Car Parts Names With Pictures of 2022

If you are planning to buy a car or already have one, you should know how different parts of the car work and how to maintain them properly. If you know about all these, you will be able to maintain the safety of your car, and if you face any problem, you will be able to identify that and solve the problem quickly easily.

In this article, you will get to know about major car body parts names. We also added images so that you can learn them easily. We also categorized all parts into two categories. Those categories” names are external auto parts list and internal parts list so that you can understand it easily. We hope that you will get a basic understanding of your car after reading this article.

In this article, we just tried to give you some basic information. If you want to know more, then you will need to research and study deeper. The basic information will help you to start understanding your car.

External Car Parts Names With Pictures:

1. Headlight

Car Headlight

At first, we are going to talk about the Headlamp. It is also called a headlight. It is a very important part of a car. It provides light so that the driver can drive in the dark without any problem. It is located at the front end of the car. There are different sections in a headlight. Each section creates different types of lights such as full beam light, dipped light, fog light, indicator, hazard warning light, etc.

A few types of headlamps are being used in most cars nowadays: Halogen, Xenon, and LED. A headlamp gets the power from the battery and helps the driver to see the road.

2. Mirror

Car Mirror

A car usually comes with three useful mirrors. These mirrors help a driver a lot to drive the car safely. Two of these mirrors are called side mirrors, situated on each side of the car. These mirrors are convex so that you can see a wider area. And these mirrors show the vehicles further than where they are.

The other one is in the rearview mirror. It is a flat mirror situated inside the car. It helps a driver see what is behind the car, and it shows the exact size and distance of the vehicles behind.

3. Trunk

Car Trunk

The trunk is the storage place for all your belongings that you will carry with you. The door of the rear trunk is usually called a lid. In most cars, the trunk is the only storage space your car comes with to carry bags and luggage.

In most cars, the trunk is situated on the rear end of the car, but in some cars where the engine is situated in the middle of the car, you will be able to store your cargo on both the front and backside. 

4. Wheel

Car Wheel

Without a wheel, a car cannot move, not even a little bit. To ride your car, you will need to install tires in your car’s wheel. It will help you to drive the car smoothly. There are different parts to a wheel. Barrel, lug holes, center cap, center bore, center disc, outer lip, spoke, and valve stem. All these parts are very important to work the wheel. A car usually has four wheels.

All the wheels of a car work in a very complex system. If you want to understand them, you will need to know about many things that also include wheel size measurement, wheel offset, bolt pattern, etc.

5. Hood

Car Hood 1

Hood is the door of the engine room of a car. Usually, the hood is situated in the front end of a car where the engine is situated. But some old cars had the engine mounted on the rear side, so the hood was also on the rear side.

The hood is very important for the engine because it keeps the engine and other related components safe from any external dangers like dirt, rainfall, snow, and many other things. You can easily open and close the hood of a car and access the engine.

6. Bumper

Car Bumper

A bumper is a very important part of a car. Because this part helps you to remain safe from little hits or impacts, most bumpers are made out of metal or plastic, and they can handle little shocks from a low-speed crash.

Usually, bumpers are made to save you and the car from any damage, but a bumper can also improve the look of your car. There are a lot of after-market car bumpers available that can make your car look nice. You can choose from different types of car bumpers such as step bumper, standard bumper, cowboy bumper, tube bumper, etc.

7. Door

Car Door

A car door is the only way of getting in and out of a car. It can ensure the safety of the passengers when they are inside. Usually, a car comes with 2 to 4 doors, but it depends on the ar model. Doors are attached through a hinge with the car. Most cars come with manual doors. But nowadays some car comes with automatic doors that you can also control from a distance.

There are also different parts in a car door, such as door locking mechanism, door handle, door panel, storage compartment, window glass controller, etc.

8. Windshield

Car Windshield

The big glass situated in the front end of a car is called a windshield. It lets the driver and the front-seat passenger see the road. It also guards the driver against the wind and dust while the car is moving forward so that the driver can see the road. This is the reason this glass is called a windshield.

In the past, windshields were made out of just a piece of glass. But now, most cars come with a windshield made out of laminated glass so that if the windshield breaks somehow, it will not harm the people inside the car.

9. Roof

car roof 1

The car’s roof is a shield over the passenger and the driver’s head that keeps them secure from any bad thing like wind, dust, heavy rain, sun, and others. Some cars come with a fixed roof; on the other hand, some cars come with a roof that can be opened. Those cars are called convertible cars. Many cars come with a sunroof which has a small window on the roof.

You can also use the car roof as an extra storage space. You can install a roof rack or a roof cargo carrier in it, and then you will be able to carry a lot of items with it.

10. Tail light

Car Tail light 1

Taillights are situated in the rear end of the car. It indicates to other car drivers behind your car that you are slowing your car down. These lights work when you press the brake. There is another part of the tail light that works as an indicator. These indicators work when you are going to turn left or right. In most taillights, the brake light area is colored red, and the indicator area is colored yellow or orange. It is a very important part of a car. Because if you do not give any signal to the drivers behind you that you are slowing down, they might hit your car.

Internal Car Parts Names With Pictures:

1. Engine

Car Engine 1

The most important part of a car is its engine. It is the powerhouse of a car. In most cars, the engine is situated on the front side, but the engine is situated in the middle of the rear end in some cars. It creates power by burning fuel to move the wheels so that you can drive the car. 

The engine works in a very complex system. They produce enough power to move the car with all the weight of the load. So if the engine is not strong enough, it will not be able to move the car. There are many kinds of engines available on the market. Different engines come with a different structures. But all of the engines produce power by burning fuel.

2. Battery

Car Battery 1

A battery is also an important part of a car. Without a good battery, you will not be able to drive a car correctly. It powers all the electronic components of your car. Car batteries are rechargeable. In old models of cars, most of the things were manual, so there was no battery in cars. 

Car batteries are made out of a combination of six wet cells. Nowadays, different kinds of car batteries from different manufacturers are available on the market. All of them come with their own set of advantages. The structure of a car battery is not that complex.

3. Alternator

car Alternator 1

An alternator generates electric power and recharges the battery when the engine is running. So it is a very important port for cars with an internal combustion engine. It also powers some other equipment while recharging the battery.

There are different parts in an alternator. Those are stator and rotor, diode rectifier, voltage regulator, and cooling fan. Though the battery is known to power the electronic equipment of the car, the alternator makes it possible. 

Usually, an alternator is situated beside or in front of the vehicle engine because it gets mechanical power from the engine and converts them into electricity.

4. Radiator

Car Radiator 1

Radiator helps your car’s engine to stay cool when it is running so that you can drive your car properly. The radiator works in a pretty simple way. It absorbs the heat from the liquid-gas so that when the gas enters the engine, it keeps the engine cool. And it sends the heat absorbed from the gas outside of the car.

A radiator has different parts, such as the core, pressure cap, transmission cooler, inlet, outlet tank, etc. If your car’s radiator is not working well, then the engine of your car will get damaged due to overheating.

5. Transmission

Car Transmission 1

The transmission is also called the gearbox. While driving, a gearbox helps you to change the momentum and torque depending on the driving situation.

British people usually mean the whole drivetrain, including gearbox, clutch, differential, prop shaft, and final drive shaft as a transmission. 

There are a few gear ratios in a transmission. So you can easily switch between those depending on your driving situation. Nowadays, many cars come with automatic transmissions. In these cars, you do not have to change the gear manually. The gear will automatically change according to the speed.

6. Brake

Car Brake 1

Brakes help you to slow down or stop the car when you need them. So it is a very important part of a car. Brakes usually create friction to slow down or stop your car. 

There are different types of brakes are available, but most brakes come with some common parts such as brake rotors, calipers, brake pads, wheel cylinders, installing hardware, brake cables, etc.

7. Muffler

Car Muffler 1

The muffler is a part that can help lessen the emission and softens the engine sound. It is a part of the exhaust system, so it is situated at the rear bottom of the vehicle.

While you are driving a car, all the burnt gas goes out through the exhaust system. They make a loud sound wave, and the muffler helps to reduce that noise. A muffler works in a simple process.

A muffler has to be strong and tolerant to a lot of heat. So most mufflers are made out of steel with an aluminum coating.

8. Fuel Tank

Car Fuel Tank 1

A fuel tank is the only storage in your car containing all the fuel you will need to drive the car. The size of a fuel tank depends on the size of the car itself. In smaller cars, the size of the fuel tanks will also be less than other cars. There is an opening, and you can use it to fill the fuel tank with fuel. There is another opening that takes the fuel to the engine. 

Fuel tanks are rustproof, and they keep the fuel safe from spoiling. They are made out of a combination of different metals so that they do not contaminate the fuel inside.

9. Axle

Car Axle 1

Axle helps the wheels to rotate respectively because it holds the wheels together. It is a shaft that is situated under the car. You should know that axles carry the weight of the car. 

Mainly three types of axels are available. Those are the front axle (keeps the front wheels together), rear axle (keeps the rear wheels together), and stub axle (makes the connection between the main axle and wheel).

Depending on the size of the car, there can be multiple axles installed in the car. Whenever you move the steering wheel, and you see the front wheels of your car are moving, it is because of the front axle.

10. Catalytic Converter

Car Catalytic Converter 1

This part helps your car to leave less harmful air. It converts harmful emissions into less harmful emissions through a chemical process. While the engine is on, it burns fuel and produces many harmful gases, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, and hydrocarbons. These are very harmful to nature. So the Catalytic Converter converts these harmful gasses into carbon dioxide and water steam.

There are different types of catalytic converters available on the market. But two-way converters and three-way converters are the most popular item.

Final Verdict

After reading this article about car body parts names with the images, we hope that now you have a general idea about all the important parts of a car. There are many other parts, but you do not need to know more to drive a car properly. But if you still want to know more, you can search online, and you will get many resources about them.

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