Why Vehicles Have Carpeted Wheel Liners? (2022)

If I had to guess, you had just purchased a new automobile and observed that it had a carpeted wheel well, commonly known as an inner fender! “Why does my vehicle have carpeted wheel wells?” you may wonder after learning about these carpeted wheel wells, just like me.

Why Carpeted Wheel Liners?

It is rather easy, and it is not intended to offend you in any way; in fact, it is intended to do the exact opposite. It may seem that these car designers are completely out of their minds, but this purpose is to reduce the sound of road noise.

When it comes to making your driving experience more pleasant, automobile makers are continually looking to improve it. Cutting down on traffic and tire noise is one method to do this!

The quickest and most effective method is to design the inner fender liners such that the carpeting absorbs the sound itself.

Pros of Carpeted Wheel Liners

  • It Reduces road noise by a significant amount from vehicles.
  • That’s all there is to it.

Cons of Carpeted Wheel Liners

  • It collects a large amount of material such as dirt and snow.
  • Cleaning is a challenge.

How to Clean Inner Fender Wheel Liners?

Following the considerable investigation, it seems that there are two methods for cleaning this sort of wheel well that are the most convenient.

  • Power washing it- Make sure to use caution while power cleaning anything since this might cause harm to the surface. The use of a pressure washer seems to be highly effective and time-saving for at least some individuals, while it appears to be less time-consuming for others. This will be the most suitable method. This one is a terrific choice to assist you with that, and this one would also work well as an alternative.
  • Scrubbing the wheel wells with a brush- You should use a stiff brush to remove the remaining dirt from the carpet after you’ve removed all of the road grit. Afterward, wash and repeat until you’ve finished your meal! Even though this method is more complex, it is less likely to cause harm. This brush, for example, would be ideal.

What Vehicles Have Carpets Wheel Liners?

The number of automobiles with carpeted wheel wells is impossible to estimate, but there are a few that keep popping up.

  • Trucks and Cars: Like the 2014+ Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra (which is also one of the few vehicles that can come with AWD), it seems that most GM trucks have this. Also, there have been some internet rumors of a carpeted inside fender lining on the C7 Corvette.
  • Chrysler Cars: I’ve seen this in the Chrysler 300C, but I’m sure other vehicles have it as well.
  • Nissan: I’ve also heard rumors that Nissan will be incorporating this sort of carpeting into their Nissan Maxima from 2009 to 2015!
  • Ford Escape: The Ford Escape’s wheel wells are likewise carpeted in the latest edition of the vehicle.


However, although this may seem to be an inconvenient and unnecessary task (which regrettably cannot be completed by a robot vacuum like this one), I am certain that it is required to provide you with the greatest experience possible.

There are certainly ways to remove the carpeting and get rid of it completely if you want to. Still, I believe that the sound deadening that this feature offers surpasses any disadvantages it may have.

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