Can a Roof Box be Stolen? 8 Easy Ways to Keep it Safe (2023)

Yes, Roof Boxes can be stolen if they are not properly secured to the vehicle’s roof rack. Using additional security measures like locks and parking in well-lit areas can help prevent theft.

Can a Roof Box be Stolen?

Just imagine that you’re walking on a sea beach holding the hands of your loved ones. After a while, you’re back to your car and see that the roof box has gone! How will you feel?! It will be painful and awkward for sure! Henceforth, the box has gone with other essential stuff. Absolutely horrible, isn’t it?!

Besides, a roof box is a massive thing visible to the naked eye. So, it could be a simple target for thieves. Roof boxes are designed to carry added luggage. But, before investing in it, it’s crucial to learn to keep it secured. Can a roof box be stolen? 8 easy ways to keep it safe and secured. Let’s check the ways –

8 Ways to Keep Roof Box Safe from Theft

There’s no doubt that roof boxes are a great way to keep the extra luggage and baggage safe and secured. But, one thing is concerning about it. Thieves can steal it. Therefore, you should take steps to keep it intact. Now, we will discuss the 8 easy ways to keep it safe and secured –

8 Ways to Keep Roof Box Safe

1. Buy a Box With a Lock System

It’s good to purchase a roof box with a lock system. But, yes, most top-notch brands indeed provide lock mechanisms. Nevertheless, you must check that the lock is in its best condition. Otherwise, it won’t bring any benefit.

In such a case, you can go for the Thule roof box. Thule is a top-class roof box manufacturing company and its lock mechanism is superb in a word. By the way, apart from checking out the superior roof box lock system, you need to ensure that roof racks can lock in the roof rails.

It will deliver extra security. Moreover, you will be able to roam around more freely!

2. Set a GPS Tracker

It’s no NASA type of thing to understand why you need to set a GPS tracker in your roof box. A GPS tracker can connect with your smartphone or tab and give you an update on the box’s location. On the contrary, some cargo boxes are high-expensive and they also carry exclusive products.

In such a case, added security is indispensable. A GPS tracker can help. GPS tracking devices will give you information about the overall safety of the box. Besides, if thieves take the box, you can check their location and deliver updated data to the local police.

Furthermore, one thing you need to remember. The thing is, never install the device outside of the box. Hence, the thieves can remove it with a tool. Put it inside and it will do a helpful job for you.

3. Set an Alarm

You can set the alarm in the roof box of your vehicle. However, many roof boxes are available on the market with built-in alarm systems. When the thieves try to sneak out to steal the box, it will produce a loud and awkward sound along with red light.

This is how thieves immediately get afraid and walk away from the scene! But, a short reminder is if there’s no car or people around, the alarm system won’t be beneficial. So, if you’re leaving your vehicle for a long time, park it with other cars and security guards around it.

4. Mark the Roof Box

 You can smoothly put a mark on the box. This is an effortless way to keep the box untroubled from a thief. For instance, put a message on the box. But, what message?! Hmm! You can set your name, ZIP code, etc., in a bold letter. As a result, when the crack person takes the box to a local store, they will never purchase it. Smarter isn’t it?!

5. Keep it in the Home or Store

Do you need your box regularly? We think not. So, when you’re not using it, better put it in your home or store. There’s no reason to fill the car’s top side with this product. This is how you can avoid the chance of theft.

6. Add Extra Locks

To ensure more sophisticated security, try to install extra locks. Consequently, you could use something like a locking strap. Thieves will be angry if these types of locks are added and adjusted to your vehicle! The reason is these locks are heavily guarded due to steel material.

7. Have Some Electric Shock!

It’s a bit awkward thing we surmise! But, it could be effective. Suppose, a thief came and tried to steal the box and get an electric shock! They will be frustrated and will leave! So, if you can, invest some money and install a shocking electrical system on the car’s roof box when you’re not touching it.

8. Keeping Watchful Eyes

This is very important. Don’t leave the vehicle for a long time. Thus, better park it in a busy or highly secured area. A silent place is a safer zone for burglars to do their dirty work. Hence, keeping watchful eyes is the best solution.

Can a Roof Box be Stolen? FAQs:


Can the thieves steal roof boxes easily?

The truth is it entirely depends on the security system of the box. Thieves can make a security breach if there is no safety method installed. For instance, roof boxes without a lock are a primary target for burglars. On top of that, they can remove the bolt of the box with a bolt cutter. You can enhance the collateral system significantly using the Thule roof box.

Can roof boxes get locked?

Of course. The top-notch roof box comes with a lock system. Further, the lock system of those brands, especially Thule, is outstanding. These locks can frustrate a robber considerably.

Final Words

Roof boxes can be operated for transporting various personal belongings from one place to another. Unfortunately, security is always a big issue regarding it. In this article, we tried to discuss how to prevent theft. Further, we can’t guarantee that these systems will fully protect the box.

However, implementing one of these methods will reduce the chances of robbery considerably. So, what’s your take on Can a Roof Box be Stolen? 8 easy ways to keep it a safe and secured article for us? You can share your view in the box below.

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