20 Things to Avoid Getting Tired While Driving

If you are planning to go on a road trip, you might be thinking about how you will avoid Getting Too Tired After Long-Distance Driving. Because of driving for a long time, there is a good chance that you will get tired and you should know the reason.

Driving is a work of both body and mind. But while driving, your body mentally works a lot because driving requires a lot of concentration. So this might affect you physically as well. That’s why you should always have some rest before going on any kind of trip.

You should know that the best way to feel better after a long road trip is that you have to take care of yourself both before and during the road trip.

So it would be best if you made good preparation for the road trip both physically and mentally. Good preparation will help you to feel better. In this article, you are going to find some amazing things you can do to keep yourself relaxed and well while you are driving on the road.

1. Take a Nap Before You Start Driving

It would be best if you always took a nap before you leave for your destination. It will help you to feel better during the road trip. You do not have to take a nap for too long; you can just take a nap for 30 minutes only, and you will feel much better for a long time when you will start driving.

2. Eat Some Citrus Fruits

Most drivers use citrus fruits to keep them relaxed while driving for a long destination. No one knows how this actually works, but you can also eat citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and mandarins. It will keep you awake and alert for a long time.

3. Tighten up the Muscles in Your Body

While you are driving, you have to tighten up your entire body every once in a while. Because it helps you to get the muscles nice and taut, you might need to do some stretching for this. It will awaken your muscle up, and they will be ready to support you. It also feels really good while you are stretching.

4. Eat Some Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds don’t have any mysterious ingredient in them that can keep you up and alert during the trip. But while you will try to eat them, you will have to open up each seed to get the nut out and eat it. Doing this will help you to control both your mind and body and help you remain engaged and relaxed so that you feel less tired and drive carefully.

5. Try to Do Most of Your Driving During the Daylight Hours

Even if you are not tired that much, you should not drive at night. It is harder to drive when it’s dark outside. The reason behind this may be psychological, or it may be physical. But what ver you have to do most of your driving during the day time. It will surely keep you awake for a lot longer.

6. Get on Your Cell Phone and Call Someone

In the middle of your trip, it might feel so boring while driving. So you might feel tired. So you can call someone and catch up with him; it can be your friend or any family member. It will keep you wide awake and help you concentrate on something besides just looking at the road in front of you.

7. Chew Some Gum

You can check some gum to kick your tiredness while driving. This is a simple but effective technique that many people use. While you will chew a piece of gum, it will require some mental effort. So it can keep you alert. Moreover, chewing gum is a lot of fun. You can enjoy the taste of the gum as well. So you now can realize that chewing some gum is beneficial in more than one way.

8. Listen to Some Loud Music

You can listen to some loud music. Listening to some music will help you to relieve your stress. But in this case, you have to listen to something loud and rough music. You can try to listen to heavy metal band songs. Sometimes it may feel annoying to you, so you might change the channel, but still, it is better to hear something than feel sleepy.

9. Pull Over for a Bit

If you are feeling restless or sleepy, you can pull over at a place and rest up for some time. You can do some stretching or grab a cup of cold drink with some caffeine in it, or even take a short nap in your car. If you are extremely tired, then taking a short nap will be the best for you. But if you are not that much tired, you can try stretching and drinking a cold drink.

10. Turn on a Light

If you are so tired, you can turn on a dome light in your car, if you have any. Any light that isn’t too large will also work great. You should not have too much light on in a moving vehicle, but if you light something with a small size, that will be great, and it will help you to keep you awake. This is a great hack used by many truck drivers.

11. Drink an Energy Drink

Drink an Energy Drink
20 Things to Avoid Getting Tired While Driving

An energy drink has a lot of caffeine and other ingredients in it. These ingredients will help you to stay awake and alert. They also have a lot of sugar in them, so you have to be careful because the amount of sugar can make you feel a little anxious. So you can have an energy drink only once in a while to keep yourself awake because no one should drink energy drinks very often.

12. Enjoy Some Comedy

You can also enjoy some comedy while driving. If you have a comedy CD or you know any radio station that broadcasts stand-up comedy, you should try to listen while driving. Because you will enjoy this so much and laughing will obviously keep you awake. It will also help you to refresh your mind. You will not be able to get sleepy while laughing.

13. Open a Window in Your Vehicle

While driving in great weather, you should open a window in your vehicle. This will help you to enjoy some fresh air that will refresh your mind and keep you awake. You do not have to open the window wide, you can just open it a bit, which will get the job done. You will be able to enjoy a continuous flow of fresh air, and that will keep you alert and awake.

14. Keep Drinking a Lot of Water

You should drink enough water while driving. Because if you do not drink enough water, you will get thirsty, and it is a sign that you might be starting to dehydrate. And you should know that dehydrated bodies get sleepy. Drinking water will keep you alert. You can also have some food while drinking water. Both drinking and eating will help you to stay awake.

15. Chew on Some Ice Cubes

This is a very useful trick used by many truck drivers, and it works great with them. So by the time you start to get tired or stop in a store, you have to fill up a cup with ice so that you can chew them while you’re driving. Because of the coldness of the ice and constant chewing, you will be able to stay more awake and alert.

16. Drive with a Partner Whenever Possible

When you are planning for a much longer trip, you should take a partner with you. It is a great way to keep yourself awake while driving. Moreover, driving with a partner is a lot of fun. If you have anyone with you while driving, you can start talking anytime, and it will also help you to pass the time more quickly. So there are many scopes of keeping you awake.

17. Never Rush to Your Destination

While driving, sometimes you might feel a bit tired, and you will start to drive a little faster to reach your destination a little earlier. But this is not a good thing. There are several reasons why you should not rush to your destination. So if you notice that you have started to do something like that, then you should stop by and rent a hotel room and stay there for the night.

18. Wipe Your Face Well with a Wet Cloth

Wiping your face with anything wet can help you to stay alert and awake for a long time. You can use a towel or a wet wipe if you like to wipe your face. If you make the cloth wet with some cold water, then that will work greater. You will be able to wipe your face as long as the towel is wet, which is a very long time.

19. Avoid Alcohol

Avoid Alcohol

It would be best if you did not take any alcohol while driving. Though alcohol is like an energizer, it can still make you “crash” if you take much alcohol. So always try to avoid alcohol. It will help you stay awake and concentrate on your driving to drive a lot safer.

20. Get Some Vitamin C Tablets

Many people use vitamin C to keep themselves awake while driving. You can also use this technique. You can buy Vitamin C tablets and chew them while you are driving. These chewable tablet types taste so good. So you can enjoy the tasty orange flavor and keep yourself alert and awake.

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