How to Pronounce Thule Brand? The Giant Car Roof Rack Company’s Name?

The “Thule” brand is pronounced as “TOO-lee.” The first syllable “TOO” sounds like the number “two,” and the second syllable “lee” rhymes with the word “tree.” So, it’s “TOO-lee.”

How to Pronounce Thule Brand?

If you have knowledge regarding the automobile industry, perhaps you have already heard the name of the Thule Group. It is one of the world’s most renowned outdoor and transportation manufacturing companies.

They manufacture conveying gears, including, roof racks, bike racks, cargo carriers, and more.

Although Thule is famous and one of the oldest brands in the world, many people don’t know its exact pronunciation. The word “Thule” is a Swedish word and is a bit awkward for English speakers.

We know that English speakers are accustomed to deciphering words by English phonetic rules.

There are nine vowels in Swedish languages. They’re a, e, i, o, u, y, å, ä and ö. In this language, the difference between short and long vowels isn’t pronounced by an added vowel like most languages on earth.

On top of that, “th” is a diphthong in English that appears at the beginning and end of words like in thousands and mammoth

In that case, the correct pronunciation of Thule is “too-lee“. Rack Outfitters have already reported the pronunciation of Thule as too-lee.

Final Words

Thule is committed to building high-quality products that are also highly sustainable and environment-friendly. Besides, they use recycled elements in most of their products. It has implemented energy-saving measures in its manufacturing facilities. Thus, it keeps the environment clean while producing world-class products for its customers.

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