How To Find The Best Jeep Cherokee XJ Roof Racks?

In 2023, the best Jeep Cherokee XJ roof racks can be determined by expert reviews and rankings based on factors like durability, weight capacity, ease of installation, and compatibility with the Jeep Cherokee XJ model. It’s essential to consult these reviews to make an informed decision for your specific needs.

Jeep Cherokee XJ Roof Racks: Best 2023 Reviews

Are you looking for the best Jeep Cherokee XJ Roof Rack for your vehicle? Are you seeking a rack that is long-lasting and highly sophisticated? Well, we’ll discuss the best Jeep Cherokee XJ Roof Rack. It’s no secret that finding a suitable roof rack is not an easy task. Additionally, there are too many racks available on the market currently.

The performance, durability, work rate, etc., could be the same. In such a case, getting the right one is extremely difficult. We’ve come up with our list of products to make things convenient for you. Hence, it takes a lot of research, cups of tea, and sleepless nights to find the best Jeep XJ roof racks.

On top of that, after long research and utmost dedication, we’ve concluded that the CargoLoc 2-Piece Roof Rack Crossbars is the perfect roof rack for Jeep Cherokee. It’s the best one, without a doubt.

Why You Should Purchase a Roof Rack for Jeep Cherokee XJ?

You can own a standard car, pickup truck, Jeep Cherokee XJ, or SUV….whatever you can afford or wish to purchase. It’s up to you. Notwithstanding, a roof rack could always be so helpful to you. The space your automobile possesses can fill up anytime. There’s a time that can come when you need added space.

Then what? You could face the challenge. In such a case, a roof rack is tremendously helpful. Besides, if you have a habit of going on a long trips or camping with your pals or loved ones, you need extra space. So, it’s pretty clear why you should go for a roof rack.

Contrariwise, if you want to secure some particular product on the Jeep Cherokee XJ’s roof, a roof rack can productively get the job done. A roof rack is highly secured and safe media to store a product. It’s also lightweight and capable of keeping any product impeccably intact. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Jeep Cherokee XJ Roof Rack

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Jeep Cherokee XJ Roof Rack

It’s pretty easy to surmise that nobody knows everything. So, we need to take help and research before making a costly move. Additionally, purchasing a Jeep Cherokee XJ roof rack isn’t a joke. It’s an expensive product. This is why you need to know some essential things before buying it.

Here, we are giving you some vital considerations before facilitating a move for a Jeep Cherokee XJ roof rack. Let’s check it out –

Construction Elements

Usually, the roof rack is made out of stainless steel material. They’re pretty much solid and hard to break. But, the problem is that they have the attitude to negatively impact the automobile’s drag. As a result, your car won’t be able to reach its peak speed. It significantly slows down the pace.

To avoid the problem, aluminum is here! The upgraded aluminum material makes the Jeep Cherokee XJ’s roof rack much more lightweight. But, it will be robust enough. Further, they come with an aerodynamic design. This is how the gas requirements for the vehicle decrease and your money will be saved.


There’s a familiar proverb “cut your coat according to your cloth”. The same goes for when you’re about to purchase a roof rack for Jeep Cherokee Xj. Do you wish to get a superior-level product? Then, you have to spend a large number of bucks. Ask yourself – are you capable of spending such a hefty amount of money?

So, it’s clear that budget always has a considerable role in selecting the best Jeep Cherokee XJ roof rack. Firstly, closely check out the features and specs of your desired product. Then, decide whether you’re capable of purchasing it or not. If yes, just go for it. Contrariwise, if you don’t have adequate money, go for another one that could fit your budget.

Checking Features

When buying a jeep XJ roof rack, you must know the product through thick and thin. But, what’s the best way to learn about it? You should check out its features. This is how you’ll know thoroughly about your product requirements.

You can also make a solid comparison of various products through the feature section. As a result, it will give you a good insight into making a final decision.

Checking Pros and Cons

Nothing is flawless. Every material product has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before buying a jeep XJ roof rack, you must carefully check out the product’s pros and cons. Perhaps, you might find a suitable product for another company you didn’t wish to buy from.

If you have any further queries regarding it, you can contact customer service by phone or mail.


It’s another crucial consideration. Jeep Cherokee XJ’s design has a significant influence during purchasing tasks. For instance, the general universal racks possess a clamp at the endpoint of the rack. Therefore, the rack can be mounted onto the door structure of the jeep Cherokee XJ.

Contrariwise, a smooth pad is situated on the rack’s top side. It is fit to keep various products you want to store.

The curved roof racks are mainly designed to fit into some exact automobiles. They won’t fit every car. All you need to ensure that the product should match your Jeep XJ’s specific roof bars. Additionally, they fastened to the vehicle very closely as you won’t find an inch gap between them and the car.


Many people find it unnecessary. But, really? When you’re purchasing an expensive product like a roof rack for your Jeep Cherokee XJ, you will surely want it to look cool. So, it’s better to choose a stylish rack for the vehicle. The nice-looking rack can enhance the beauty of your SUV significantly.

Choosing Brand Wisely

Choosing Brand Wisely

Don’t select a brand through emotion. Many people choose the stick with a specific brand for emotional reasons. But, it’s wrong. It could backfire badly. You should overlook as much as possible. Hence, take some caution while selecting the brand.

You can even get your desired product through a lesser-known brand. The main goal is finding the right one to fill your needs. So, sticking with one brand won’t be beneficial. Take an intelligent approach and make wise decisions.


The product should be durable and long-lasting. You’re making a considerable investment. So, it’s easy to surmise that you’ll be looking for a highly durable rack that could provide a good service for a long time. As a result, you could check out the product review given by the users to know the correct info.

Weight Limits

Most of the roof racks on the market can take a load of around 150 pounds. This is more than enough, we think. If you still need more, you can go for it. But, there is a caution you should keep in mind. The warning is that the highest weight of the roof rack loading capacity mustn’t emulate the maximum weight permitted on the Jeep Cherokee XJ.

Otherwise, things could ultimately backfire and your car could face heavy damage indeed.


Most roof rack manufacturing companies try to make the product as good as possible. You could know about them through their advertising or marketing. However, one thing can make a massive difference. The thing is a warranty and after sales service.

Hence, the three items – warranty, guarantee, and return policies– are crucial. There’s no way to underestimate them. Otherwise, you could get a fool in the long run.

Nothing lasts forever in this material world. Every beginning has an end. It doesn’t matter how expensive or high-quality your product is; it will fade down eventually. As a result, manufacturing companies provide warranty, guarantee, and return policies.

You should check all these things closely before purchasing the product. Buy the roof rack with more warranty period and smooth return policies if the rack isn’t up to the mark or you have any other problem.

Jeep Cherokee XJ Roof Rack – FAQs

How should I select the right roof rack for Jeep Cherokee XJ?

There are some things you need to do to find the correct Jeep Cherokee XJ’s roof rack. Let’s take a look –
Firstly, figure out the products you want to convey at the rack
Know the overall loading capacity of the Jeep’s roof and buy the rack according to it. Don’t purchase a rack that is heavier than the car’s roof can contain.
Find the overall weight of the bulky products you want to convey through the rack.
Figure out the length of the Jeep’s width and size before purchasing the new set of crossbars.

Why do we need a roof rack?

When you’re going to carry bulkier items like boats, kayaks, skis, etc., you must need a roof rack. A roof rack can help to take the burden from the automobile significantly.

Do I need a roof rail for a roof rack?

Automobiles with empty roofs aren’t stocked with crossbars or rails for their roof. If the rooftop is naked, you should go for a rail.

Will a Thule rack match the Jeep Cherokee XJ?

Thule is a pioneer brand in the roof rack industry. They make racks for almost all vehicles in the world. Hence, they also make a rack for Jeep XJ. It’s possible to match the Thule rack with the Jeep Cherokee XJ’s through a long crossbar.

How can I remove the roof rack from Cherokee XJ?

It’s a bit complicated part to answer. The reason is different roof racks possess different types of designs. Nevertheless, all you need to loosen the screws to remove the rack most of the time.

Final Assessment

In the end, purchasing the best jeep Cherokee XJ roof rack is not a simple task. It isn’t easy since so many models are available in the market. Therefore, you need to do some thorough research on it. We can assure you that our list will help you to find the right one.

All the roof racks mentioned above are top-notch and can meet your requirements. Do you have any information to know from us? You can comment in the box below.

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