What Causes Mold in Cars? 5 Common Causes (2022)

When it comes to unpleasant things in your car, only a few things are as unpleasant as mold. Nobody wants to have mold in their houses or around their things, so getting mold in cars is something everyone wants to avoid.

But mold-infested cars are pretty common. Almost every car owner in their life has experienced mold in cars at some point. 

Many things can cause to grow mold in your cars. One of the most common reasons behind mold in cars is water entering your car frequently. Getting your car seats wet, spilling water or beverages in your car seats can cause it to get mold-infested as well. 

Cleaning your car is not an easy task, and cleaning a mold-infested car is certainly not easy. Getting mold in cars can be pretty problematic as it raises many questions. For example, what causes mold in cars, how can you get rid of it, etc. 

In this write-up, we will be taking an in-depth look at the causes, symptoms, and treatments of mold in cars. 

What Causes Mold In Cars?

Mold can grow anywhere in your car if it is not well maintained. Even if you clean the outside of your vehicle regularly, an uncleaned interior can get infested with mold easily. Keeping the insides of your car damp, without proper ventilation and sunlight, will create the perfect space for mold to grow.

Mold spreads fast, so even if it grows in one spot, it will take just a few days to spread all over your car. There are a few specific reasons that may cause your car to get infested. 

1. Unnoticed Water Inside

One of the most common reasons behind mold infestation is water entering the insides of your vehicle frequently. Now water can enter inside through many things. You may have an unnoticed crack on the bottom of your car.

Areas like the footwell poorly sealed windows, or even the sunroof can cause cracks in your vehicle. Unnoticed cracks will lead to unnoticed water inside the car. As the insides of your car stay damp and without proper ventilation, mold will begin to grow and soon spread all over. 

2. Eating Inside The Car

If you frequently eat inside your car, it may have caused the mold infestation. Spilling drinks, beverages, or water on your fabric car seats is a prime reason for mold in cars. Just wiping off the drinks is not enough as it will keep the seats dirty, damp and soon mold will start to grow.

If you wash your car’s seats but do not let them dry properly, then it will cause the mold to grow on the car seats. Many often forget to clean the car’s floor after a drink spill and only focus on the car seats. It can lead to mold growing under the seats and then spreading all over the car.

3. Flooding Or Rainfall

You need to keep an eye out for floods and heavy rainfalls. Keeping the window or sunroof open while it’s raining will soak your car seats and the floors.

You may forget to close your car window, and heavy rainfall occurs, or drive over deep puddles, which will cause water to get inside the car unintendedly. If the water is not drained correctly, this will lead to mold in cars. 

4. Moldy Items Inside The Car

Another common reason is transporting moldy items in your car. If you are throwing out damp pieces of wood or some old household items without a bag in your car, it will cause mold infestation.

Always use plastic bags or plastic covers to transport old items in your car. Mold is not always visible, and without proper cleaning, drying, and ventilation, these items will spread the mold to your car. 

5. Signs of Mold In Cars

Once the mold has started growing in your car, you will be able to notice it soon. Mold has a distinctive smell to it. If the insides of your car start smelling foul and musty, then it is because of the mold.

The smell is not hard to miss. If the mold has spread to the car’s air conditioner, your car will smell funky for days. 

Another way to detect molds in your car is to look for visible signs. Mold can grow in different shapes and sizes depending on its type. It will look dusty, slimy, or fuzzy. 

Contrary to popular belief, mold can grow in various colors. The most common color is white and grey. But it can also grow in black, green, orange, etc. 

How To Get Rid Of Mold From Cars?

Mold in cars is dangerous. It possesses various health risks. The smell is unpleasant, and the sight of mold is not very pretty either. But keeping mold in an enclosed space like a car is very risky. It can cause problems like mycotoxicosis, allergic reactions, respiratory issues, etc. 

If you want to remove mold by yourself, you can do a deep cleaning of your car. You can use distilled vinegar or diluted bleach to kill the mold. 

DIY-ing is a popular method. However, the mold can always come back. There’s a chance you may miss a few moldy spots, and it will soon spread again. A DYI deep cleansing will not get rid of the smell if the mold spreads to the air conditioner.

It can be pretty unpleasant and ineffective if you don’t have the right equipment. Plus, DYI mold cleaning also comes with health risks if you don’t own the right equipment. 

You can always seek professional help. It is also the safest option because, with professional help, you can get rid of mold on the first attempt. Mold Removal Denver is an experienced company that will take care of the mold infestation in your car for you. It is a team of professionals who offer mold inspection and removal at a low price. 

Final Words 

Leaving trash all over the car floors, keeping the carpets uncleaned and the car seats dirty can cause mold infestation in your car.

Many car owners leave the mold as it is because the removal is time-consuming and tricky to do on your own. But it can cause many health issues in the long run. The most effective way to deal with mold in cars is to seek professional help.

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