How Much Weight Can a Roof Box Hold? Check the Facts

The weight a roof box can hold varies based on its design and manufacturer specifications. Generally, roof boxes can handle loads ranging from 100 to 250 pounds, but it’s important to consult the specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer for your model.

How Much Weight Can a Roof Box Hold?

A roof or a cargo box has become immensely popular in the past decade. The travel goer or sports lovers are using this product vehemently. The reason is simple. It’s the best way to convey added luggage or equipment to a preferred destination. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to learn how much weight can a roof box hold.

The learning of roof box weight assists in ensuring safety and using the box efficiently. Generally, a roof box can carry a weight between 55 kg to 75 kg.

In this article, we’ll explore factors that impact roof box weight limit, how to know the safe weight capacity of a car, how much weight a cargo box can hold safely, and some particular guidelines regarding roof box. Here we go –

How Much Weight Can a Roof Box Hold?

Roof Box Size

The most prominent way to learn the cargo box capacity is to check the instruction guide provided by the manufacturing company. Usually, almost all the roof boxes can convey between 110 lbs to 165 lbs weight. The manufacturing companies suggest sticking to this loading capacity.

Consequently, you need to set the highest load capacity for the vehicle’s roof. Yes, the car can probably carry a weight between 110 lbs to 165 lbs. However, it should include the importance of any roof box and mounting system.

When it comes to determining the loading capacity of the roof box, you should check some factors. These factors include –

Roof Box Size

The roof box size has a massive role in bringing out how much weight a roof box can hold into its inside part. Its common knowledge that if the box is larger, the holding capability is also considerable. However, it’s not always the same case.

Yes, the box can be significant in terms of size. But it doesn’t mean it can hold a considerable amount of load.

Roof Box Design

Roof Box Design

The design and construction of the roof box play a more significant role in determining the weight capacity. Multiple factors, such as the elements used, reinforcement techniques, and overall structural integrity, contribute to the box’s ability to handle weight.

A cargo box made with heavy-duty aluminum will indeed carry more load than a box made with plastic material. Moreover, the quality also plays a good role.

A high-quality roof box can hold more weight than a low-quality one. Therefore, purchasing a superior roof box is wise, even if it costs more money. Thus, a high-quality box can provide a lengthy service since they’re more durable and made of sophisticated materials.

Right now, Thule Motion XT L and Yakima Skybox NX 16 are the best roof box on the market. They’re extremely durable and can carry a larger amount of items without a problem.

Vehicle Roof Capacity

The loading capacity of a cargo box largely depends on the load-bearing ability of the vehicle’s roof. For example, you have two cars – one is a massive SUV and another is a Ford. It’s easy to guess that the SUV’s roof can carry more weight than the Ford.

If you’re a frequent traveler and have to carry a ton of weight, you should consider purchasing a larger-sized vehicle.

Furthermore, it’s essential to consider the manufacturer’s specifications for your specific vehicle model to ensure compatibility with the roof box.

Roof Box Mounting System

Another essential factor to consider is the mounting system that fastens the box to the car. A robust and highly secured mounting system is critical to evenly distributing the weight without a hassle. Further, it also significantly decreases the shifting or unhooking risk during transportation.

Weight that a Roof Box hold

Roof Box Weight Organization

It’s another big factor to consider. It profoundly influences how much weight a cargo box can hold. The roof box’s weight capacity sharply increases if you evenly distribute the items inside the box.

If you can’t evenly distribute the weight, there’s a big chance the weight capacity will drastically reduce. Therefore, organizing and packing the items on a level inside the box is necessary.


Sunroof installation is a reason that the roof box’s capacity can reduce. The vehicle without a sunroof has a better chance of having a higher roof weight capacity. You should check the owner’s manual to know whether the car has a sunroof.

How to Know the Safe Roof Box Weight Limit

Safe Roof Box Weight Limit

So, I’ve discussed the factors to determine the loading capacity of a roof box. Now, I want to discuss with you on learning the exact safe weight limit of a cargo box. Knowing the safe limit of a box can remarkably help you to skip any apparent accident.

You can know the safe loading capability of a box in these ways –

Manufacturer’s Specs

You’ll get clear-cut information regarding the roof box weight limit from the manufacturer’s specifications. Just check it out and learn the original info. This is how you can effectively avoid any potential problem.

Vehicle’s Manual

You can get almost all types of information regarding a vehicle from the vehicle’s manual. That information also includes the weight capacity of a roof. Moreover, you could get warnings regarding the cargo box. So, read the whole thing thoroughly to avoid any mishaps.

Professional Way

Still unsure about the cargo box weight limit? Still, has a doubt? Then, you can pay a visit to a professional who has in-depth knowledge about roof boxes and cars. A professional expert can share the correct information about it.

Online Way

Check Online for Roof Box Weight Limit

Lastly, you can get info through the Internet. Search the roof box and vehicle’s model number in the search engine or YouTube. You’ll get the data.

Here, I want to share the weight limit of some of the most renowned car brands in the world. Let’s check –

Brand Namelbs Limit
Ford Escape110
Honda Civic110
Jeep Cherokee150
Mazda CX-3150
Kia Forte140

You can get the information of a roof box weight through these ways. Just don’t cross the weight limits. Otherwise, things could go the wrong way. So, be careful about that.

Safety Measurements

Now, I’ll share with you some necessary information on safety measurements regarding the weight of the roof box. Let’s check –

Maintain Manufacturer’s Guidelines

You must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines about weight limit. Never try to exceed that limit. It can lead to various hazardous situations, such as fuel consumption and potential damage to the rack or the vehicle, or even a severe accident.

Distribute Weight Evenly

I’ve already talked about it. But I want to remind it again since it’s a critical safety consideration. During loading various items on the box, try to distribute them evenly. This is how you can maintain stability and proper balance.

Hence, putting bulkier items at the bottom section and distributing weight over the whole box surface helps prevent shifting during transit.

Careful about Dynamic Loads

Remember that the weight capacity of a roof box applies to the static load. It means the weight when the vehicle is stationary. On the other hand, dynamic loads, such as wind forces and vehicle movement, can put extra stress on the roof box.

For this reason, driving carefully is highly recommended with a roof box. You should also avoid sudden maneuvers to keep the right balance during movement.

Final Speech

Knowing the weight capacity of a roof box is essential for safely and efficiently transporting your items. I learned about the roof box’s highest weight after purchasing my first SUV almost six years ago.

From my experience, I’ve learned that the highest weight a roof box can hold inside relies greatly on the existing car’s roof weight limit.

For this reason, it will be wise to check the vehicle’s manual thoroughly to know the roof’s weight limit. Since the roof box’s weight limit is around 110 lbs to 165 lbs, not all the roof box’s loading capacity is the same.

As a result, you must do the task I’ve mentioned above to know the weight limit of the box and adhere to that limit.

So, what’s your opinion regarding my writing on how much weight can a roof box hold? Do you have anything to ask? If you have any questions, you can request them in the box below. Thanks for reading! Sharing is caring.

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