The 2 AWD Trucks You Can Find (All Wheel Drive Trucks)

The number of pickups with a real AWD system and not a 4WD system is quite limited. AWD provides superior on-road performance and better (smarter) traction than four-wheel drive (four-wheel drive).

In the event that one of the tires begins to lose traction, this system provides a faster reaction and greater control in the corners. Due to the fact that most pickup trucks are primarily intended for work or off-road capabilities, AWD systems aren’t usually a good fit for them.

There are few possibilities for those who desire an SUV or car-like capabilities with AWD but also need a bed in the rear! Although they are very uncommon, they do exist! A simple AWD system, rather than a 4WD or full-time 4WD system, is found in these vehicles.

1. Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline 1

The Honda Ridgeline is the king of the SUV-like truck! The bed of a truck is still available, despite the vehicle’s crossover chassis. No one else can match the smoothness and use of the extensible bed and the incredibly smooth drive of the full-size, body-on-frame counterpart.

If you don’t need the off-road capabilities or the large towing/payload capacity but want a decent lifestyle vehicle, this may be the one for you!!

2. GMC Sierra Denali AWD

GMC Sierra Denali AWD
The 2 AWD Trucks You Can Find (All Wheel Drive Trucks)

For a brief period, GMC produced an AWD Sierra model. However, we all know that the Denali is the most expensive GMC Sierra truck grade, and therefore it was (and still is) more popular as a status symbol than a work vehicle.

In light of this fact, AWD was a logical choice since these vehicles were unlikely to encounter any off-road terrain.

That it

According to my research, there aren’t many vehicles on the road with all-wheel drive (AWD). Although many people prefer the advantages of a 4WD vehicle, these two models are your best choice if you truly need an AWD truck.

The Honda Ridgeline, on the other hand, comes highly recommended by me.

Is AWD or 4WD Better in the Snow?

Despite their similarity, 4WD and AWD are very different vehicles. If you have 4WD, you get full power to all four wheels all the time; however, with AWD, you get power to the particular wheel that requires it.

Is AWD or 4WD more effective in the snow? This is a situational question. In my opinion, 4WD is the best option if you’re trying to navigate through thick snow in your driveway or on rural roads.

For highway driving, AWD is the best option since it is more intelligent and can assist you in maintaining moving ahead rather than spinning off in the middle of a snowstorm.


This is all there is to it. As a result, you’ve learned which trucks have AWD and why that system may be superior to 4WD in particular situations. Although there aren’t many AWD trucks on the market right now, it would be wonderful to have a few more alternatives available to select from.

However, I believe trucks will soon be equipped with AWD-like systems to the point where this will no longer be a problem.

Some cars have carpeted wheel wells if you find the absence of AWD pickups odd, therefore keep reading if you do.

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