Do Roof Boxes Damage Your Car? How to Avoid (2023)

This question circled in many car owners’ minds – do roof boxes damage the car? Shortly, yes! It can severely damage your car if you fail to install it correctly. Therefore, a severe accident might occur. The possibility of such an incident increases if you carry heavy items on the product. Heavy items on the box and you’re driving the car at the highest speed on a rainy day!

It’s a potential scenario for an accident! Sad but true! Before taking things on a box, ensure that it is highly secured and mounted correctly on the vehicle’s rooftop. Otherwise, things could go wrong and ultimately cost you a lot of money.

Do Roof Boxes Damage Your Car?

It’s a big question and people seek a proper answer to it. The answer is yes. A roof box can badly damage a car if it doesn’t install firmly. A powerful twisting force might join between the roof box and its nut bolts. As a result, the car can lose its stability and standard power. This could result in a severe accident when you’re on a road journey.

Everyone will surely want to avoid such a scenario. For this reason, it is essential to install the roof box perfectly. So, you don’t have to deal with the roof box. This is how you can avoid any serious injury.

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Steps to Take While Using a Roof Box

Yes, your car contains a roof box placed at the top of the roof. But does that mean you will install it and go?! Nope! You need to do some extra job. Otherwise, the lifespan of the roof box will get shorter. Let’s take the steps –

Read the Setting Manual

When you buy a new product, especially an expensive thing like a roof box, you must check the manual given by the manufacturing company. Thus, you need to do the task according to their guidelines. This is how you can ensure the path of safety and security.

You could face a challenge when installing the roof box for the first time. As a result, there’s a chance things could go wrong. But, you can escape any contravention effortlessly.

Take the Professional’s Help

You could face a challenge when it is the first time in the installation process. Therefore, a wrong move can happen. To avoid it, you should take help from a professional. This is how you can avoid any big mistake.

Lubricate on a Regular Basis

It’s easy to surmise that the product can get worn out. Since the box stays on the rooftop, it has to fight against adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, etc. That’s the reason the corrosion on the box might happen. Due to this, it can lose its supremacy and begin to wear down fast.

For this reason, you should use lubricant regularly to prevent it from being worn out. Moreover, this is how you can protect this expensive product from corrosion and rust.

Remove the Box Until You Need it

There’s no need to put the box on the car’s rooftop when you’re not using it. The reason is it could badly affect the exhaustion of the fuel. Yes, the roof box is made of lightweight elements and manufacturing companies always try to use soft materials during the production; the roof box still can significantly impact fuel spending.

For this reason, you should remove it. Further, removing it without necessity keeps the vehicle’s roof top steady. In addition, it also assists in decreasing the noise of the wind.

Check out the Weight

This is a highly crucial matter. Before putting your personal belongings in the roof box, you have to check the manual to discover the weight limit of the product. Afterward, put all the things according to the weight limit. Don’t overload the roof box. Otherwise, things could go wrong.

If you don’t check the weight limit, your car and other people’s cars will be in danger. The reason is that the box and its belongings can fall off in extremely windy weather while driving the vehicle. Therefore, don’t neglect it and check out the weight carefully.

Don’t Overspeed the Vehicle

Yes, you must drive the car with the roof box on the top. But, don’t cross the speed limit while you’re in motion. Always maintain the required speed limit. Hence, if you cross the limit, both you and other people could face danger. For instance, you’re driving your car at the highest speed.

Suddenly you need to turn the car. What would happen? You have to turn the steering wheel so fast. As a result, the roof box can fall into the road. After that, your car and other peoples’ cars could be damaged badly. Even the possibility of an accident can’t be ruled out. So, be careful and stay safe!

Do Roof Boxes Damage Your Car? FAQs


Why do I need a roof box?

If you’re a frequent traveler and regularly go outdoors, you need a roof box. Sometimes, your car’s trunk might not contain enough space? What then? You need a box to carry the extra belongings. It saves the space within the car’s trunk and makes the journey more comfortable.

What types of damage can a roof box do to a car?

If you fail to install the box correctly in the vehicle, there’s a big chance that the roof box can cause severe damage to your car. For instance, it can scratch the color of the rooftop. Further, heavyweight products can wear and tear the paintwork of the car. Sometimes, overloading and wrong installing can turn into an accident.

Can a roof box impact on a car’s MPG?

Of course, it can. If you add more weight to it, the aerodynamics of the box can’t do the job correctly. As a result, the drag increases steadily, resulting in more gas mileage.

Does the box spend more fuel?

Yes, it is. The box carries more weight. For this reason, the final weight of the vehicle also increases. Therefore, the amount of fuel also inflates.

Final Say

So, we’re at the end of our discussion. We hope you’ve got enough knowledge on how the roof boxes damage the car? You need to be careful about that. This is the only way you could eliminate the chances of damaging the car. Install it correctly and follow the other guidelines provided by us.

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