How to Pack a Roof Box? 7 Tips for Packing Roof Box

To pack a roof box efficiently, start by organizing items into categories, placing heavier items at the bottom, and distributing weight evenly. Use soft items to fill gaps, secure everything with straps, and ensure the load doesn’t obstruct the driver’s visibility.

How to Pack a Roof Box?

You’re living in San Francisco or somewhere in the Caribbean. Then what?! You’ve got a wonderful life to enjoy where traveling is common! Thanks to the beautiful weather – road trips and camping during holidays occur at such places frequently. Besides, it doesn’t matter where you live. One problem is specific when making a trip and this is packing the car correctly!  

Suppose you’re heading towards a place with your family or friends. You’ve to pack luggage and travel gear. Hence, it’s such a complex and daunting task indeed. The answer to this problem is a roof box. In this article, we’ll talk about how to pack a roof box? and 7 tips for packing a roof box. Let’s check –

7 Tips for Packing Your Roof Box in a Perfect Way

During the summer or Christmas, people used to go to distant places for vacation. Most of the time, they feel hesitant about packing all the stuff in a car. Nevertheless, you can solve the problem quite conveniently with a roof box. Here, we’ll give some top-notch tips for loading your box and keeping those things secured.

Let’s check out the 7 ways that will help you to pack your roof box for future adventures –

10 Best Roof Boxes

1. Learn the Weight Limits

It doesn’t matter which cargo roof carrier you’re using. It’s necessary to know its weight limits. Further, learn the load limit from the car manual. Generally, all roof boxes have a weight limit that they can carry. The limit can be around 45-75 kg.

Apart from that, you’ve to learn the roof loading limit of the car. You shouldn’t worry about overfilling it. But, please don’t overfill the space. This is how the overall security measurement increases. Henceforth, the actual point is you’ve to know the weight limit of both cars and the box’s weight limit.

Afterward, keep the total weight limit in your head when loading your staff. However, never overload the cargo carrier. It could be precarious. Many severe accidents are happening around the world due to it. So, be careful regarding this matter.

2. Pack Bulky Items at First

Do you have a plan to use your car and possess an enormous amount of trunk space? Then, this is the way you should begin. It’s a superb idea to fill the trunk with the bulky items from your staff. There’s a reason behind it. Your car will usually have a superior weight limit than your roof carrier box.

So, we surmise that you have already loaded all the heavier stuff in the first phase. Now what? It’s simple! You have to pack the lighter items one by one! Always remember that packing heavier commodities in the first step will give a solid foundation to stack more lightweight luggage on top of it.

In addition, some examples of heavier items are – stoves, boots, tents, spare wheels, etc.

3. Allot the Weight Evenly

It’s time to balance the weight of the cargo roof box. You need to concentrate on it. Besides, it can give you more peace of mind and an excellent user experience. When you are about to pack the roof box, check out the front, middle, and end portions of it.

The whole thing can become a mess if you can’t distribute the weight properly. There’s a big chance of an unusual ride and you could face a noisy driving environment. Will it be good for you?! Of course, not!

To ensure that you’re riding in a flexible condition, it will be good to keep your heavier appliances in the middle of the box and put the rest of the belongings in the front and back of the box.

4. Place Items in Order

Placing the ingredients in proper order accordant to the accessibility is a sophisticated way to pack a roof box. Moreover, it’s an entirely foolish job to take a suitcase while camping. For this reason, you can take lighter bags to convey your belongings.

Further, the unimportant items should be bestowed at the bottom of the carrier box. On the contrary, the belongings you need most should stay on the box’s top. So, you don’t have to push other appliances to bring out the necessary ones.

How to Pack Roof Box

5. Ensure that Your Roof Box is Secured

Does anyone ever want that roof box flying off during the journey?! Surely, not! Therefore, it’s evident that you have to keep the box safe and secured. The first thing is to mount them correctly. Hence, the two most common mounting systems are u-shaped bolts and power click mounts.

You’ll get the mounting instructions in the manual given by the respective manufacturing companies. Follow those guidelines and fit them correctly. This is how you can keep the box secured and pack a roof box. Thus, your journey will be safer.

6. Check the Lock System for Multiple Times

So, you have already finished packing the roof box? Well. Now, it’s locking time. After closing the thing, check and re-check it two or three times. What if all of the contents of your roof box fly away instead of the box itself?! Therefore, checking it multiple times is crucial.

After loading the box, check the lock elements closely. They must be in cleaned and tip-top condition. Otherwise, there will be a massive chance of an accident.

7. Close the Straps and Holders Tightly

Roof boxes generally contain different types of straps, hooks, and holders. As a result, the products inside the roof box stay secured. These straps and holders are useful to pack all the products safely and notably increase the box’s overall space.

How to Pack a Roof Box? – FAQs:


Does the luggage fit in the roof cargo box?

The truth is that the roof cargo box is a typically much more extensive type of suitcase that is fastened to the roof side of your car! So, if you’ve got a bunch of smaller suitcases, you can fit them pretty well inside the box.

Is it possible to keep the box attached to the car permanently?

Since it is an expensive product, it won’t be very intelligent to attach it to the car. So, unfasten it and keep the product in safe condition whenever you’re not using it.


We hope you’ve got enough ideas on how to pack a roof box in the correct method. Follow the instructions and don’t make a mistake. It could be costly. Consequently, keep the guidelines in your head while loading the box. This is how you can make an excellent, safe, and secure journey for yourself and other camping companions!

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