Will Dodge Rims Fit Ford? Dodge vs. Ford Wheels

Yes, Dodge truck wheels will fit Ford vehicles; however, the proper type of lugnut will be necessary in this case. The conical acorn nuts, which are used by the majority of Ford vehicles, should be properly installed if the work is done by a professional.

When comparing the Dodge 5 lugs to the Ford 5 lugs, it is clear that the Dodge truck wheels will fit the Ford wheels without difficulty. Certain considerations must be taken into consideration while installing a Dodge truck wheel in your Ford vehicle.

If You Are Changing the Front Tires?

If you are changing the front wheels, a few things must be done to get the optimum fit. The wheels must be free of the brake calipers to achieve the greatest benefits.

Also, remember to have an offset that will allow the fender wells to be cleared when the vehicle is rotated. The wheel center must be large enough to allow it to pass through the protrusion of the hub center without hitting it.

This will make it possible to attach the wheels correctly. After this is completed, the right bolt pattern must be determined to achieve the optimum outcomes. Even while they may be completed at any tire shop, completing them by a professional provides the greatest outcomes.

Following the guidelines outlined above, you should have no trouble swapping the front wheels of your Ford with those of a Dodge pickup and experiencing no problems.

Things to Keep in Mind While Changing

If you want Dodge truck wheels to suit your Ford, there are a few things you must take care of first. The first thing to notice is that the spacing is correct to fit the brake calibers properly. Anything with a rim diameter of more than 16 inches would be suitable for the same application. This will guarantee that the wheels do not scrape against the inside of the wheel well when the vehicle is in reverse.

If the vehicle is a 4×4, the front locking hubs should be examined to provide the best possible outcomes. Generally speaking, if it is a 4×4 truck, the front locking hubs for Jeep, Chevy, Dodge, and Ford are distinct.

Whether Dodge truck wheels will fit Ford depends on the number of wheel studs, the spacing between the wheel studs, and whether the wheels are hub-centric or lug-centric in construction. Additionally, determine if the offset is positive or negative to achieve the greatest outcomes. The backspacing, wheel diameter, and wheel width are the most critical factors to consider while ensuring that the Ford’s Dodge truck wheels are proper.

Ford Ranger

Whether Your Ford is New or Old

Another thing to consider is if your Ford is a new or used vehicle, depending on its age. The new Ford body design has a metric 8-lug pattern, although the previous Ford body style has the same pattern as Dodge and Ford, which is eight on 6.5 inches in diameter.

Ford decided to alter its name in the year 2000. If your Ford were manufactured before 2000, it would readily accommodate the Dodge tires without any difficulty. Some of the factors you must consider for your Ford to accommodate the Dodge tires are listed below properly.

The center hole is critical; the backspacing/offset is appropriate for achieving the best possible outcomes. To get the greatest fit, consider using the proper lug nuts. In addition, determine if the wheels are lug or hub-centric to ensure the optimum fit.

In addition to the wheel bolt pattern, the offset and backspacing of the wheels should be the same to provide the greatest fit.

Make certain that the tires are correctly fitted to achieve the greatest outcomes. When tires do not fit correctly or if the items listed above are not properly maintained, the vehicle will have problems. Improper installation can result in the wheels becoming loose and causing vibrations while driving, both of which are not recommended.

The usage of the wheels continuously without adequate installation might result in internal damage, which should be avoided.


Not everyone is capable of converting a Dodge truck wheel to suit a Ford truck. It is recommended that you seek expert guidance since they will recommend the most appropriate remedy. There are certain issues with the center hole, backspacing, bolt pattern, and whether or not the tires are lug-centric or hub-centric, among other things.

Only after you have determined these factors can you decide whether or not to replace your Ford tires with Dodge vehicles to get the greatest outcomes. These considerations will assist you in ensuring that all of the steps necessary to put dodge truck tires into a Ford are completed properly.

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