The 3 Best Roof Cargo Carriers for Toyota RAV4 (2022)

While you’re having a blast behind the wheel of your Toyota RAV4, you’re probably wondering how you may get more cargo space in your vehicle without spending a lot of money. You may want to go camping with your loved ones or friends, or you may want to go skiing in the mountains.

First and foremost, the Toyota RAV4 must have enough storage room for all of your outdoor pleasures. What’s the best way to go about it? In this post, we will discuss three Toyota RAV4 cargo carriers. The information we provide will help you determine whether or not you and your family need one.

As a bonus, if you’ve never heard of cargo carriers before, we’ve got a few articles that may introduce you to the concept and explain why you would need one.

Toyota RAV 4 Roof Rack

It’s possible to get roof bars for your Toyota RAV4 at your local dealers or online at places like Amazon. A list of eight roof racks and roof rails for all cars is available for your consideration, so feel free to have a look.

Cargo Carriers for Toyota RAV4

Cargo Carriers for Toyota RAV4

Overview of 3 Cargo Carriers for Toyota RAV4

1. Thule Sidekick Cargo Box

  • The Sidekick is a Thule product. Box for transporting cargo
  • There’s enough room for eight people in this unit, which measures 54 inches wide by 25 inches high.
  • Sixteen pounds is the maximum weight that this item can support.
  • Passenger side in the beginning

2. Thule Force XT XXL

  • Capacity: 22 cubic feet; L: 90.5′′ W: 35.25′′ H: 18.25′′ XXL Thule Force XT XXL
  • Weight: 52 kilograms (110 pounds).
  • On both sides

3. INNO Wedge Cargo Box

  • A 13 cubic foot capacity
  • Size: L: 66.1″ W: 25.6″ H: 11.2″
  • On both sides

Cargo Bags for Toyota RAV 4

You may no longer be interested in utilizing a roof box as an additional storage area after looking at the cargo as mentioned earlier boxes. Cargo bags are also an option. They’re easy to store, and they’re less expensive for your wallet. For your Toyota RAV 4, we’ve compiled a list of the five most popular cargo bags.

Details about 3 Cargo Carriers for Toyota RAV 4

Roof Cargo Carriers for Toyota RAV 4

1. Thule Sidekick Cargo Box

Thule Sidekick

Sidekick is the smallest of Thule’s rooftop cargo carriers. Since the roof rack of your Toyota RAV 4 won’t be completely taken up by this item, you may add additional items to your rack system. The Sidekick rooftop cargo box is waterproof, strong, and long-lasting.

This is a great alternative if you’re looking for a light and compact cargo box. Two or three families are ideal for road excursions, camping outings, and other outdoor activities.

It has an interior volume of 8 cubic feet and can support loads weighing 110 pounds. If you have a factory rack system, you can construct it in a matter of minutes using the rooftop carrier’s U-bolt/knob mounting hardware.

The dimensions of the bag are 54 L x 25 W x 15.5′′ H, so if you are a lover of winter activities like skiing, you may pack your skis or snowboards inside it; however, you must ensure that your gears are shorter than 54 inches. Because the Thule Sidekick is the smallest roof box in the Thule cargo box family, we suggest utilizing longer cargo boxes for winter sports equipment.

Because the Sidekick Thule rooftop cargo carrier can only be opened from the passenger side, it has to be positioned near the passenger side when installed on top of your vehicle.

It has two additional locks on the side to keep your stuff safe. Since its materials are resistant to the sun’s rays, its color won’t fade even after prolonged exposure.

Thule Sidekick Rooftop Cargo Box Grey, One Size
  • Compact roofbox, ideal for small loads such as camping gear or golf clubs
  • Sturdy U-bolts with reinforcement plates and adjustable brackets provide a secure fit to rack
  • Compact design leaves room for other roof mounted accessories
  • Passenger side opening for easier loading and unloading
  • External Dimensions: 54 x 25 x 15.5 in

2. Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

Thule Force XT

It’s another amazing Thule product that’s worth checking out. The inner volume of the Thule Force rooftop cargo box is a roomy 22 cubic feet. There is enough room for most snowboards, skis, and other long equipment in its dimensions of 90.5 L x 35.5 W x 18.5 H (inches). We’ve now reached a genuinely massive unit. This is the roof box for you if you’re seeking a lot of storage. You’ll have plenty of room for all of your snowboarding, skiing, and camping gear, thanks to the generous 22 cubic feet of storage capacity.

Even though 52 pounds aren’t exactly the lightest roof box available, it’s still an impressive figure considering the small size of this device.

As far as convenience goes, this roof box has a lot going for it. When it comes to loading and unloading your roof box, this roof box may be opened from both sides. Furthermore, the trunk is located so that it is readily accessible but does not protrude so much as to pose a danger.

Another benefit is that the PowerClick Quick-Mount System ensures the safety of your skis and snowboards during transportation. Also included is a torque indication that clicks when the item has been correctly installed. Additional security is provided by Thule’s LockKnob System, which may be activated by pressing a button.

Designed for people who don’t need a lot of storage space and want a tiny, stylish roof box that doesn’t need any additional trouble, this model is ideal. Do not expect to carry all of your family’s snowboarding or camping stuff in just one bag!

That However, if your expectations are realistic and you’re seeking a roof box that’s smaller, lighter, and easier to use, you could be pleasantly surprised by this model.

In addition to that, it has a unique space-saving design that enables it to carry its cargo inside while enabling more goods to be put on its back. If you need to attach other items to your car’s roof than your roof box, this may be a lifesaver.

The item is also very simple to lock into place. Using U-bolts, which are both robust and simple to use, is all that is required. This type is compatible with the vast majority of racks that are mass-produced. It opens on the passenger side, making it much more convenient for loading and unloading.

There are four models in the Thule Force XT line. To put it simply, this is the heaviest vehicle roof box on the market at 52 pounds.

It can hold up to 165 pounds of gear while you’re on the run. 5 to 7 pairs of skis or three or five snowboards may fit in the luggage box for skiing and snowboarding. According to company information, skis up to 215cm in length may be loaded into it. After a web investigation, we discovered that the lock system’s latch is made of plastic. It’s a complete turn-off for us.

Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box, XX-Large
  • An oversized, versatile roof-mounted cargo box for everyday use
  • Provides 22 cubic feet of additional packing space
  • Designed to fit a wide range a vehciles with maximum space efficiency
  • Quick-mount system "clicks" when roof box is secure and properly mounted
  • Dual-side opening for easy access to all areas of the box, from either side of the vehicle

3. INNO Wedge Cargo Box

INNO Wedge Cargo Box

Our next product is the INNO Wedge cargo box. Modern automobile shapes are heavily influenced by their stunning aerodynamic design. New aluminum structures developed by the INNO have replaced the typical internal structural support with a sturdy framework. INNO’s solution is an excellent compromise between portability and roominess, being both light and simple to attach.

The 13 cubic feet of storage space isn’t as much as some other models, but it’s more than enough for a couple of snowboards or a variety of camping goods. This Toyota RAV 4 roof box may be attached to most roofs and factory-made racks, making it quite handy.

Using it is a cinch because of the two-sided opening. The commemorative mount hardware can adjust the distance between four clips to meet your roof rack measurement, and it can be installed on top of your Toyota RAV in minutes without the need for a tool.

If you want to match your car’s color, you may print it out in the color of your choice. As a bonus, the car’s aerodynamic shape keeps wind noise minimal and does not affect gas consumption. At highway speeds, for example, an actual customer claimed that she only lost 1 MPG.

INNO wedge roof box installation is seen in full detail in this video. Let the author know you like his work by recommending him on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

INNO BRM624BK Wedge Cargo Box - 13 Cubic FT (Gloss Black)
  • Fits Aero, square, round, and most factory racks
  • Dual side opening for easy access to your cargo easy installation
  • The new track design makes it simple to adjust forward or back for hatch easy clearance provides a better Seal to keep out bad weather
  • Additional safety for our inno wedge boxes has a safety lock which allows you to pull the keys out once the box has been closed all the way
  • Lifetime Warranty


We’ve covered three different Toyota RAV 4 cargo boxes in-depth in this post. Have you made up your mind on which one of them you want to go with now that you’ve read this article? When deciding whether or not to buy a cargo box, you may want to think about what you can use it for, as well as why you need it.

There are a variety of cargo boxes for your Toyota RAV4 on the market, and you may do a second search on Amazon to get better results. As a last request, if we’ve been of assistance, would you mind spreading the word about our work? That means a lot to us, and we’ll strive to improve in the future. Cargo boxes for various makes and models of automobiles and various reasons are discussed in-depth on our website. You may find out more about them by visiting the page linked to above.

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Best Seller List of Roof Cargo Boxes:

Bestseller No. 1
Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box, Medium
  • Functional rooftop cargo box provides 14 cubic feet of additional packing space
  • Rugged and durable design keep contents protected
  • FastGrip quick-mount system assembles in minutes
  • Passenger-side opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Central Locking system provides maximum safety
Bestseller No. 2
SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box
  • 18 cubic foot (510 L) internal cargo capacity
  • Made from durable UV-resistant ABS material
  • Rear opening for easy access away from traffic
  • Tool-free mounting hardware for easy installation and removal
  • Includes key and lock to secure contents in the box, and the box to your rack
Bestseller No. 3
JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier | Hard Car Top Large Luggage Box | Waterproof Storage | Heavy Duty Solid...
  • SECURE & PROTECT YOUR GEAR in this 18 cubic ft. HDPE plastic hard shell car top cargo carrier; high-capacity interior dimensions 57 L x 38 1/2 W x 17 3/4 H inches; aerodynamic design for fuel efficiency
  • WATERPROOF STORAGE FOR YOUR LUGGAGE with a four corner locking system, front latch, and weather-tight seal for ultimate car rooftop protection and security
  • EASY & CONVENIENT LOADING AND UNLOADING from either side of the car make for smooth travel and hassle-free storage
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED, EASY ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION. All mounting hardware and simple instructions are included to get you safely on the road quickly
  • MADE IN USA, LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier’s high-quality construction and performance give you peace of mind
Bestseller No. 4
Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box, Sport
  • A versatile roof-mounted cargo box for everyday use
  • Narrow design leaves space for other gear such as bikes, kayaks, skis, and more while providing 11 cubic feet of additional packing space
  • Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles; works with most factory and aftermarket roof racks
  • Quick and tool-free PowerClick mounting system "clicks" when roof box is secure and properly mounted - takes less than 5 minutes to install
  • Dual-side opening for easy access to all areas of the box, from either side of the vehicle
Bestseller No. 5
Waterproof Heavy Duty Hard Shell Roof Top Mount Car Storage Travel Luggage Box Cargo Carrier with...
  • ▶️ This roof top storage box is universal fit for mounting to max 13 inches wide cross bar, please check the dimension before purchase.
  • ▶️ The package comes with [1] 53 inches length storage box, [2] security lock key, and [4] heavy duty tool free installation mounting brackets.
  • ▶️ It is constructed of rugged, impact-resistant ABS material to ensure a long lasting life in outdoor conditions. More, it can open from the side and stay open till you close it with the strong support arm.
  • ▶️ Opens on the passenger side to 14 inches wide to store bulky items from the side and stays open till you close it, and it is very easy to install without any tool required to assembly.
  • ▶️ Overall Dimensions: 53" L x 34" W x 15" H | Capacity: 11 Cubic Feet and up to 110 LBS
Bestseller No. 6
Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier, XL , Black
  • Roof-mounted cargo box provides 18 cubic feet of additional packing space
  • Designed for optimal space efficiency, aerodynamics, and vehicle fit
  • Quick-mount system "clicks" when roof box is secure and properly mounted
  • Dual-side opening for quick access from either side of the car
  • Easy to open and close with grip-friendly handles and supporting lid-lifters
Bestseller No. 7
Vetoos 21 Cubic Feet Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag, Soft Roof Top Luggage Bag for All Vechicles SUV...
  • 【OVERSIZED 21 CUBIC FEET】Massive 21 cubic feet (L52" x W39.5" x H17.5") of space can easily hold all luggage of a family of 5-6. Most other roof cargo carriers are small and there is not enough room to accommodate everything you need.
  • 【HIGH DENSITY 700D PVC】Features triple-layer high density 700D PVC fabric. This material is 1.5 times stronger than 500D PVC fabric, which most other rooftop bags adopts and can easily rip. The coated surface can effectively protect your luggage against rain, grit, snow, wind and sun on the road.
  • 【UPGRADED WATERPROOF ZIP】While other rooftop carrier bags let in water through the normal zipper, we've upgraded it to a waterproof zipper and fitted it with a widened 4.7" zipper flap that helps keep your items 100% dry.
  • 【REINFORCED STRAP SEAM】We notice that the straps of other cargo bags can easily rip from the seam, so we doubly reinforced the strap seam. And all seams of this cargo bag are heat welded and stitched to ensure they are watertight.
  • 【FIT ALL CARS】Whether your car is with roof rack or not, the 4 door hooks and 8 strong straps can always secure your roof top carrier bag. In addition, the equipped anti-slip mat can keep the cargo bag stay in place even in high speed road, and protect your car roof from scratches and damage.
Bestseller No. 8
21 Cubic Ft Rooftop Cargo Carrier For Top Of Vehicle, 100% Waterproof Soft Roof Top Luggage Cargo...
  • 21 CF ULTRA-LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY: To expand the limited spaces inside vehicle, the rooftop cargo bag provides 21 cubic feet oversized car roof storage space, roof cargo bag dimensions: 52’’L x 39’’D x 18’’H, the roof rack cargo carrier can be easy to hold luggage for your family of 6-8 persons, 4-6 suitcases, travel luggage, tents, sleeping bags and more .
  • 100% WATERPROOF PROTECTION: Made of premium quality 840D tarpaulin material, with water proof PVC coating inner and outside layers, INNOVATIVE DESIGN - seamless whole piece fabric on the bottom to avoid wet and keep cargo dry and clean, leading heat welded technology, water-proof zipper with widened flap, ensures the roof cargo carrier durable to withstand rain, grit, snow, wind weathers .
  • MOST SECURITY STRUCTURE: Equipped with 10 strong wide straps + 2 cross long straps, a free anti-slip mat , all-rounded to fix the car roof bag in place, no slip and no scratch to your car top, maximum secure your luggage at any highway speed trip, the BONUS combination TSA lock, added better protection to your luggage when take a break on the road .
  • FIT FOR CARS WITHOUT/WITH RACK : The vehicle cargo carriers well works for all hardtop cars with roof rack or without roof rack , comes with 6 security hooks, even if there is no roof side rails or roof rack on your top of car, you can buckle it into the car door frame easily, this car roof cargo carrier fits any sized cars, SUV, vans and medium to large sedans, etc .
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND STORAGE : The car top carrier roof bag has been in solid construction already , you can easy install in minutes and start your journey , Alternative to the hard shell roof cargo carrier made of soft shell material, which can be folded into the storage bag in small size to save space, simple cleaning with a couple of wipes, and ready for next time journey !
Bestseller No. 9
MeeFar Car Roof Bag XBEEK Rooftop top Cargo Carrier Bag 20 Cubic feet Waterproof for All Cars...
  • 100% WATERPROOF &TEARPROOF MATERIAL - Made of 100% waterproof material, 700D PVC tarpaulin, Grid material with High frequency voltage technology, durable and heavy duty style bag;
  • EASY TO USE - The MeeFar XBEEK roof bag come with 1x anti-slip mats, 1x luggage lock, 6x security hooks, and 1x storage box, it can be quickly and easily installed in minutes; Made of soft shell material, it can be folded into the storage bag to save space while not in use;
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - The MeeFar XBEEK roof bag can be used with any sized car or SUV, work both with car with or without roof rack;
  • MORE SECURITY - Come with BONUS combination lock, it will not only prevent the zippers from slipping, but also adds security to luggage;
  • LARGE STORAGE SPACE - 20 cubic feet 51” (L) X 40” (W) X 17” (H) rooftop cargo bag allows you to hold 4-6 suitcases, travel luggage case, tents, sleeping bags and more.
Bestseller No. 10
Yunnix Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag Roof Cargo Box 100% Waterproof Heavy Duty Car Roof Bag for All...
  • 【HIGH DENSITY 840D PVC】The car rooftop cargo carrier bag made of features triple-layer high density 840D PVC tarpaulin. The coated surface can effectively protect your luggage against rain, grit, snow, wind and sun on the road.
  • 【UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY】The YUNNIX roof bag can be used with any sized car or SUV, work both with car with or without roof rack.
  • 【REINFORCED STRAP SEAM】We notice that the straps of other cargo bags can easily rip from the seam, so we doubly reinforced the strap seam. And all seams of this cargo bag are heat welded and stitched to ensure they are watertight.
  • 【UPGRADED WATERPROOF DURABLE】 This car top carrier box 100% waterproof resistant to high temperature and severe cold, widened zipper flap, extended Velcro and waterproof zippers.The rooftop cargo carrier is designed to escort your journey by protecting your luggage from heavy rain, snow or scorching heat.
  • 【ADVANCE DESIGN】Heavy-duty storage containers have an additional safety design by adding a light reflection strip around the side of the bag. Those reflective tapes make your car more visible in low-light situations. It could possibly increase safety while you are on the road.

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