The ARB Base Rack for 4Runner: Ultimate 4Runner Upgrade

The ARB Base Rack is a recommended choice for enhancing the rooftop utility of a Toyota 4Runner, offering durability and compatibility with various accessories to optimize outdoor adventures.

ARB is one of Australia’s most prominent and state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and machinery companies. Since its birth in 1975, it has established itself as a giant machinery company. One of the most renowned products of ARB is its roof racks.

ARB’s roof rack has gained a reputation worldwide. One of the best additions of this brand is ARB Base Rack for 4Runner. It has gained immense popularity due to its sleek and lightweight design. Further, the flexibility, versatility, easy-to-use, and high-quality materials are up to the mark.

Let’s check out its ultra-sophisticated features to know about it thoroughly –

Features of ARB Base Rack 4Runner

The Base Rack mount appropriately fits the Toyota 4Runner. If you own a Toyota 4Runner car, you can easily hold this rack onto it. Base Rack consists of a platform configured to suit your application, which you can then build and accessories to suit your needs.

While the concept of the platform-style rack isn’t new, nothing has been built to this standard before. 

Anyway, let’s check the fantastic features of the ARB Base Rack –


The engineering of this rack is pretty astounding. The superbly engineered aluminum extrusion is seriously tough and shows no flex. It sports a lightweight, fully welded aluminum construction for superior strength and rigidity.

Fully Welded

Instead of using screws and rivets to hold it together, Base Rack is fully welded. As a result, the strength and load rating is comparable to a traditional ARB Rack at a weight fraction.

In fact, the only place you’ll find fasteners is on the mounting system and the removable end caps. These caps allow you to run cables inside the channel.

Loaded Capacity

ARB Base Rack is built to convey a lot of gear. There are many attachments to hold things like recovery tracks, gas bottles, jerry cans, lighting, and awnings. Additionally, there are also adaptor brackets available to facilitate the use of other brands of accessories attachments.

You can also carry sporting equipment pretty conveniently. ARB Base Rack for 4Runner’s weight capacity is around 148 lbs. Furthermore, the highest load per Base rack beam is 55 lbs. The loads must be evenly distributed and perfectly secured.

How to Find Best Toyota 4Runner Roof Racks

Mounting System

The ARB engineers elected to use the revolutionary dovetail accessory mounting system that offers a number of benefits to a traditional slotted arrangement. For starters, it won’t act as a dirt collection point.

It’s also much more convenient to use as you can install and remove the individual attachments anywhere on the rack, without disturbing other items you may have installed.

Having accessory attachments between the slats, rather than on top of them, also makes loading effortless. Moreover, the attachment also keeps everything sitting lower on the roof.

No Wind Noise

Usually, the wind noise of the rack comes from the front cross brace. The best way to reduce this is to fit a wind deflector. This rack possesses a wind deflector. Therefore, you won’t feel any noise while driving your Toyota 4Runner.


ARB Base rack is available in different widths and lengths to suit a growing range of four-wheel drives. They can be configured as a flat platform or add guard rails to provide fully or partially enclosed sides.

Consequently, the versatility of the system, plus the easy-to-install accessories, means you can effortlessly personalize the rack to adjust your needs. For this reason, you can use it in the best possible way while you’re driving your 4Runner.


The ARB Base Rack is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum. For this reason, it is highly sturdy and capable of withstanding rough terrains and weather conditions. It is made from lightweight yet robust aluminum.

Hence, it provides exceptional strength while keeping unnecessary weight to a minimum.

The rack’s corrosion-resistant coating ensures it remains resilient against rust and other environmental factors. In addition, it makes a long-lasting investment for your 4Runner.

Secure and Dependent

Safety is paramount when transporting your gear. And the ARB Base Rack ensures your belongings are securely fastened. The rack incorporates tie-down solid points and integrated side rails. Further, it provides multiple attachment options for securing your equipment.

In addition, you can hit the trails with confidence, knowing that your gear is safely held in place throughout your journey in 4Runner.

Easy Installation and Removal

The ARB Base Rack is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It features a simple yet efficient mounting system. For this reason, it allows for quick installation and removal. Therefore, you don’t need any specialized tools. Everything is straightforward.

Perfect for Off-Roads

The ARB Base Racks are perfectly engineered to use off-road. They’re rated and tested in step with the roof road limit of every vehicle, including the Toyota 4Runner. As a result, you can feel safe with your 4Runner wherever you go.

Important Thing to Note

The BASE rack does not clear the shark fin antenna for 2014-2016 4Runner models. Operation of the manufacturer sunroof is not suggested if a roof rack is installed.

Questions and Answers (Q & A)


What’s the height of the ARB Base roof rack?

The ARB Base roof rack sits almost 90mm over the roofline at the 4Runner’s central point channel’s mount.

What’s the weight of an ARB Base roof rack?

An ARB Base roof rack weighs around 170kg.

What’s the price of the ARB Base roof rack for the Toyota 4Runner?

The price of the ARB Base roof rack for a Toyota 4Runner is around $1300.


The ARB Base Rack for the 4Runner is a top-class choice for travelers. Everything is literally astonishing in this rack. The ultra-sophisticated design, low wind noise, massive capacity, high durability, and a perfect companion for off-road explorations make it a great choice.

You can undoubtedly believe in it and select it for your Toyota 4Runner. The ARB Base rack for 4Runner is something you can’t ignore.

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