roofs, roofs with four exact points, flush rails, etc. Since the fastening styles are different, it’s easy to guess that installation systems are also different.

The installation procedures of roof racks are dependent on different roof types. For this reason, when we talk about Rhino and Thule roof racks, we should also consider their compatibility with various types of roof racks, which is a massive factor we can’t ignore.

The good news is that Rhino and Thule roof racks are compatible with different roof rack types. Most models are consistent with other car rack types, whether an SUV, small car, van, or pick-up. 

This is one of the best benefits of two top-notch brands, Rhino and Thule roof racks.

Noise Reduction

Thule crossbars are aerodynamic-designed. This is why they can significantly reduce wind noise, resulting in quieter rides. Thus, you can enjoy your journey freely and there won’t be any extra fuel will be spilled.

Nevertheless, things are pretty problematic for Rhino Racks. They are also aerodynamically designed. But, not entirely. For this reason, they’re incapable of minimizing noise that initiates from the roof rack. So, if you ask which option is better to decrease noise, Thule is a clear winner in this battle.


So, my discussion is over. Now, the question is, which one you’ll choose? From my perspective, if you want a sturdy and heavy-duty rack, you can go for Rhino Rack. But if you select user-friendliness, good-looking, versatility – Thule is the one you should choose.

Both are extremely good. But you need to choose one that reflects your personality. Then what? You need to make up! Now, my suggestion is that you should invest in a particular rack that matches your requirements. Thanks a lot.

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