Do Ski Racks Damage Skis?

Ski racks can potentially damage skis if not properly installed or secured, leading to scratches, dents, or other forms of wear and tear. For real-life experiences and insights, it’s best to consult online forums, and reviews, or seek advice from fellow skiers to ensure proper ski rack usage.

Ski Rack Ski Damage: Uncovered Truth

Its Christmas time and lights are everywhere. However, it’s also snow everywhere, and nature becomes like a white angel! What to do now? Yes, it’s time for skiing! Skiing is one of the best parts of the cold winter period. For people who love skiing, ski rack is a common accessory for carrying the ski on the snowy mountain.

Nevertheless, many people think about whether a ski rack damages skis. Well, the answer is practical “NO”. Ski racks don’t damage skis. But you need to maintain some practical ways to avoid such a scenario.

Installing ski racks perfectly on the car’s rooftop won’t cause any damage since they’re faultlessly mounted on them. Removing dirt from the ski racks regularly expands the ski’s lifespan.

Here, I’ll provide some crucial insights on how to keep your skis in top-notch condition. Here we go –

Do Ski Racks Damage Skis?

I’ve already answered this question. Ski racks actually do not damage skis. However, this isn’t the final answer because some issues are attached on it.

For instance, if you fail to mount the ski on the car perfectly, there’s a massive chance the ski will get damaged. Further, your car can also be damaged due to it. So, installing the ski rack correctly onto the car’s roof is the foremost thing.

On the other hand, if you can’t secure the skis to the ski rack in the right way, it could also cause a massive problem. If the skis aren’t correctly sitting on the rack, they could fall off during a trip. There’s a considerable chance the other vehicles can be damaged. In addition, pedestrians on the road could be injured due to such an incident.

The impact of various natural ingredients, such as snow, rain, residues, etc., could also make the skis vulnerable. As a result, you need to purchase high-quality skis that can withstand such elements.

In that case, you can go for Nordica Enforcer 100or Armada Declivity 92 Ti.Both are incredibly durable and made from superior materials. They won’t easily expose to natural elements due to their advanced design and build materials.

How to Prevent Damage to Skis

Yes, it’s a vital concern that skis might be damaged. But choosing the right ski rack to protect skis is also necessary. Let’s see some measurements that can significantly help you to prevent any damage to your skis. Here we go –

Choose Quality

You just can’t compromise with quality while choosing a costly product like a ski rack. Hence, you need to keep in mind safeguarding the skis. In that case, you can check various features like padded surfaces, adjustable straps, and secure locking mechanisms, etc.

Exact Installation

Before installing the roof rack onto the vehicle, read the instructions carefully from the manufacturing company. Besides, ensure that skis are fastened adequately and the rack is perfectly united with the car.

Equal Distribution

While loading skis onto the rack, ensure that loads are distributed equally on the rack. Don’t overtighten the straps. Otherwise, pressure points could be damaged.

Check Regularly

Regularly check the skis and the rack while you’re riding for a trip. If you notice any loose straps, tighten them immediately.

Secured Route to Transport Skis

Secured Route to Transport Skis

If I frankly give my opinion regarding the safest route to transport skis, I’ll say that the car’s interior space is the best place. Yes, it could take up a lot of space in the vehicle. However, your skis will be fully secured.

Since thieves can’t get their hands on the vehicle inside and have no tension regarding snow or rain, the sporting gear will be safe and secured.

If you want to use a ski rack, it’s a good decision. Actually, most avid skiers always love to use a ski rack. The reason is it gives them a chance to go to the mountains with friends & family members.

In such a case, they usually use protective coats to protect their skis from adverse weather elements. This is how costly equipment like skis will be safe and secured. Moreover, it generally increases durability.

The only problem is that using a ski bag or protective coat can negatively impact a car’s fuel economy. So, this is a situation you can’t ignore and need to consider before purchasing task.

Some Extra Tips Regarding Transportation of Skis on a Ski Rack

Now, I will give you some extra tips to help keep your skis safe. Let’s check –

Don’t Keep the Skis on the Roof for Unlimited Time

Most skiers make this mistake. They keep the skis at the ski rack for an unlimited period. As a result, lots of debris and residues fill in the rack. One thing is such debris is the worst enemy of this expensive equipment.

  It’s necessary to avoid unwanted things that jam into the skis. So, the skis will be in tip-top condition and it will stay in shape.

For this reason, it will be an intelligent task if you only mount the ski on the car’s roof when you’re on the way to the mountains and on the way to get back home. Moreover, try to clean the skis after completing the trip and keep them clean and safe.

Closely Monitor the Rack

Before start driving, closely monitor the rack’s overall condition. It is good to see whether the skis are tightly (not overtight) attached to the rack. Further, check whether the rack is installed correctly or not. It’s always great to check for the very last moment!


Closely monitor whether the roof rack is compatible with the vehicle. You should check it before purchasing the rack. If it isn’t compatible with the car, things could go wrong.

Don’t Cross the Limit

Never cross the highest weight limit of the roof. Otherwise, a big accident might happen. Always try to keep the limit within the range suggested by the vehicle’s model.

Take Suggestions from Professionals

Lastly, if you need any help or suggestions from professionals or car experts, ask them. Don’t be shy! Remember that the ultimate goal is to keep the skis safe and use them ideally. Therefore, asking for help on how to install it correctly is never a bad thing.

Professional drivers are always careful when they’re about to start their journey. Furthermore, when they’re planning a cross-country road trip to the hills, things are much more complicated. The expensive equipment will indeed collide in a long way route. As a result, the body of the gear could be affected.

In that case, checking and taking care of these products are necessary.

  When you’re on the path and have to park somewhere in the middle of the road, it’s good to take off the rack and place it in the vehicle inside to keep it safe from thieves or unwanted people.  

Which Direction Skis Should be Placed?

Which Direction Skis Should be Placed

When you’re about to place the skis on a roof rack, placing them with the bases facing each other is good. Elsewhere, the tips must stay on the car’s front area.

If you follow this way, there’s a significant chance that the rack will be able to decrease wind resistance. Hence, the aerodynamic sense gets enhanced, which is superb for the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Further, it will ensure the skis are safely placed by the rack’s straps.

If the bindings face the upward position, it can productively bar snow and debris from piling up in the bindings.

Should I Keep the Poles on the Ski Rack?

Ahh….. If I talk about myself, I always put the poles on the ski rack when I drive my car skiing in Elk Ridge Ski Area. There’s a reason behind it. My ski rack has a place to contain poles alongside the ski rack. Unfortunately, not all the rack comes with this advantage.

So, what should you do if your ski rack is like that? If this is the case, there’s no other way to keep the poles in the car’s back place.

Final Say

Yes, the debate is still going on whether the ski racks can damage the skis. The truth is most manufacturing companies are using superior technology in the racks. Thus, the chance of damaging the skis has decreased significantly.

If you use the ski racks improperly or inferior equipment, things can still go wrong. Consequently, if you purchase a high-quality ski rack, install it according to the manual. Moreover, use it by following the rules I’ve discussed above. So, you can keep your beloved skis in top condition for many winters to come.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, bye!  

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